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    Rayman. 2D or 3D?

    I loved Rayman 2 & 3, it was my childhood!

    Rayman Arena and M are also really amazing! (RazorWife! haha)

    But now we've got this whole 2D, musical, hipster-ish, racing...thing. It feels like I'm not even playing a Rayman game anymore. Despite the first game being 2D it shares little in common with the new 2D games.

    It's upsetting to see such a good franchise go downhill in the eyes of a fan.

    So how does everyone else feel about it?


    I wanted a free beachball! Hope we get ports of Rayman 2, and online Rayman M!
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    Hello Satisfaction97!
    Welcome to Rayman forums

    As a player, I really loved every Rayman in 2D
    About Origins and Legends, I absolutely love the music and the design of it, I think it's awesome. Too bad you don't like it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Mya View Post
    Hello Satisfaction97!
    Welcome to Rayman forums

    As a player, I really loved every Rayman in 2D
    About Origins and Legends, I absolutely love the music and the design of it, I think it's awesome. Too bad you don't like it
    Yeah, No doubt it's a good game, it's just sooo different to what I know.

    Times change and so does the target audience. I guess I'm becoming to old now for fast paced games. haha

    It's the same as what's happened with Resident Evil after number 3.
    And Tomb Raider after Angel of Darkness.

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    Hi I played Rayman 3 and it was absolutely my favourite game,so when I saw finally a new rayman game (rayman origins) after rayman 3,I was unchertain to buy it and if it would be good. But after I played it,I loved rayman origins and also rayman legends even if I prefered origins because has a story to follow,you unlock new worlds only after you have completed the previous one. (I think that Rayman legends hasn't a story to follow,you can play levels of every worlds without an order just for fun)
    I think that rayman is a game in with you have fun while you are playing and in all the games 2D/3D are linked to this
    Too bad that we have to wait a lot of time before a sequel while other games have sequel every year

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    I really do like Rayman 2 for many reasons, but I must say that I think Origins and Legends are more fun to replay and therefor I end up laying them more often. But I still really like Rayman 2, and of course Rayman 3, so I wouldn't mind a new 3D Rayman game, but 2D would also be fine. But what I would like and what I think Legends is missing is story and references to previous games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satisfaction97 View Post
    So how does everyone else feel about it?
    I love 2D adventure games. I played Donkey Kong 1, 2 and 3 at Super Nintendo. I stoped to play games at Nintendo 64 and i back to play games now at Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. Man... i miss a lot to play a good adventure 2D game. I bought Castle Of Ilusion (Mickey) to Xbox360 and i loved it. Searching for a new adventure 2D platform to my new PlayStation 4 i found Rayman. I bougth Rayman Legend and I'M LOOOOOOOOOVING it!!! Thankyou UBISOFT! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

    When i play Rayman Legend i remember my childhood. Your childhood was a 3D adventure, but the mine was a 2D with Mario and Donkey Kong. Did you understand now why 2D adventure is important? There are many people like me in the world, and also there are many people like you too.

    Castle Of Ilusion (Mickey) had a EXCELENT 2D/3D interaction! I didn't see it in Rayman yet, but i started to play now (Jan 2016), maybe have.

    Does a Rayman with 2D and 3D stages would be cool? Like Sonic Generation. I don't know. A new Rayman 100% 3D i will not buy.

    If Playstaion Network put the first Rayman (Playstation Classic) for sale to PS4, with sure i will buy. The single think i'm not liking at Rayman Legend is worlds open to play before to finish the previous. I prefer to have a world map and follow the map places.

    I'm sorry for my English, i'm brazilian and i'm studing this language yet.

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    I have really enjoyed the 2d games Origins and Legend.
    But the next game should be 3D

    With the graphics they could do now and the gameplay it would be amazing to play, their are now far to many 2D platformers.
    But a 3D Platformer is a skill that Ubisoft could deliver with Rayman.

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    I Just love the 3D Rayman

    Rayman 2 and 3 were the best of the all i loved the style of the game it was really a challenge but these days its this and i just dont like it its just not fun for me that much when i first seen it i was like why did they do this to the game i love i was playing rayman 2 with my brother when i was like 8 and i loved it so much now i played 2 and 3 and i completed i can say its more like rayman not these 2D. I just like 3D Rayman thats the old school i like

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    What do you think ?

    I would love if ubisoft did another 3D Rayman game like Rayman 4 where we will fight someone strong and i just love the rayman from the third game they should put it like captain razorbeard and André would fight against you or andre will be on the good site and would be a black lum. What do you guys think ?

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    I will say that I love the artistic direction for the new games - you can see that they really tried to create that kind of vibrant and wacky world that's so... Rayman. On the other hand, I feel like the 3D games that were out when I was younger resonated with me really deeply, y'know? There was a spirit there, and whether that spirit came from me, or from the love poured into the game, it's something that's harder to recapture.

    I feel like if they had made these games earlier on, when there was more buzz around Rayman,that things could have been really different. But aside from that, the 2D games are beautiful and I should really finish them off :L

    (Or maybe I'm just getting old.)

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