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    Have you updated your video and sound drivers to the latest available?

    Note that this is not the proper thread in which to ask a question about Myst. Please post any further Myst questiona in your thread Myst 10 anniversary dvd edition Windows 10 .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heimdall_G View Post
    Welcome to the Forums!

    Use Google to search for Myst III Exile no cd patch or Myst III Exile no-cd patch. Several choices, take your pick.
    I have to say that supporting Myst III at all even on fourms is amzing. It's old and wouldn't be upset if you guys just said hey we don't' support it. But here you guys are and with that I am very grateful. This tip helped me. What surprises me more is that you didn't give up to support the guy who had issues. Thanks again for helping.
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    Also having problems with Exile and Windows 10

    Quote Originally Posted by Heimdall_G View Post
    Welcome to the Forums!

    Use Google to search for Myst III Exile no cd patch or Myst III Exile no-cd patch. Several choices, take your pick.
    I'm having the same problem trying to run my original Myst III - Exile game on Windows 10.

    I've tried following the step in earlier messages: I did a full install of the game to my PC, downloaded and installed the updated patch, and adjusted the Windows 10 compatibility settings.

    When that didn't work, I then searched for the "no cd patch", but on all the sites that had it, I was warned by Google Chrome that they were malicious sites. When I DID try to download the file (from two different sites) and uncompress the files, my AntiVirus software (McAfee) said they were both infected with the 'Artemis!E020A126B083' virus.

    I REALLY want to play this game again (and show it to my daughter) without going through too much trouble (e.g. setting up my system to dual-boot, installing an emulator, etc.), but I don't want to mess with a file that might be infected. Has anyone found a version of the Myst III Exile no-cd patch that works? If so, where? Or is the "infected" reading a false one?

    Or is there a better/simple way to get this to run on Windows 10?

    Thanks in advance!


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    i have the same problem. All three games- myst 3,4,5 - were running find on Win 7 64bit, then Microsoft put out a bunch of patches, and now nada. Nocd patch doesn't do a thing. Same probblems on both wind 7 and 10. Really wish Ubisoft would do something about updating these games.

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    You might think that Cyan/Ubisoft would have some incentive to update Exile to run on Windows 10 with no problems, but that's not how the game publishing business works. Having been released in 2001, Exile is a...very...old game, and sales revenue is therefore low. Low revenue, low incentive to update the game.
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    Same issue here

    Same issue with Myst III: Exile here. Installed my (beloved) 4-disk edition, tried to look for cracks, found viruses only.
    I remember I installed this game on another machine no sooner than last year, and I made it work, even though I uninstalled it by then and can't remember how I did it.
    No chance to make it work on Windows 10 without using a crack (thing I don't even like for ethical reasons)?
    Should I just install and run it on my good ol' Windows 7 machine?

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    Welcome to the Forums!

    IMO, Win 10 is showing all the signs of becoming Vista Jr. -- in terms of what it won't run. Especially older software. Like Exile.

    Trying to coax older software to run on Win 10 can be a thorough, time-consuming, no-joy pain in the backside! Do you have a reason NOT to install your (beloved) 4-disk edition of Exile on your good ol' Win 7 machine? If so, it had best be a really good reason, unless you enjoy poking yourself in the eye(s) with a sharp stick. (Judging by Win 10 sales figures, lots of folks do, but that's definitely not my thing.)

    So yeah, as you've probably guessed, my recommendation is to fire up ol' faithful, install Exile, and be happy...!
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    Talking Same situation, got it working

    I have the same situation (4 CD set, Windows 10, installs, won't launch). Everyone said to install the 1.22 patch, and I got the one from Ubisoft, but it did NOT work. Then I found one on ResidualVM's download page (scroll down) and it worked like a charm. Bear in mind, it sets off some antivirus programs (it has a 9/65 rating on VirusTotal), but ResidualVM is a legit program and the developers mention the virus detection is a false positive. If it sets off your antivirus, you'll have to white list it or temporarily disable. ResidualVM is made to run certain old games, like Myst 3 Exile, but on my machine the patch provided by the ResidualVM team got the game running directly, without even using ResidualVM.

    Quote Originally Posted by jbreeding28 View Post
    I have the original 4 CD set of Myst III: Exile. I recently bought a new computer and upgraded to Windows 10 Professional. Myst III installs just fine, but when I go to actually run the game, nothing happens. I have tried a full and recommended install, as well as tweaking compatibility settings. I have installed an old version of QuickTime. Nothing has worked. If anyone has any idea as to what the cause is, please let me know. I would really like to get this game running.

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    eranDov, thank you so much.

    I have been trying for years to get Exile to work on Win7. Every time I searched for 1.22 I could never find it... I thought it was a hoax. I've done everything everyone has said to do and still won't start. Then you came along...

    I have a fresh copy of windows 7 64bit, so I wasn't too scared if your patch was a fake and a virus. But... it wasn't. It worked like a charm for me. thank you, thank you, thank you...
    I don't even have to disable my antivirus to play the game even tho i had it disabled when installing your patch.

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