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    halsb's Cliffs of Dover Progress Thread

    My goal is to someday get 100% on Cliffs of Dover, and I've decided to make this thread to keep track of my progress. I got this DLC awhile ago and have put some practice into it, so I already have a decent score on this song (currently first place for both hard and master score attack on the PC leaderboards).

    I don't expect to get 100% anytime soon. It will probably take months to work it up to 100%. Because of that, I won't be working on this song exclusively (don't want to drive myself crazy by only playing one song). I will regularly take breaks to work on other songs or if a new DLC is released that I like, I'll probably stop to practice those songs.

    My plan is to update this thread whenever I get a better accuracy or a better score and to make a video when/if I get 100%. I don't plan to get 100% on master difficulty, but I will also be keeping track of my scores on master just for fun (probably won't play master too often).

    Best accuracy (hard): 100%
    Best score (hard): 2,299,711
    Best accuracy (master): 99.06%
    Best score (master): 2,259,661

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    Quote Originally Posted by halsb View Post
    Current best accuracy (hard): 98.04%
    This is already INSANE. Good luck on the FC!

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    It will be great to track your progress on this. Are your main drops currently in the intro/outro at the moment? Have you cleared each section individually yet?

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    My misses are mainly in the intro, one section of the solo, and the outro. Except for those sections, I have passed every section in riff repeater at 100% speed with 0 misses. For those 3 sections, 97% speed is the highest that I have gotten 0 misses.

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    Intro section 2 is really tough. That and the outro are the 2 sections I've yet to sit down and really drill down. I've spent a lot of time getting better at the hardest part in the solo. It's really fast and you really need good technique to play it well. I'd have hit or miss runs where sometimes I'd do better than others. I have not been able to complete that section without a miss. The best I did was 2 misses. I'm also not really satisfied with how cleanly I play it. That's why I have to keep practicing I guess. I've gotten better at the hybrid picking section and it's feeling much more comfortable at 100% speed. Still not as good as I'd like it but I can feel myself getting better. I've had to use different fingerings for various sections of the song. I'm not sure if I completely like how the outro is tabbed. I haven't sat down to figure out a better way so I'm just playing it as it is written. But I feel like there should be a better way. Intro section 1 I also play differently.

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    Today I was able to get 0 misses on the solo sections and the outro at 100% speed in riff repeater. The intro is all I have left.

    I use different fingerings for a lot of the fast parts too. Don't see how they got the fingerings they went with. At least the notes seem to be right.

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    They have 6 fingers

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    Nice work Halsb !

    I might do the same for my mission bass song, YYZ

    I'll start a thread when I get close to the FC, I expect around 2025........

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    That is awesome.

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    Better accuracy and better score!

    I was also able to get 0 misses on the first half of the intro at 100% speed.

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