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    Not sure if this is just limited to the Saitek Cyborg family or if it extends to other makes/models as well.

    My stick and the force feedback in game were conflicting to the point that I had no trim control at all.

    The Fix\Work Around:
    Disable Force Feedback in the Producer.cfg file.

    Find it here:
    ...\Lock On\Config\producer.cfg

    What to do:
    Change the TRUE flag to FALSE

    This solved my problem, and I have the feeling that any other Saitek users with problems will find that it may work for them also.

    (This could be a useful sticky Moderator Folks..hint, hint)

    "Beware the fury of a patient man"- John Dryden

    Soyo KT-400 Ultra Black
    1024 PC2700 (333MHz)
    2* 52x32x52x cdrw
    1* 80Gb Maxtor 8Mb 7200rpm
    2* 30Gb WD 7200rpm
    Onboard sound Out to Home theater system
    Chaintech FX5200 Pro 256Mb Soon to be a shiney new X800XT
    Saitek Cyborg 3d rumble force
    Antec Performane Plus1080AMG Soho file server case w/430 TruePower psu
    Air cooled 2*front/2*rear/1*side
    20" Sony Trinitron Flat CRT (heavier than my 32" tv)

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    "Beware the fury of a patient man"- John Dryden


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    Since there seems to be quite a few people who still need this, it really does need to be a sticky!

    "Beware the fury of a patient man"- John Dryden


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    is it possible these problems could affect the NON force feedback models of FF joysticks? ie could it affect the control of a top gun afterburner II non FF if its not being detected properly?

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    Yes. I have a non-FF stick and I couldn't do a thing with it until I disabled the FF in the producer file. At first I thought that this was only a Saitek problem, but then was reading about Logitech, MS and Thrustmaster. CH seems either to be alright or the owners just don't report any trouble. Anyway, I firmly believe that this is a global issue with the FF coding.

    "Beware the fury of a patient man"- John Dryden


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    thanks for your help!!

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    After the patch 1.02 - i am totally happy how my Saitek Cyborg 3D works with force feedback and trimmers!
    Except for one thing: i found that the planes (especially Su-line) are way too twitchy on the pitch axis. But here's the cure: (i found it on russian lock on forum) - if you have this problem (jerky pitch) - go to Lock On folder - Config folder - file joyrange.cfg, open it with Notepad and change 400 to at least 1000.
    (I tried to set even 2000, but got a real FPS hit). Now the jerkiness decreased dramatically, and i have pleasure flying!

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    not exactly sure where to change this ? can u advise ? I have the cyborg evo and i too am having troubles with it working other thatn flight controls.

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    i cant get the saitek evo accelaretor switch to work.

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    Jul 2004
    i tried the ...\Lock On\Config\producer.cfg

    What to do:
    Change the TRUE flag to FALSE

    windows doesnt know wich program to use to open it!!!!

    plz help cos im about to check out how far i can trhow a
    i installed and reinstalled the game, went back to restore points.

    now i fly ok,cannon is working,missiles shoot(with a bit of lag but hey...)

    lock on target wont work i have it mapped out in the control options but it wont work.

    btw i have a amd 2400 xp athlon orocesscor

    asus 5600 vid card

    with saitek cyborg evo joystick
    if anyone can help...plz do lol

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