I've got the game in E:\Games\Far Cry

So I copy the game scripts to Far Cry\Mods\MyMod and do the packager deal.

When I try to switch to it in the game, it messes up. Log.txt reports:

Initializing Script Bindings
ERROR: can't create the archive "e:\games\far cry\mods\distrib\fcdata\localized\english.pak"=="e :\games\far cry\mods\distrib\fcdata\localized\english.pak": error IO_FAILED (code 1) in ZipDir::CacheFactory::New at .\ZipDirCacheFactory.cpp:38. Cannot open file in binary mode for reading, probably missing file.
ERROR: $3#SCRIPT ERROR File: undefined, Function: undefined,
Unable to open modexe.lua
#Function undefined
ERROR: $6# Unable to open modexe.lua

Now, I can copy the 425mb (!) english.pak over and get rid of that error (shouldn't have to do that though, Crytekkers).

But I have no idea what this reference to modexe.lua is all about. If I create a blank one beside main.lua it still gives the error.

Has anyone successfully made a small mod package that goes in the mod dir and not replacing the default game scripts?