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    I have tried it and still doesn't work. No idea what to do tried loads of **** and still not working :'(
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    A Small Amount of Polite Venting

    I've tried just about everything, and the only solution I've found was getting a new computer, which only lasted like a week. It was working when I finished building my gaming PC, but after a week it stopped. The only thing I can think of is a suggestion for Ubisoft: let us play our games without uplay, or find a service that can normally connect to the internet, like Steam. After finding a version of this thread for several games, I've concluded that this is the most common problem for players of Ubisoft's games. Also, the main problem with threads is that most people who actually fix the problem, don't respond their fix because they don't need it anymore. I thank everyone who has posted any solution to this thread and commend all who have not given up on this issue, either to extreme dedication or a desire to play the games they payed for (mostly the latter). I would also like to thank Ubisoft support for attempting to help our diverse and varied problems and dealing with many members who talk s*** about them, this can't be an easy job. Thanks for listening, now I'll try and figure out why my ISP would restrict my internet in this way (if it was them), or revert to childish anger and spam the login button, as suggested by a certain individual.
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    Well, Iv'e got good news and bad news. The good news is: I fixed it! The bad news is: this is probably a temporary fix that won't work for everyone. Here's what I did: I reset the computer, which, on Windows 10, is in settings, Update and Security, Recovery, and there is a button that says: Reset this PC. Click that button, and choose keep my files. What this does is it deletes all of your applications, leaving your personal files alone in your hard drive (or SSD, etc.) , and makes a list of all of the applications you had. This can clear up a lot of problems, possibly including the connection of uplay (so far, I'll update you guys if the problem resurfaces), but takes a while, and you have to manually download all of your applications again. It really depends on how desperate you are. Hope this works.
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