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  1. Hey, Mush.

    Uhm, might I ask why the two Gamertag/PSN ID threads here:
    and here:

    have been un-sticky-ed? Shouldn't they be easy to find?

    Thanks, man.
  2. Glad to hear that
  3. Hey Mush.

    Played a few matches with US people today, and it was way better. There was a little lag sometimes, but apparently that was suffered by all (the US boys, too). So, whatever you people did (and I do hope you did SOMEthing), I was pleasantly surprised.

    Thank you.
  4. Morning Mush.

    Just wanted to let you know that being in Germany I am unable to play with people from the US due to unreal lag on the XBox. Up to 25 seconds delay between actions and reactions. Even planting a camera. I am not joking or exaggerating.

    And it reminds me, terribly so, of what happened with Crysis 2 MP. They had P2P, and a lot of server and matchmaking issues, even regional lag. Eventually the Euro Community just died, the remnants unable to play with people overseas. Two weeks after their second MP DLC you could not find a game.

    And I am quite afraid this might happen to GRFS, too. I hope people are aware how terribly bad the lag is, and I hope there is a way to fix it. Improve Host Selection, show Connection Strengths in Lobbies, but overall it needs to be possible for Europeans to play with the biggest gaming community there is: the US. I can play Campaign Co-Op or Guerrilla with US, no problems or lag at all. But MP is just impossible. Try it for yourself.
  5. Awesome good to hear

    The beta forum is preparation for closure seeing as the game in now out, no threads will be deleted.
  6. Oh, and there are three (more) things I'd really like an answer to from someone official (with thread links for more detailed explanations - and do I bother you by sending you links to things you'd read anyway?):

    Will you ever remove that White Circle "Reticule" in MP? The one you get when in cover, like in the campaign on easy?
    Thread here:


    Where have all the Beta Balance changes gone? Did soldiers pick them, one by one? How will we ever know?
    Thread here:


    Will there ever be something like Bullet Stopping Power, i.e. a penalty to accuracy or a delay in returning fire, when you are hit by bullets?
    Thread here:

    Thanks for your time and your effort.

    Cheers and Good Night.
  7. Well, that man(shootingman) is... well. Censored Word. But very creative in his sentence structure. Anyway... I totally forgot to say that my German version has English voice and text and is as uncut as the rest. Still unsure as to why that one dude at the beginning of the first mission has no hole in his head (the convoy driver in the opening sequence did...), but maybe it went out the nose. Or the mouth.

    So you were spot on, thanks for all that. And never mind the naysayers, I love the game. And if you get the lag and server issues under control - which you will, because there is neither an "E" nor an "A" nor a "Crytek" in your name - MP will be wonderful as well. I do hope you got some days off after the release at least.

  8. Hey Mush. Loving the game, especially the campaign, even more. Still lag issues with the MP, though, and a real problem with the Smoke from Smoke Grenades not showing up the same way (or at all) for the other team.

    Thread here:

    Also, if someone official could maybe explain when the running-roll-into-prone is available and when not? I know you can only do it when engaged, but even then it's not always happening. It's a real issue not knowing when you can do a certain move or not.
    Thread here:

  9. Awesome, thank you.

    And I hate to even ask, but... any chance of that other thread here:

    getting a sticky, too? I was hoping to create something like a... not a lobby, but a room, a bulletin-board or pin-board or something, where people can just post "Hey, I'm online now and I'd like to play..." and then others can check there to see if and who someone is available right now. Or do you think that's a bad idea?

    I'm still hoping you guys might consider the GRFS Online Players Database - Uplay enabled - so you can check there who's online, playing what, looking for what kind of people...

    But thanks, I know you're being inundated with requests. Just trying to help...
  10. Thank you I have stickied both
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