View Full Version : Competitions Question

07-21-2012, 03:37 AM
Okay, so I have a horse (duh) that I would like to compete.
Therefore, do all the actions, feed it treats (if I am able) and then click the signpost.
In the event, where you chose the neighbors to cheer for your competitor, there is that thumbs thing that moves.
Figured out (not hard) That it is the determining thing as to how successful that horse will be.

So then why is it, that when the thumb is up, green and pointy, that I still come 2nd? (To which a pop-up message appears saying that it is not available at this time?)

It happens more often after I've already competed and won. Then I cannot, no matter what, win the next time I compete the same horse in the same event, even with more people cheering for it.

Pleaaaase help?
I thought it might be a 'horse is tired. do something else now.' logic, but that's really irritating.

07-26-2012, 07:35 AM
Don't use Michelle to cheer for you more than once in every cycle. Even though she isn't blocked out, with a timer, like your other fans, if you use her a second time before the 8 hours (or whatever!) is up, you will get the 2nd place. I use her with the friend that shows up next to her, so I always know not to use her until my other friend is free to be used again. Hope that helps!