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07-18-2012, 05:24 PM
I'm officially bored, so I'm now documenting advanced movement tactics that I have learned through breaking my version of the game that are not explicitly defined or explained by the game. Most of these are related to Sliding via the cover button.

Hit the space bar while running to slide. This allows you to slide underneath pipes or coast to cover, while providing a stable cooldown-based firing platform at the cost of velocity control and movement control. Further tactics build off this basic high-yield tactic. This counts as a stance change but will revert to standing if you do not reach cover or perform another stance change.

Crouch conversion
Crouching while running initiates a low-yield slide to crouching that is also affected by the cooldown reduction but allows you to change directions or enter a true crouch mode without any other stance changes.

Slide Meleeing
Melee can be initiated while sliding, allowing you to defend yourself even when under a hard weapon ready cooldown, and can be used for a good opener to an additional stance change.

Slide Shooting
While entering a slide stance with a low-ready weapon such as an SMG or a shotgun, you can fire within a 180 degree cone in front of you with limited fire penalties. This allows you to take down targets rapidly without worrying about cover cooldown or body exposure, allowing you to continue your forward momentum at crouch level. Unlike pron-shooting, you are not vulnerable to a loss of mobility. If you choose to do so, you can immediately get back up to running speed after a slide.

Slide to Cover Shot
By sliding to any cover, you can instantly override the hard cooldown associated with weapon ready time from running. This applies mostly to sniper rifles and LMGs. By doing a left or right-hand slide towards any wall, and then turn back towards your target's direction and fire.

Slide to Reverse Prone
When sliding, if you attempt to turn beyond the 180 degree cone to the left or right, you will come to a stop and flip over prone, resulting in a weapon cooldown. While this is technically two stance changes, your entering prone overrides the original stance change cooldown, meaning the only meaningful cooldown is your prone ready time. This provides you with a stable firing platform and reduced hitbox for shooting targets behind you without any awkward prone animations.

Slide to Forward Prone
When sliding, you can press your prone key at the end of your slide to plop forwards. This allows you to minimize your cover if your slide does not reach cover. Prone cooldowns apply. It provides no tactical shooting advantage, but allows you to move extra distance without revealing yourself to fire.

Slide to Corner Prone
In addition to forward prone, you can side-prone anywhere within the 180 degree arc to do an instant direction change. Can be used to rapidly come around a corner when being shot from behind, as the character's legs become the pivot point.

07-20-2012, 02:32 PM
This will help many newbs struggling to learn game mechanics. I wish I had these when I started. Nothing less from Compass :)