View Full Version : Why not a new Splinter Cell for Blacklist?

06-05-2012, 07:24 PM
Sometimes I don't understand game companies. Is Sam Fisher the face of the Splinter Cell franchise? Of course he is! So in that case, it's not surprising you would put him in the new game. The issue however, is that Sam has no reason to keep on fighting; his story basically concluded in conviction. Moreover, you've chosen to change his voice actor? I don't understand how you could possibly think this is going to sell more copies. It will not. And frankly its not very intelligent.

Making FIsher the new Lambert and introducing a new character with the new voice actor was the route you should have taken. Fans would have loved it. This progressive direction for the series is such a blatantly obvious choice that I'm not even sure how your team could make the bumbling decisions that have led to the pseudo-fisher character.

Many gamers may not be aware of the situation, and may buy this title....but without Ironside the game won't feel right, and future titles will suffer. I'm not buying it and neither are the 3 friends with whom I played Conviction and Chaos Theory. There's a reason for the unrest in today's gamers because we expect developers to respect their own IPs, which are also the beloved IPs of their consumers. I don't get it. There's the opportunity here for you to introduce a new protagonist while not saying goodbye to the old one, like how star trek: TNG was introduced. I simply don't understand why you aren't jumping at the chance!

And you may conclude that I'm just acting entitled to that which I am not due, yet as a consumer I expect that all new releases will provide a certain non-specific level of entertainment. If you fail, how could you not expect your fans to lash back? Look at Nintendo's success. All fan service. So you see Ubi, you should not dismiss these issues so readily. You have a chance to stick a sock in Activision and EA's blatant disregard for their fans. Because the problem doesn't lie with the fans. It's not me, it's not us, it's just you. So consider switching it up. How hard could it be to reskin the face and take some of Ironside's work for the real Fisher?

PS Conviction was pheonomenal, even though we wanted more stealth, the gameplay was phenomenal. Make sure there's more stealth in Blacklist and we'll all be happy.

Love, Derbybudgie