View Full Version : PL won't load guild data from ACB

04-05-2012, 02:38 PM
When I try to go to Contracts or Training in Project Legacy I get the error:
"No Assassin's CreedŽ: Brotherhood savegame files were found linked to this UPLAY account. To do so, open Assassin's CreedŽ: Brotherhood's Story Mode, select a savegame, and choose to Synch to Project Legacy. You must have a valid Assassin's CreedŽ: Brotherhood savegame file to use this feature."

However I remember from a long time ago I got rewards in ACB for owning sites in both ACB and PL (ex. colliseum). I checked my assassin's guild quest status and I've done every assassin's quest I can in the game. All of my assassins are top level. I checked Pretenders, Dousing Fire, and The Star Chamber (In ACB which were successfully completed) to do the one of the quests in Contracts (in PL) but it tells me that I need to complete the quests in game. They are completed in game. I reload ACB save file, synching to project legacy and then reload the facebook PL application. Same error message I posted above :*(

The error appears if I click "Training' in PL. When I click contracts in PL it just tells me I need to finish some assassins quests (which have been completed).
If I click on Training (getting the above error) then I click on Contracts I will get a "Connection Error: An error has occurred. Please try refreshing" with a reload ****on.