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02-09-2010, 04:34 AM
This is not so much a discussion, just me getting a bunch of things off my mind.

1) There is something about the graphics engine you used in SH4, which made it look crappy on my screen. It's like pastel colours somehow make the matte coating of my screen become visible, so what should look like a clear blue realistic sky, ends up looking like a sky in a painting and I am looking too close. My old screen (with a shiny glossy coating) didn't have this problem, but sadly that screen sucked in other ways so I had to replace it. This screen I have now is perfect for 99% of games, but Silent Hunter 4 is really an issue for me. I hope one of the wizkids at Ubi know what I'm talking about and can fix this in SH5?!

2) I got bored of SH4 in about a day or two. It looked nice so I got it, but I regretted it pretty soon. Yeah it's good fun to pop up at the side of a fleet of ships and start blasting them to smithereens. But how many times can you do that before it starts seeming repetitive? I think about 20 times, which is about 2 days or so. The only way I could last longer in a game like this, is if the missions/campaign somehow provided the glue to keep me hooked on the game. I have posted this here before, but Flight Sims have this same issue. Every mission all boils down to the same thing, locking on a plane(s) and shooting it down, or dropping a bomb on a structure. But the missions/campaigns make it so much more interesting. The structure happens to be a bridge which is a key supply route, or the plane is heading to bomb the pentagon or whatever... They jazz it up sufficiently. SH4 didn't do this at ALL. I had the same crappy 4 or 5 missions repeated over and over and over. Take pictures, intercept some ships, or drop a spy on to the land by boat, etc. Unless SH5 somehow makes it a lot more interesting, I won't be going near it.

3) I played some other game called Battlestations Pacific, and it was quite fun. Although it was not quite as realistic as manually blowing stuff up with the sub in SH4, it allowed SO much more gameplay. Driving ships and planes... AND you got the strategy and tactics of building and producing units. I found it kind of weak as an RTS, but I realised that it instantly made SH4 totally obsolete as an action game.

Those are just my thoughts after seeing this game trailer. I understand that most people here are submarine enthusiasts so get a lot more out of these games than I ever will. But I am just an average gamer who likes lots of different types of game, and these are my feelings. I've never seen Das Boot, I don't wear an admirals hat while I'm playing. I don't know the names of all the ships and subs. I am just a gamer who likes blowing stuff up, and SH4 failed massively at turning me on. So unless SH5 has some big tricks up it's sleeve, I'll just be playing the new C&C game, or Two Worlds 2, or Dragon Age, or Mafia 2, or whatever. You may not care about not attracting an average gamer like me of course, but just so you know..

02-09-2010, 09:00 AM
This is one of the most pertinent posts I have seen on here and I personally thank you for posting it because it makes a lot of sense.

You call yourself an 'average gamer' and you found that after a short period of time you found SH4 boring, the reason was quite simple, and this is not a criticism of you, but the game was aimed at the 'simmers' who wanted to play 'Submarines in the pacific' as SH3 did for those who wanted 'Uboats the atlantic.'

With SH5, the way it appears to be going, it seems that it is going to be aimed at the 'average gamer' such as yourself. But you, as the average gamer, will soon get bored of it because it will be similar to both SH3 and SH4 as it will undoubtedly be the same 'blowing ships etc' which as your post suggests bores you after a short time.

Your post just goes to show how much of a genre these games like the Silent Hunter Series and Flight sims fall into and how much the makers should aim it at the people who are simmers and not the gaming community in general.

Great post m8, good luck with your chosen games for the future.


02-09-2010, 12:27 PM
This has to be one of the most intelligent posts I have seen in a long time. voodoochile2010 DOES sound like the "average gamer". The average gamers that I know personally, which is everyone that I know who plays games, are not the kind of people that would enjoy a sim such as SH3/4. It's just a fact that the SH series is, due to its whole design, made for a select audience. However it seems that they are trying to target a group of people who do not exist. I think it is a terrible decision to try to make the game "change" to appeal to "average gamers" and "hardcore sim fans" alike. You cannot do that. SH3 and 4 advertised this idea but really didn't deliver (thankfully). It seems SH5 is going to definately move away from the sim community. Which is too bad because the "average gamer" that they are looking for who would enjoy this game doesn't exist. I would GUESS that 9/10 people don't even know there was a such thing as the Battle of the Atlantic. Why would these people choose SH5 over any other Action game that has things that they are familiar with?