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09-03-2005, 05:03 AM
To all the funs out there, who played from the first of the series, to the last.
And to all who worked hours and hours at this great game, you should be proud.

I try not to be melancholic but in the same time a try to bring beak the IDEEA that was Heroes of Might and Magic at the beginnings.

I have played heroes since maybe 10 ears ago, or even longer I don€t remember exactly, I looked at the first of the series, I was suddenly attracted, of course the graphic beak then wasn€t like these days, it had something childhood, lots of drawings, the sound capabilities, I think eight bit sound and melodies, THE IDEEA MATERED MOST.

After a wile there was the second, played it a lot, loving it, creating a bond, doing the campaigns, doing the XL we all love, getting on my nerve when dealing with an great adversary in the worst moment possible, sometimes loading again, sometimes deleting the entire game, after a while reinstalling it, replaying the exact map and dealing with the same situation again, conquering, finding artifacts, using dimension doors, town gates or town portal.

When the third came, a truly masterpiece, redoing it again from the start, again the hours, the days, the nights, I could write a lot of pages about this €¦ but is not the time.
I remember speaking with my friends about how we would do a sequel and how it should look, how we wanted the battlefield to be (a lot like CHESS, but instead from a Left to Right combat, we spoke about a Bottom to Top, and about the creatures, when you have 1 Archangel, there is 1 in the picture(FEW), when you have 10, a group should be represented, when you have over 50 a bigger group(LOTS) and for over 100 the biggest group(equivalent of ZOUNDS) and there will be animated in the army rank square and on the battlefield. The flying creatures should fly around over their position on the battlefield not stay on the ground, the mages should do some experiments or spells in theirs sector, and so on€¦.

Waited the next sequel, the Fourth €¦ but when it came (sorry guys and girls €" my opinion) it sucked and still sucks. I tried to be patience, to understand what they were trying to say to us, with that graphic, with the new architecture of upgrading your hero, overcomplicated, using the hero in battle, at the start so week you have to stay hours to strengthen him€¦(It was grate, but no so great)€¦€¦
So I stopped expecting something from them, but in a clear day, just surfing the net, there was the first news about the fifth sequel, I started look for hints, info, and finally got the first pictures, the first trailer, shared with my friends.

When I think of Heroes of Might and Magic, I think to Heroes of Might and Magic III, but I part of me runs to the innocence and bright of Heroes of Might and Magic II, so €¦ getting at the bottom and beak to the subject€¦ about the BETA, It€s new, looks a lot like Heroes II, but with Heroes III creatures (Evolved of course) Perfect Combination.

My BETA crushed a few times during the game, (a couples of time just pup out from the game and find the €œwindows memory space too low€ message) (I have a AMD Barton 2800+, 1024 Corsair TWIX at 2,2,2,5 and a special SWAP Partition of 5G on my HD, Video an 9800PRO 128mb) but no problem, I start again and again, as long I have to. I found out how it looks, how the creatures look and fight, how the new engine work, or just a glitch of what can be achieved in the full and completed game. Of course in this BETA I couldn€t trade resources or upgrade my creatures, and have access to only a few spells, but that is no problem. IT HAS THE ONLY THINGS THEAT ARE STRECTLY NECESSARY TO WORK.

I just can€t help myself getting rid of the desire of buying the full game.
(And is a lot till next year, or maybe another beta will show up)
Good work to you all!!! Who pushed from a pin to a mountain to get this sequel done!

09-03-2005, 05:23 AM
The "beta" you played is only alpha
and its very old and buggy,the game is much better now,just look at the screenshots:

09-03-2005, 06:25 AM
and its stolen from ubi. So you are in postion of stolen property. And you are telling it on an offical forum. How stupid can you be?

09-06-2005, 03:08 AM
As you have seen <znork> I€m a big fun of the game, and my conclusion, as I rote, was to send my congratulation to the folks who are working at this excellent game.

I hardly can wait the date of release, I want to buy the game for what it is and what the Heroes Series means to me.

About the BETA that I€ve seen, I decided to tell others about it, <znork> maybe you already have seen it but you decided to say nothing, it's your choice, if you reed between lines, you can see that, my idea is on the Good side.

09-06-2005, 03:25 AM
Thanks Uce255, I got a good laugh out of that one http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

But I'd suggest making your spelling mistakes more believable. I mean, you can spell "melancholic" and "architecture", but not "idea" or "strictly"?

09-06-2005, 04:26 AM
Of course an alpha/beta will be quite buggy. To judge a game in alpha is pretty pointless. Perhaps in beta but even then there could be some pretty awful bugs/placeholders and so on.

That's the whole reason for non-disclosure agreements - to prevent people from blabbing about things before the game has reached release.

I do agree though, Heroes 4 just didn't turn me on like H2 and H3.