View Full Version : re-establish network connection problem

04-21-2010, 10:28 PM
i cant play normally.

because the message like this come over and over.

so how sholud i do?

plz answer me...

this make me insane.

04-22-2010, 12:31 PM
I have it the same:
1. "Attempting to restore..."
2. "Server not available"

Those two messages appear randomly several times per hour. I though it could have some relation to my Internet connection, but on the other one (via different ISP) it does exactly the same. On other two computers it is also the same. I started to complain to UBI support about three weeks ago. Sometimes they reply some hints like "reinstall game" or "update graphics driver" or other 'useful' stuff to make me somewhat busy because when I am busy, I can't complain...

The only thing I have learned from UBI support is that the problem is somewhere in my PC and is not related to they 'perfectly working DRM'.

So prepare yourself for troubles with their support server (sometimes you will not be able to open "My Stuff" on their support web) and open new ticket there, describe problem, and then wait, and wait, and wait...