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06-23-2007, 02:11 PM
Hey bud, Ive seen the mods you are making and have a question for you..

Regarding silencers.
Have you messed around with them at all?
The damage reduction is just atrocious. Yes, they do reduced impact and damage of course, but using them ingame feels like you switched to a BB gun.

Have any setting ideas to increase the damage without going overboard?


06-24-2007, 08:38 AM
No I have not touched the silencers on any of the guns. BUT my squad mates and I hardly ever use them so they would not have been properly tested with the new settings. Thank you for bringing this to my attention I will have to look into it tonight.

If by chance you want to take a crack at it yourself look for m_fSuppressorDamageModifier= under each gun in the killerweaponsconfic.ini file. Make shure you have the latest version because people have been asking for small changes due to things I have over looked I.e like you. The higher the number the number the more dmg. Then plez let me know on our team forums.
Otherwise I can look into it.

06-25-2007, 09:29 PM
Ok I took a look at the silencers and on average it takes about one more shot to kill a tango with it on then with out it. Every guy I got in the head went down in one shot. So in my opinion they are fine, but if you or anyone else disagrees let me know ill see what I can do.
There are some guns that take more then two shots with a silencer to kill a tango. I just chalk it up to body armor. The head shot still puts em down.

For anyone who dosn't know when you put a silencer on it is typically used with sub sonic ammunition which is slower most ARs don't shoot sub sonic bullets. In reality you cant just slap on a silencer and have it truly work you need different ammo as well.

06-25-2007, 09:43 PM
I adjusted everything to .09.

The weapons that dont use silencers dont matter for range, and the ones that do are limited enough in that area. However, Some of the rifles are set as low as .06, compaired to pistols at .08.

The silencers these guys are using would be state of the art, unlike your point of slaping a random silencer on a weapon. Milled, ventilated, tried and true per weapon and ammo type. So they would perform superior than anything you could get on the market.

I dont believe that the damage is impacted over all by more than a fraction in short range to mid range distances. Farther than that, accuracy and damage would become an issue, but not that close.

Have you noticed a silencer damage per distance setting? In combination with upping the damage modifier, lessoning the range and accuracy would be cool.

06-26-2007, 08:03 AM
No, the only thing I'v found is that one adjustment concerning the silencers.
Ok so ill adjust the SMGs to .09 the ARs to .06 and the pistols to .08 then upload it to my web site. sound good?
If by chance you want to give me a more detailed list here is a complete list of the guns so you dont have to make one.

MK23 -
USP40 -
92FS -
Glock18 -
Desert Eagle -
Raging Bull -

MP5N -
MP7A1 -
UMP45 -
P90 -
MP9 -
MAC11 -

M8 -
G3KA4 -
552Commando -
G36C -
MTAR21 -
Famas -
AK47 -

MK46 -
21E -
249SPW -
MG36 -
M249 Fixed -

M3 -
Spas12 -
870MCS -

PSG1 -
M40A1 -
SV98 -
Scout Tactical -