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  1. Toy Soldiers DLC Legendary Heroes-Does not work(PS4)
  2. Bugs
  3. Known Issues [Updated August 20, 2015]
  4. cant play local multiplayer(ps40
  5. PC Version | Resolution will not change from 720 ewaolution
  6. 30 FPS lock on PC
  7. Xbox One - Overscan (zoomed in) on TV
  8. Can't switch hero
  9. Display settings won't stick.
  10. Icons are tiny in the game
  11. Crash While Loading Main Menu
  12. Mouse aircraft controls
  13. ps4 EU
  14. audio bug xbox one
  15. (PC) The game crashes witha black screen everytime I try to launch it
  16. local coop not saving for player 2
  17. Eu still waiting the game ! Ubisoft ! Wake up please ! Share information !
  18. Local multiplayer hall of fame edition armies
  19. Problems so far (PS4)
  20. Lost All Progress
  21. (PC) Local play isn't working
  22. unbalance heroes and units that don't attack towers
  23. Xbox One Framerate Issue
  24. leaderboards
  25. co op
  26. Game Update - August 21, 2015 *updated*
  27. The challenger trophy/ achievement
  28. Game won't start correctly
  29. Legendary Heroes DLC does not work on local multiplayer (guest account) on same PS4!
  30. You guessed it, co-op issues.
  31. Loading over 1hr
  32. Ubisoft Support ignoring ticket for 4 days....
  33. Please fix DLC or give refund
  34. PLEASE HELP game wont start freezes at menu screen ps4
  35. Hall of Fame Edition Armies do not work local multiplayer on same PS4(ticket update)!
  36. 'Challenger' trophy unobtainable (PS4 and all other platforms)
  37. HELP!! Game freezes every time I get to the main menu when starting the game.
  38. XBOX 1 Issues with Warchest
  39. Units and artifacts
  40. Wild Run DLC not working
  41. Vendetta
  42. [PC] Bring Monopoly Plus to PC
  43. Toy Soldiers DLC code not working on PS4
  44. disconnection
  45. Monopoly ffp
  46. no answer for weeks now from ubisoft support!!!!
  47. Risk PS4
  48. Password screen not working
  49. Hasbro (Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit) playing with friends
  50. CSI hidden crimes
  51. Ps4 trials fusion multiplayer down
  52. Unknown name linked to account
  53. Sandstorm pirate wars log in issue
  54. I'm not getting the restore mail to my email
  55. When are you going to fix all of these problems!!!!!!!!!!!! We paid for this game!!
  56. CSI Hidden Crimes - spin, got unlimited power, but where it is?
  57. Mobil friendly
  58. No gold!
  59. Trials frontier crashing
  60. Toy Soldiers "xbox 360 vet"; Recently got a PS4, have a few questions.
  61. Help redeeming 16 digit code from g2a
  62. Forum login
  63. Hall of Fame Edition DLC does NOT unlock!!
  64. Issue with the in-game store for Toy Soldiers 3 War Chest.
  65. Game keeps crashing horse haven, still no support?
  66. Help! Ps4 monopoly plus
  67. Dark Zone
  68. Transfer of division character from saudi ps account to u.s. Account
  69. Division weapon issues
  70. Multiplayer not working [PC-Steam Version]
  71. Game crash/freeze on menu screen (PS4)
  72. Issue with Hungry Shark World
  73. Cannot contact support
  74. Serious issue, support ticket remains unanswered
  75. Of course in game purchases are fixed asap
  76. Challenger Achievement - Trophy Still Broken
  77. issues with Hungry Shark world
  78. Full version of forum
  79. Trials frontier cannot connect to server
  80. Hungry shark world
  81. Game crashes on launch.- (PC)Toy soldiers -Hall of fame edition
  82. [Trial Frontker] My game have restarted help me!
  83. Trials fusion level stuck
  84. Ac unity eagle of suger cant unlock
  85. Trials Fusion Multiplayer Problems *MULTIPLE TIMES*
  86. Ps4 cant open ubisoft club
  87. Hungry Shark World save data lost/corruption!
  88. Just Sing
  89. Account problem
  90. Need password recovery
  91. Forum login is broken on Android (Samsung S6)
  92. trials frontier help
  93. Kicked from ranked and can't join back
  94. Can't edit on mobile
  95. Uplay does not remember info after pc sleeps / wakes
  96. The Division "Delta C-1-191"
  97. Trolls Party Forest Glitches & Unsustainability
  98. Watch Dogs 2
  99. Watch dogs 2 PS4 - cars stuck in 1st gear
  100. Watch Dogs 2 Scout X
  101. Ubiworkshop checkout not working and live customer support backed-up
  102. Password recovery emails
  103. Year Pass 2 R6 Receiving Problem.
  104. Assassins creed identity doesn't open
  105. Mr Bishop
  106. Cant play R6S because I activated a skin on the wrong account
  107. Valiant hearts crashes
  108. Monopoly Plus PS4 multiplayer
  109. IOS to Google play
  110. IOS to Google play
  111. Trivial pursuit live ps4
  112. Hungry Shark World stuck on loading screen
  113. Old email
  114. Assassin's Creed Unity Multiplayer Online
  115. Paeeword incorrect
  116. Issues
  117. Ubisoft Club App Xbox one
  118. Unable to craft items in trials frontier
  119. Change mail
  120. Ayuda no puedo iniciar sesión
  121. Order not received
  122. What's ubi gunna do to make this right
  123. Ghost Recon feedback
  124. Game will not start
  125. why does it stop fixing gas in trials Frontier when you don't take your finger off
  126. Unable to craft items T
  127. Rainbow6 Mira and Jackal removed
  128. Division Last Stand and premium currency
  129. Kill it with fire challenge
  130. Maze of websites and apps...
  131. Can't select prefix on IOS
  132. Widland credits
  133. Ghost recon wildlands character creation
  134. Предложение новой Идеи игры
  135. Trials frontier Strecke weg
  136. Wildlands feedback
  137. No storymissions
  138. GR Wildlands Update Wishlist
  139. Vehicle coffe choice
  140. Ghost Recon: Wildlands Feedback GREAT IDEAS PLEASE READ.
  141. Ghost recon wildlands PS4 issues
  142. Just Dance 3's unreleased song, what is this routine? what is this song from this?
  143. [Ps4] Watchdogs 2 - story missions not available
  144. What's the deal with For Honor and the shady support?
  145. Connection,Support,and terrible servers
  146. [Help]Someone managed to activate 2FA on my account.
  147. 0004000019
  148. Wildands character reset
  149. Trials frontier
  150. Well...
  151. Assassins creed 3
  152. GRWL Appearance Menu
  153. Problem with ghost recon wildlands, task force set up
  154. Let Indians Join You All !!!
  155. Trials Frontier: Easter Bundle Not Appearing
  156. Help!!!!!!,!
  157. Wii U microphone not working on just dance 2017
  158. Trials Frontier 5.1.1 black screen when hit home
  159. Hungry Shark World MFI Controller