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  1. Split screen issues
  2. slight problems
  3. couple of problems
  4. Game crash when i start it
  5. G.I. Survival Challenges is Unbeatable
  6. It would be cool to play as Transformers
  7. Region locked / wrong version
  8. The game is broken (help) toy soldiers war chest
  9. looking for people to play co op with
  10. Please Adjust Survival Map Challenge Difficulty (GI Joe Survival)
  11. Challenger trophy/ achievement
  12. Candyslides No Upgrades Medal Impossible
  13. Aggression Medal Glitched On Battle For Orion
  14. Map Editor?
  15. Allowing figures to swap ultimate ability in match
  16. Want to do Coop
  17. dlc missing
  18. has anyone tried to get a refun?
  19. Survival mode?
  20. Such a great game! Some toys that would be awesome to play...
  21. PC Multiplayer
  22. Wheres the updates and new content?
  23. Patch planed?
  24. Is nobody ever online?!?!
  25. Weekly War updates?
  26. weekly war never changes?
  27. Please add new characters ?
  28. split screen you can't choose hero for 2nd player
  29. hero its cool except for when you fall in a trench
  30. Hall of Fame Edition heroes not unlocked.
  31. [Resolved] Issue with the in-game store for Toy Soldiers 3 War Chest.
  32. Game freezes on main menu
  33. 100% broken game
  34. Game freezes
  35. ps4 co op?
  36. Selecting Player 2's Army
  37. Weekly war is frozen on PS4
  38. Has this game become forgotten about?