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  1. [PS4] Vector .45ACP Cannot Be Purchased
  2. Problems with the ctos app on Android Tablet
  3. Disappearing Police Cars Bug / Smash Up Alleyway
  4. Online Tailing is Jacked up!
  5. [PC] Watch dogs NAT Problems ( Randomly )
  6. Speed Hack online -_-
  7. [PC] Online Invasion and graphical issues
  8. What the.... STILL NO PATCH?!
  9. [PC] Online not working at all
  10. [PC] PlayList Problem Please HELP!!!! :(
  11. [Ubisoft_Account] Game doesn't appear in my games tab!
  12. Clear signal achievement glitched? please help me please.
  13. [PC] Still getting the watch_dogs stopped working error
  14. Weird thing is happening
  15. Online Sound Problem
  16. Fix the damn notoriety system (for every mode)
  17. Refund for Watch_Dogs
  18. [Ubisoft_Account] Need help urgently
  19. My Profiler doesnt work in Watchdogs on Xbox One
  20. [PS4] Complete Game Bug
  21. Online Decryption - No one here? (Xbox One)
  22. Game-breaking Glitch
  23. Unable to play at all - Uplay issue?
  24. [XBOne] Read-Only achievement glitched?
  25. Breakable Things - Issue : Can't Hack Phone to go on with the quest.
  26. Are there more firewall ports need openning?
  27. [PC] did anyone noticed?
  28. [PC] \Disrupt_b64.dll error PLS HELP !
  29. [PS4] Session no longer available!?
  31. Fix bugs so we can platinum, not worth my money at the moment
  32. City Hotspots problem
  33. Darkness Glooms Break
  34. 90% loading bug
  35. Session is no longer available! (PS4)
  36. Palace Pack in Season Pass for Xbox One
  37. [XBOne] Palace Pack in Season Pass for Xbox One
  38. cc charged for free game code
  39. Uplay Issues and can't Invite friends to play.
  40. Uplay Issues and can't Invite friends to play.
  41. [XB360] Missing persons mysterious phone call [Game Bug]
  42. Video and Audio out of sync
  43. Can't control anything... Please help??
  44. When will patch come
  45. [PC] game crash with-out any errors
  46. [XB360] Beat Game, Won't Load Now.
  47. PC Problem
  48. Error: Game session no longer available [PS4]
  49. Game Session No Longer Available (Playstation 4)
  50. [Ubisoft_Account] Upgraded to Windows 8.1
  51. Light Shutdown broke my game.
  52. [PC] Loading....it just crashes or it doesnt load at all
  53. Issue with Loading Grandma's Bulldog Mission
  54. XBOX One - Lost everything bug
  55. [PC] Wow, so many Problems....
  56. Act 3- Mission 1 -Character Freezes before i get to the mission location, HELP!!
  57. [PC] FIX FOR LOSING ALL GAME PROGRESS (Continue button greyed out)
  58. [PC] Win/Lose meter doesn't always show in poker games
  59. Sniper Rifle vs Grenade Launcher - Against vehicles.
  60. Game Crashes With
  61. No Traffic Bug
  62. [PC] Can't control NPC
  63. Bug Report: Low Memory Warning
  64. [PC] Brandon Docks ctOS Center cannot be camera-hacked
  65. [PS4] Run out of skill points!!!
  66. PC: Mouse behaviour on map
  67. [PC] Game freezes right after loading
  68. [PS4] Final Serial Killer mission not unlocking.
  69. Traffic Signal Preemption (change Traffic Lights in your favor)
  70. [PC] Road Bug/Glitch
  71. Amazon partial refund for multiplayer issues
  72. problem with display driver NVIDIA
  73. [PC] flush vram
  74. [PS4] Watch_Dogs Screwy Bug
  75. [PS4] ctOS Breach Glitch/Bug
  76. Bugg CTOS Mobile Ipad 2
  77. [XBOne] weapon smuggling / human trafficking bugged
  78. [PC] BUG: Buying and Selling items does not change the amount of money in your wallet
  79. [PC] Automove and Mouse out of window
  80. [PS4] Watch Dogs Save Data Bug
  81. 7 days after release
  82. Human Trafficking Mission Bug/Glitch
  83. [PC] Sound is Weird
  84. [PC] How to reinstall if digitally downloaded the game?
  85. [iOS] How do you play with friends on the ctos mobile app?
  86. Cant hack anymore
  87. [PS4] Surrendering to the police is broken!
  88. Known issues [updated 4th June] still NOT acknowledging NAT issue's
  89. [XB360] Watch Dogs Voice in Portuguese
  90. [PS4] Question exclusive 60 minutes
  91. Problem with enemy NPC
  92. PS4 All weapons outfits cars gone, cant play online anymore, hideouts gone
  93. My game won't load past about 95%
  94. [PC] cant find activation code need help
  95. [XB360] Weapons Trade Issues
  96. [XBOne] My game won't load past about 95%
  97. [PS4] Digital Trip Madness 30 Kill Streak Challenge
  98. Private session "game session no longer exist"
  99. [PC] Bugs: Invisibility, Broken Clothing, Flying Boats (videos inclosed)
  100. [PC] A solution to directx problem
  101. For the portfolio glitch
  102. [PS4] Trophy didnt come
  103. [PC] Watch Dogs key banned
  104. Black spot there-ish bug? Help needed.
  105. Mouse Problem During Hacking Mini-Game
  106. [PC] Game crashes on certain screens.
  107. UPlay banned my WatchDogs Amazon CD Key (After I've already been playing)
  108. Can't hack or play online anymore
  109. Lost my guns ?? Wtf?
  110. [PS4] Road rage trophy
  111. [PC] Cheating becoming rampant on PC multiplayer
  112. Just wow Ubisoft; you've wasted a 1/4 of my day...
  113. [PC] No shotguns
  114. Watchdogs extremely bugged
  115. Ubisoft Phone Number?
  116. Loading screen never finishes/game hangs on loading screen
  117. [PC] Major Lighting/Whiteout Problem...
  118. Mulitplayer
  119. [XBOne] Achievements not unlocking and Can't Connect to Multiplayer
  120. Mic muted.... Help
  121. Help - In Game Issue - Stuck in Cover (XBox One)
  122. Somone link me the Ubisoft customer support live chat link?
  123. [XBOne] Ubisoft sucks. Sells Broken game
  124. [PS4] Major Multiplayer Issues
  125. Character moving by itself. - PC.
  126. [PC] AGAIN: Uplay does not work with DVD version… [Solved]
  127. Really.....
  128. [PC] Can't even start a game.
  129. [PC] Watch Dogs does not start. ( Im not talking about getting stuck on 80-90% either)
  130. [XBOne] Out of map
  131. (PS4) Cannot join public games NAT is 1
  132. [PS4] Watch Dogs BUG
  133. Game breaking bug
  134. [XBOne] Skill Tree/Stats Reset
  135. [PC] Invade
  136. not starting the game
  137. I cant download 2 Add-Ons
  138. [PC] Cannot play Online
  139. [PC] Sound and Video Unsynced
  140. I try to start game, it syncs, says thanks for playing, doesn't launch, pls help!
  141. TIP: How to play without significant issues
  142. Victim of 2 problems! Xbox1
  143. [PC] Uplay intefering with Audio
  144. [PC] Alienware m17x R3 with switchable graphics trouble with Watch Dogs HELP!!!!
  145. [PS4] Lost weapons and abilities after being hacked - Playstation 4
  146. [PC] Season pass
  147. [PC] Extreme lag when online after 10-15 minutes.
  148. email request by username Uplay
  149. [PC] Blue screen were i play
  150. [PS4] Freezing during gameplay
  151. cannot connect to uplay
  152. [PC] Achievement Unlocked : Get The Best Glitch In Watch Dogs
  153. [PC] Ubisoft Support responds about the save bug. Saves seem to be unrecoverable..
  154. [PC] Game crashes during cut scene
  155. [XBOne] Weapons not unlocking XBOXONE
  156. Question for All, does SmartDefrag interfere
  157. [XBOne] WatchDogs Freezes in mid game play
  158. [PC] Game Loading Freezing at 85/90% (Corrupted save game ?! )
  159. Mouse won't move during Hacking ctOS
  160. [PS4] Online Decryption mode
  161. [PS4] I can not purchase the Vector .45 acp from any weapon shop.
  162. Unmappable keys making game unplayable
  163. [PC] Graphic Issue
  164. [PS4] Terrible Bug Caused me to lose alot in game
  165. [PC] Horrible Game Breaking and frustrating AI Bug --- Criminal Convoys
  166. [PS3] Many PROBLEMS!!!!Fix it!
  167. [PC] Game breaking bug - screen stuck in place after world loads
  168. [PS4] Cannot Start a NEW GAME.
  169. [Ubisoft_Account] stolen account
  170. What is causing Error Code [1-0x00000200]?
  171. Human Trafficking Investigation Mission Locked on my map
  172. [PS4] Online Hacking - Players Actually Hacking/Cheating
  173. [PC] Watch_Dogs not responding when going Online
  174. [PC] this is just ridiculous Ubisoft
  175. [XBOne] Season Pass Content not available?
  176. [PC] Watch_Dogs has stopped working
  177. [PC] Easy cheat and win Cup Game (and sorta Poker)
  178. [PC] Port instructions incorrect/misleading?
  179. [PS4] System VoiceCommands don't work when watchdogs is loaded
  180. Cant launch game: "Unable to start Uplay!"
  181. [PC] Online contragts stuckt (ctrl+alt+delete) only way to exit (quit game)
  182. [PC] Cannot connect to Online Decryption
  183. Online Contracts Locked Glitch
  184. Watch dogs crashing and wont work for me!!!!!!!!!!
  185. [PC] AMD cards not supported?
  186. [PS4] QR codes error in completion/ location map
  187. Fix: Watch_Dogs Crash after Ubisoft logo (3 colored icons)
  188. Nvidia Promo Cd-Key banned?! am i the only one?
  189. Missing textures?
  190. You must be kidding me !!
  191. [PS4] watchdogs
  192. [PC] problem with Watch Dogs
  193. [PC] Let's make a wake-up call to Ubi: How many can't play the game?
  194. Online contracts locked {glitch}
  195. [PS4] Hotspots not showing up... Stuck at 93/100
  196. DedSec Edition items
  197. Watch Dogs
  198. [PC] Watch Dogs
  199. Unable to connect to public sessions
  200. Sort this stupid glitch out!!!!!!!!!!!!
  201. ANZ Edition only gave me breakthrough
  202. ANZ Edition only gave me the breakthrough pack.
  203. Please help. Game crashes
  204. Stuck in the loading screen
  205. [PC] logitech key bindings wont work anymore
  206. [PC] City Hotspot problems
  207. [PC] Unable to connect to public session. Please check your NAT type.
  208. [PC] Game bug_Can't hack anything
  209. Can't start new game
  210. [PC] Little bug while adhestion to the cover [Pawnee]
  211. Loading bar freezes at 90% :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  212. [PS4] Missable Audio Logs
  213. [PC] Watch dogs no name bug on screen
  214. new findings on "stuck downloading at 99%/over 100% for deluxe version"
  215. Weapons firing and cycling on their own
  216. can't get the game to run
  217. [PS4] Missing | Investigations & Collectibles
  218. [PC] Game Crash in first mission
  219. Lost Weapons
  220. Cant up date
  221. Game wont download
  222. PS3/PS4 Additional 60 Minutes of Gameplay?
  223. Does game progress reset when you start a new game?
  224. [PC] Supersampling Bugs
  225. Missing Weapons
  226. [PS4] Problems with gaining XP
  227. My Watch Dogs crashes every time ??!
  228. [PS4] Skill Points and Online EXP reset
  229. Game keeps crashes when i spend a minute and a half while driving
  230. xbox one game won't play
  231. [PS3] Game froze and now all my progress is gone
  232. Flaws in multiplayer (Tailing & Hacking)
  233. [PC] DirectX11 error.
  234. [PC] Watchdogs crashing, tried to reinstall game but now i can't download!
  235. Watch Online is not working plz help n fisx dis **** :(
  236. if you cant verify with msg "check connection and HDD size" read here
  237. [PC] WATCH DOGS doesn't open!
  238. PS4 Dlc
  239. Watch Dogs online is not working :(
  240. Bug/download problem at "Hope is a sad thing" mission
  241. How to disable HUD on ps4?
  242. [PS3] Bug/download problem at "Hope is a sad thing" mission
  243. 360 - Trouble Scanning Briefcase in Human Trafficking Investigation
  244. [Xbox 360] "a device containing required content has been removed"
  245. [PS3] Breakthrough Missons
  246. [PC] Missing road textures cause crash to desktop
  247. Notoriety points
  248. [PS3] St. Joseph Cemetery Hotspot Check-in Glitch
  249. Watch_Dogs MASSIVE BUG!
  250. [XBOne] Season Pass not loading