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  1. PS3 can't use DLC without network access issue discussion.
  2. Forum Rules
  3. [PC] My cord is broke, and I cant find a replacement
  4. no cd key ???
  5. Alternatives to the Rocksmith Real Tone cabel
  6. anyone using jammit?
  7. [PC] CD Activation code reported as duplicate
  8. Rocksmith for PC keeps crashing
  9. Rocksmith randomly not recognising notes for a whole song.
  10. Rocksmith 2014 PC/Mac System Requirements
  11. How to import Rocksmith 1 songs
  12. Kinect issues?
  13. RockSmith 2014 on Mac: Some Sound Issues at First, but Now Working
  14. Real Tone Cable not configured for best performance?
  15. Error Sound Initialization?
  16. Use Rack Gear Mission
  17. Weird calibration in RS 2014
  18. *SPOILER* How to Unlock Rewards (Normal/Uplay) and Full List of Rewards
  19. Rocksmith 2014 Official Bugs and Issues Thread
  20. sound/white noise issue
  21. Issue with No Audio when Recording Videos on Rocksmith 2014 using Bandicam
  22. [PC] Rocksmith 1 DLC Compatibility With Rocksmith 2014 Issue FIXED
  23. New user never played RS1. Can't buy Old DLC in 2014
  24. [SOLVED!] EU original RS on disk import tool not found in PSN store or in-game store
  25. Rocksmith 2014 PC Configuration and FAQ
  26. 60 day challenge
  27. Rocksmith 2014 PC not detecting realtone cable in-game
  28. Rocksmith 2014- Videos/Guides/Help & FAQ's
  29. RS2014 crashes to desktop when using tone assign
  30. Clean tone in all songs!
  31. Rocksmith 2012 importpack missing on the PS3 as well, and I didn't get the bonus song
  32. Game is freezing on Xbox 360 console very frequently =( =(
  33. Rocksmith 2014 Disc Import Tool
  34. Background noise!
  35. Linking accounts? How ?
  36. Rocksmith 2014 Latency Issues
  37. Rocksmith 2014 userei manual
  38. Help! Game doesn't recognize my audio interface?
  39. Rocksmith 2014 sound issues
  40. Realtone Cable Driver not installing...
  41. Does Rocksmith 2014 Run on a Windows Vista PC?
  42. Real Tone Cable Driver Issue?
  43. Rocksmith 2014 won't start. Please help!
  44. Riff Repeater User Guide
  45. Cannot see the tuner.
  46. Ubisoft Server Unavailable. Please try again later.
  47. Rocksmith 2014 crshes to desktop when starting.
  48. [PC] Buying rocksmith dlc for rocksmith 2014.
  49. Serious cumulative Problem with mission system
  50. Anyone using a POD HD500 with Rocksmith14?
  51. Even more Real Tone cable issues... (I've googled this all day, still nothing)
  52. PC - Crash when changing section in RR
  53. Rocksmith 2014 instructor's guitar in lessons not making a correct sound
  54. LAS Mastery Resetting Itself
  55. brand new disc won't load - says unreadable
  56. Stuck at tuning screen after calibration
  57. Cannot Start Guitarcade Games (mac)
  58. Crash Connecting to Ubisoft-Server
  59. I've lost everything!!
  60. U-PLAY 4.0 and Twitch
  61. Master List of sound issues per song
  62. Session Mode Mission Guide
  63. Rocksmith 2014 crashes after profile select screen
  64. How to transfer song, old rocksmith then new rocksmith?
  65. Cant buy dlc to rocksmith 2014 without original rocksmith?!
  66. 60 day challenge still doesn't work?
  67. add a pedal in the pre section
  68. DLC charted question. Did you get both paths? ps3 360
  69. Bends and Slides 101 Broken. Return to castle chordead broken (bugs)
  70. [XBOX 360] Frequent freezes officially annoying now
  71. Leveller bug in RS2014 (hangar 18 style)
  72. Wrong note :P
  73. RS2014 Update version 1.02
  74. BASS. Foo Fighters Everlong Score Attack not recognizing notes.
  75. [SCEA][PS3] Patch Notes - 11/26
  76. Rocksmith 2014 on Win7 program does not run
  77. [PS3 - EU] Where is the Radiohead DLC?
  78. I've Been Naughty, Plus a Question.
  79. Poor sound quality of songs imported from original Rocksmith
  80. Guitar Cable Sudden Stopped Working
  81. Total Studio on Black Friday
  82. PICKUPS: EMG81/85 vs Gibson 490r/498t
  83. questions
  84. Tones not working
  85. No high score on two guitarcade games
  86. How to turn the sound down!
  87. No help for the PC latency.
  88. Tone Designer Help
  89. Game Takes Crashapp Error When I'm Playing
  90. The game is too quiet to hear!!!
  91. Harmonic issues
  92. Rocksmith1 dlc for Rocksmith 2014
  93. DLC transfer from Xbox to PC?
  94. Can you turn off the background - traffic noise?
  95. Switching Instruments
  96. Can't see tuner screen...
  97. Is this a solution to import Rocksmith songs to Rocksmith 2014?
  98. Request for updated tones on RS1 Pixies track
  99. Wireless Recommendations
  100. Major Riff Repeater bug
  101. Real tone cable not recognized
  102. 1.02 Update in the U.K. But can't log in to uplay
  103. starting over
  104. Randomly slows down
  105. There goes my RS1 stuff...
  106. Effects pedals & settings?
  107. Wish it would tell you the real notes also.
  108. cd-rom but no drive - how to install
  109. Help with distorted buzz following notes!
  110. HELP! I can't play using my main profile
  111. The Who? Or just rumours
  112. I am not happy with the game is and I did not even play it yet.
  113. Lessons run very slow
  114. Tuning issues
  115. HELP!! Tuning and low guitar volume issues
  116. I am mad
  117. See this stick? I'm going to beat that there dead horse with it.
  118. Strumming in Rocksmith
  119. Fm Bug in Rocksmith for La Sera Song
  120. How do I get a refund?
  121. Headphone Amplifiers for PC
  122. Fed up with going round in circles with this!!!
  123. [Bug] My Chemical Romance: Na Na Na a bit out of sync. Highway lags behind audio
  124. Only main account plays the guitar sound (PC)
  125. no sound after tuning
  126. [MAC] - Lesson, Audio And Game Lag!
  127. Selecting Sections of Songs in Riff Repeater
  128. Can't get passed tuning
  129. where is the xbox 360 patch?!
  130. XBox 360 - The Who's Who are you" not sorting properly
  131. Twitter / naohigo: I need a few volunteers who are playing Rocksmith 2014 PC
  132. enable steam in game?
  133. Song Not Available in Your Current Path
  134. Possible Mastery Resetting Fix/Workaround Here
  135. Wrong Notes in Double Stops 101?
  136. Anyone tried Bandfuse, how does it compare ?
  137. Games on demand
  138. Space Bass sound possible in Tone Designer?
  139. DLC from the first rocksmith
  140. Perhaps the 60 day challenge is moving out of beta !
  141. change mode after starting
  142. Please help, Audio Issues!!!
  143. RockSmith 2014 Not shipping for a week
  144. 12/5 Xbox 360 patch - anyone know what was in it?
  145. Advice on setting up the game (PC Steam)
  146. Setup HELP! Screen hangs before game starts on PC
  147. Game is functional but steam not allowing DLC purchases b/c it "requires ownership"
  148. How do I get tracks and DLC from the original version?
  149. Cable not recognized
  150. Unrecognized disk on Xbox 360
  151. Timing of string pluck
  152. Synching Question
  153. Couple of THORNS that need to be addressed in game
  154. [PS3] Uplay Unvailable Since Patch 1.02 (EU and ANZ)
  155. Tuning Sensitivity
  156. Soundgarden - Outshined
  157. Importing RS1 songs to RS2014 - PC version, Physical discs
  158. How did I screw up my DLC?
  159. XBOX360 Still Freezing After Patch
  160. PC - can't pin to taskbar
  161. Realtone cable issues - Guitar detected but no sound
  162. Having trouble signing up for the 60 day challenge.
  163. LapTop & DeskTop
  164. Steam and Ubi?
  165. Rocksmith 14 Shop
  166. What are the measures for the HD 500X? Anyone?
  167. Frustrating
  168. Run Back to You're Side
  169. Getting to the main menu w/o completing set up and INI files
  170. Tidbits on gear and what they do
  171. Can I buy the songs from Rocksmith if i only have Rocksmith 2014?
  172. Feature Request - Mute guitar monitor under Riff Repeater
  173. Need purchasing advice for PS3 or XBox
  174. Sustains have suddenly started cutting out
  175. Forum Problems?
  176. Get your money back
  177. Rocksmith 2014 ON DEMAND do not recognizes rs1 downloaded DLC
  178. Where is our Who Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  179. Unable to read disk
  180. Not at all happpy...
  181. Cable
  182. What do the numbers represent? 17 .8% example Learn a song menu
  183. (Xbox 360) New Disk Issues
  184. Uplay points and unlocks. Multiple systems.
  185. Youtube Content ID question
  186. Rocksmith Recommends What Exactly?
  187. Sound Discrepencies
  188. Question for Moderators and Developers
  189. Why doesn't anyone respond to support requests?
  190. Log into Uplay on startup? Where?
  191. 24hr Fallout 1,2 and tactics free give away from GOG with soundtrack!
  192. Tone Designer BALANCE
  193. Ubisoft, When Are You Going To Fix This Annoying 17% Volume Bug..?
  194. Ubisoft servers are not available - mac
  195. Sound Problems
  196. Purchased a Song and it doesnt Appear on the playlist.
  197. Problem with free 6 song game add-on download
  198. Can you suggest a graphics card?
  199. "Operation" for Guitar
  200. Rocksmith Game Play Stuttering on some songs...
  201. Jessie's Girl Bass bugged?
  202. Amp buzzing and feedback using dual cables and Y Splitter
  203. Rocksmith 2014 theme on my ps3
  204. Is there a way to level down for a song?
  205. Original Rocksmith Christmass song pack never released for PS3 in the EU.
  206. Buzzing
  207. Bass Cutting Out?
  208. Patch 1.04?
  209. Tuning G string
  210. Rocksmith 2014 Import Tool Doesn't Work US PS3 Verision
  211. XBOX version appears to be broken in multiple ways
  212. Are you kidding me?
  213. why arent there any patch notes for the update 1-2 weeks ago?
  214. got a chance to play with it.
  215. Everything's Working Fine
  216. Speakers for PC
  217. La Sera-Love that's Gone -Chord inversion issue
  218. Potential compatibility issues with Windows 8?
  219. reduce performance lag to the maximum
  220. So Rocksmith just... Stopped working?
  221. Will this setup reduce latency?
  222. Internet access really needed for rocksmith?
  223. My PC audio lag issue resolved!
  224. Cant get rid of the lag! Tried their recommended set up! Help!?
  225. I'm "Missing" notes that aren't there?
  226. RS1 Content Gone......
  227. Notes registry issues on hypnotize by system of a down?
  228. Two weeks and still no gameplay :(
  229. Quick Question
  230. Annoying Bug You Might Want To Avoid
  231. Real tone cable - unknown device
  232. RS2014 Individual Songs DLC Availability From In Game Store?
  233. Game crashing
  234. Question about used copies of Rocksmith Guitar and Bass for Xbox 360 and PS3
  235. [PC] Guitar Cuts out signal is intermittant at best
  236. [XB360] PDF or file to print out note notations i.e., hammer ons pull offs
  237. [PS3] Note Display
  238. how bout rocksmith is full of bugs week after week.
  239. [PC] PC version question
  240. [PC] Odd issue with chords 101, first try third night still can't get past
  241. [PS3] RS2014 forgets difficulty settings set in Riff Repeater
  242. [PS3] Sound mix goes out of whack from time to time with the supporting music way too quiet
  243. [PC] Issue with video Lesson, trainers guitar sound
  244. [XB360] Supermassive Black Hole bass scoring
  245. [PC] Rocksmith 2014 - Notehead and Tail Guide (What do those symbols mean?)
  246. [PC] Game won't detect microphone
  247. [PC] I cant Believe This
  248. [PC] PC User Noise/Sound Issue Sufferers -- list your config here
  249. [PC] Microstuttering after latest patch
  250. [PC] Potential Sound SOlution