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  1. XB360 Hello Kitty Princess Clan Now Recruiting
  2. Vittoria Agli Assassini Clan Thread (Recruitment CLOSEDDDDD) Xbox 360!
  3. XB360 WHU Clan Thread(Recruitment now OPEN)
  4. Forum Rules
  5. PS3 XB360 Assassins of Fortitude Clan (Recruitment now open for PS3 AND Xbox!)
  6. The DLC Community[Join Us To Play On Extra Maps]{PC}
  7. PS3 Adult gaming community wants you :)
  8. PS3 XB360 The Reckoners: Recruiting
  9. PS3 --- ƤЯѲJEŠT ϻIŽAGŁ --- // (Spring 2013 Recruitment) //
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  11. Aztec Venom Kings Channel/Recruitment Thread
  12. PS3 H2O Recruitment Thread
  13. Immortal Assassins Recruitment (XBOX)
  14. Recruiting members for assassins of Darkblaze
  15. Recruiting members for assassins of Darkblaze
  16. FML recruiting! (PC)
  17. PS3 Is anyone recruiting for clan members...? :)
  18. HND - Honor Never Dies Recruitment Thread(Xbox)
  19. Recruiting Players for Clan: Eden Protectors (PS3)
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  21. Kings Of Chaos Clan (KCO)
  22. Looking for acr clan
  23. Clan help? (ps3)
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  25. XB360 The Fallen Ones now recruiting!
  26. XB360 Looking for a clan to play AC3 (XBL)
  27. XB360 Looking for AC players who want to join a clan
  28. PS3 [RVX] Resurrecturum Victoria Recruitment Thread
  29. PS3 Hey, I wanna join a clan here in AC3?
  30. PC AC3 PC Clan
  31. XB360 IMG - Imaginaerum
  32. PS3 4 competitive players looking for a clan
  33. PS3 & All Consoles- Past AC games Clan & Recruitment List
  34. XB360 [spy]
  35. XB360 Shake N Bake- Official Recruitment
  36. MHA recruiting (Manhunt Assassins)
  37. XB360 Order of the Temple
  38. PC [Question] Cross-platforming clans?
  39. XB360 Those Random Pirates [TRP]
  40. XB360 Shepherds of Fire [SOF] Recruiting!
  41. XB360 Starting a Clan.
  42. PC Looking for Active Guild/Players
  43. PS3 || ƤЯѲJEŠT ϻIŽAGŁ || Fall 2013 Recruitment ||
  44. XB360 need a clan for ac4
  45. Clan Management on AC4 Black Flag
  46. XB360 Free Agent
  47. XB360 Waves of Chaoz AC4 recruitment now open!
  48. PS3 Looking for ac4 clan on ps3
  49. XB360 Rogues of Poseidon Clan hub
  50. XB360 ac4 clan recruiting!
  51. XB360 Need a Competitive Clan !
  52. PS3 Addicted to Wolfpack LFC
  53. PS3 The Lads- AC4 Clan
  54. PS3 Looking for clan AC4 PS3
  55. PS3 LOA now recruiting!
  56. PS3 Join 'The League of Extraordinary Assassins'!
  57. PS3 Looking for a clan in AC4 in PS3
  58. XB360 Free agent
  59. PS3 new to multiplayer
  60. PS3 AC4 Clan on PS3
  61. PS3 I need a clan!!!!
  62. XB360 New competitive clan the Undercity Nexus recruiting
  63. PS3 3.5-4K Average score, looking for friends.
  64. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer - XBOX360
  65. Looking For People
  66. PS3 Need a clan PS3 AC4
  67. PC Looking for active clan/players in AC4
  68. PS3 is here somewhere a clan, which is able to create simple deathmatch and plays it ???
  69. PC Looking for people to play with.
  70. 1v1 manhunt
  71. XB360 IVY Clan now recruiting. Competitive clan looking to grow.
  72. XB360 New Clan Wigwam open invites
  73. XB360 A Valuable Ally or A Worthy Foe, The Potential I can Offer your Clan Is All The Same!
  74. XB360 New girlgamer looking for fun players + a good teacher :)
  75. PC looking for dutch players
  76. XB360 IVY~Infinite VictorY AC4 Recruitment Still Open! JOIN TODAY!
  77. PS3 "i need a boss *** clan,clan,clan,clan,clan,clan,clan"
  78. PS4 Looking to join/create ps4 ac4 clan
  79. PC The Ascended : Recruiting
  80. XB360 AC4 Free Agent / XBOX360
  81. XB360 AC4 Free Agent/Xbox-360 Long Time Multiplayer
  82. PS4 The Couch Potato Gamers are Now Recruiting on PS4!
  83. XB360 Level 20 looking for a clan
  84. XB360 Thinking Of Making Xbox 360 Clan/Community
  85. PS4 Knights of the Creed recruiting
  86. Add me to play ac4
  87. XB360 Community/Clan The Assassins Initiates NEEDS YOU!! ALL PLAYERS WELCOME [ACIT]
  88. XB360 CAT is looking for other CATS
  89. The Hidden Assassins are recruiting
  90. XB360 Looking 4 Clan 2 Join
  91. XBOne User looking for a clan.
  92. PC Player Clans / Friends
  93. Can't post in clan thread but looking for 1 :)
  94. Looking for Wolfpack Team
  95. PC: Looking for AC4 Multiplayer Clan Please!
  97. XB360 EON now recruiting .. Comp AA 360 clan searching for 2 Defenders
  98. XBOne XBOX ONE-Recruiting Friends & Clan later!
  99. PS4 Newish to Assassins Creed, looking to join or create a clan for black flag on PS4
  100. PS4 Looking for clan
  101. XB360 Starting New Semi-Comp Clan
  102. PC Looking for teammates to unlock Abstergo story in AC3
  103. XB360 SSX Competitive Clan Recruitment
  104. XB360 Recruiting New Clan Members For 360
  105. PS4 Veteran player looking for clan
  106. XBOne New clan for XBOX ONE Recruiting for people to play and compete together [SKE]
  107. PS3 Sacred Land Boosting
  108. PS4 Clan and Uplay friends needed
  109. PS3 Veteran Player - Looking for Deathmatch and Manhunt based clan
  110. XB360 Looking for xbox 360 clan black flag
  111. PS3 Assassins Creed player looking for good clan
  112. PS3 PS3 User looking for clan in AC4
  113. XB360 TDA recruiting
  114. PS3 PS4 inc. || Professional Grade; Looking for a Competitive Clan (PS3)
  115. PS3 Looking for a clan
  116. XB360 [WOC] WaV3s of Cha0z
  117. PS3 Looking For Ps3 Clan AC4
  118. PS3 ALL PLATFORMS || ThePlumecraft want YOU!
  119. PC Created clan,need friends.
  120. XB360 AAB (All About Business) recruitment is open!
  121. XB360 Simple Deathmatch Clan
  122. XB360 looking for xbox 360 clan for AC4 Black FLag
  123. XB360 I'm looking for an xbox360 ma and/or aa clan
  124. PC Caut jucatori RO/Looking for players to play with
  125. XB360 [TBA.] The Bloody Assassin's ARE RECRUITING!!
  126. XB360 DKA Dark Knight Assassins
  127. PS4 The Syndicate Gaming Network
  128. PC Looking for an active Assassins Creed Group i can play with!
  129. XBOne XbOne players looking for a team/clan? Post here!
  130. PC PC Clan ITA Assassini Italiani Cerca possibili nuovi giocatorii
  131. PC The Rusty Pirateers are recruiting
  132. XBOne -iF- Imaginary Foundation is looking for members
  133. PS3 Simple Deathmatch Clan BR SD, Playstation
  134. PS3 Looking to join a CLAN...
  135. PS3 FAFATHA_Killa
  136. PC join to our clan !! Bsa
  137. PS3 Looking To Join A Active Clan!
  138. XB360 Players to hang with that don't need a fake ID to pass as an adult
  139. PC Catch-22: how do you get into a [CLAN]
  140. PS4 AVA Clan Looking For New Members! (PS4)
  141. PS3 Looking for clan
  142. PC Join! ! ! AXIOMUS!!!AXS
  143. PS4 Clan/trophies
  144. XB360 [RTS] Clan Recruiting Competitive player in MH/AA ...
  145. PS3 [LFGS] Looking For Game Sessions
  146. PS3 PSNetwork friend request for AC4
  147. PC Would like to join a decent, active clan
  148. Wolfpack anyone? (PS4)
  149. XBOne People start blogging for their
  150. XB360 [PBH] PortobeloBrotherhood - Recruiting those who understand fun!
  151. PS3 New Clan Recruitment: Pudding Cats
  152. XB360 (Xbox 360) AC4 [TRS] The Rising Storm AA Clan Recruiting
  153. PS4 CraveTheGame 18+ Fun and Friendly cross platform community!
  154. XB360 Artifact Assault Clan [EON] now recruiting! X360
  155. XB360 CWP aka Chaotic Wolf Pack now recruiting
  156. PC Looking for a clan
  157. XB360 You looking for a clan?
  158. PS4 Wolfpack Recruitment: Friends for Leveling Up & Fun
  159. PS3 Looking to join clan
  160. PS4 Clan Scrims on PS4?
  161. PS4 PS4 assassins creed clan Recriutment
  162. PC Game of thrones fans join Winter [wnt]
  163. PC A clan for all Little Monsters in the AC Community
  164. Let’s Play AC Multiplayer
  165. PS4 Assassins inDisguise [AID]
  166. PS3 Ps4 Highly Skilled Clan Recruitment
  167. PS4 PS4 clans recruiting?
  168. PC looking for wolfpack clan
  169. WiiU WiiU Clan Ninja Club Please Join!
  170. PS4 Looking for ps4 clan
  171. Looking for clan AC4 on Xbox 360
  172. PS3 Looking for Members to Join New Clan Chronic Massacre (420 FRIENDLY)
  173. PC Looking for Friends/clan to play with!:D
  174. XB360 Wolf Legends Pack-(The WolfPack ) Official Clan thread (XBOX 360 & XBOX ONE) !!
  175. XB360 Call to Arms!
  176. XB360 Looking for friends
  177. PC Looking for Brotherhood players (PC)
  178. PS4 Looking for Members for a New Clan.
  179. PS4 LF PS4 Clan
  180. PC Looking for a clan [PC]
  181. PS4 [ps4] need patient people to mob with on wolfpack!
  182. PS4 Join The Shadowfright [SHWF]
  183. XBOne Bound By Honor [BBH] now recruiting on Xbox One
  184. PS3 Clan Recruitment for HIDDEN SHADOWS
  185. PC FDS is recruiting 2 new runners for Artifact Assault.
  186. XB360 360 clan
  187. PS3 Looking for clan
  188. PC Kenways fleet
  189. XB360 [C0W] Clluster of Weirdos Clan Recruitment Thread! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ (XB360/XBOX One/PS4/WII U)
  190. PS4 Look for clan to boost DLC trophies
  191. PS3 PS3 Clan VOCIFEROUS UNITY [?WHY] now acccepting new members
  192. PS4 Looking For Clan
  193. PS3 Looking for clan with a European time zone GMT (+0)
  194. PS4 Looking for a clan/PS4 friends
  195. PC Looking for Clans to play ACIII and ACIV.
  196. XB360 Crazy to Kill? Join the Asylum (MDLA is Recruiting!)
  197. XBOne Xbox One looking for people to play with
  198. PS3 Looking for players Lvl 35 and above to join our clan
  199. XB360 hey there! looking for friends to play with
  200. PC why cant i declare war???
  201. XB360 [FR] Le clan [VLF] recrute!
  202. PS4 VGA for PS4 is now recruiting! :)
  203. XB360 Assassins Creed III need clan recruitments :)
  204. PC AC Unity - Pre-Order Program / ​​brothe and sist you are looking for TheBrotherhoodAC
  205. XBOne XenoBrotherhood
  206. XBOne Looking for Players to play with for streaming and general fun
  207. XB360 Assassin Enterprise recruiment in AC4
  208. XB360 AC4 Clan!
  209. PC Assassin's Creed Unity Pre-Order Program new team
  210. PS4 Members for my Brotherhood.
  211. PC Asassin's Creed Unity Preorder Program, Robustesse
  212. PS3 Looking for a PS3 clan
  213. PS4 Need people for my clan Euro GMT+1 time zone
  214. PS3 Hey all I'm looking for players to join my clan and play with me I play daily AC4MP
  215. PS4 Is this available for US gamers?
  216. PS4 RogueBlades recruiting
  217. PS4 Join TheACreed or recruit me
  218. PS4 Looking for a clan
  219. PS4 Looking for Aussie AC Unity Preorder Team
  220. PS4 Pre-order unlock clan
  221. PS4 AC Unity Pre Order Bonuses
  222. PC Zoek nog NL'ers voor het Unite pre-order program - team = Wapenbroeders
  223. XB360 The Order of Creed [A_O] Clan recruiting
  224. PS4 Looking for Brit/Eu ACU Clan to do multiplayer coop with on game launch and after
  225. PC McAwesome is looking for Brothers United!
  226. XBOne How to remove somebody from UNITE clan
  227. PS4 The Green Hoods looking for members to join its brotherhood
  228. PS4 Canadian ACU crew
  229. XB360 PrB Clan Looking for new members :)
  230. PC Scotland's Creed - Looking for Scottish Assassin's on PC
  231. PS4 Chainbreakers are looking for 2 more members!
  232. XBOne AC Unity clan recruitment Xbox One
  233. PS4 FatalAssassins Clan looking for members !
  234. PS4 BloodWatch Recruitment
  235. XB360 Assassin Brothrhood looking for members on Black Flag
  236. PS4 North American Creed. Join us at launch! (CST, EST, AST)
  237. PC Assassin's Creed: Unity PC
  238. PC SubRosa Looking for European members
  239. PC UNITE program
  240. XBOne [Unity Pre-order program] Belgian (Flemish) team looking for 2 players
  241. PS3 *** Clan Recruitment *** Le Royal Ducks [DUKZ]
  242. PC Looking for fellow PC players to play with me
  243. PS4 Clan recruitment 4th member required
  244. PC CIVIC Looking for a few players on PC - AC Unity!
  245. PS4 Looking for friends to play the ACU coop with.
  246. XB360 New clan recruiting (Xbox360)
  247. Wolfpack (Xbox360)
  248. XBOne Looking For Mature Aussie's (AC Unity Pre Order Program) To Join **ITSASSASSINTIME**
  249. XBOne Xbox one Assassin's creed: Unity clan recruitment!?
  250. PS4 Pre-order Rewards