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  1. Current Server Lag Issues - Community feedback requested [Updated 23 July]
  2. Forum Rules
  3. ACR servers down?
  4. Revelations True Templar Action
  5. Leader selection screen
  6. AC3 Abstergo Score Problem
  7. ATTENTION assassin's creed 3 multiplayer-how do abstergo points, score work.problems.
  8. Abstergo score/rank
  9. Assassin's Network Website Problems
  10. Brought Erudito Credits online but they wont update
  11. Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer Accolades Titles
  12. Ubisoft Services are not available
  13. I didn't get my erudito credits!!
  14. Bought Erudito credits, It didn't appear in Multiplayer?
  15. Port Forwarding Assassin's Creed 3, Wii U
  16. Not earning Abstergo credits (PC)
  17. How to get your abilities faster!:D what I should've done 4 months ago..Just like RDS
  18. Joining Friends Is Now Completely Impossible
  19. we want dedicated Servers!!!!
  21. Community project? Teach the people!
  22. Guide Video Thread
  23. Brotherhood question
  24. Where's the rules for the clan ranking system?
  25. I have a Problem:
  26. Assassins Creed Brotherhood trophy help needed!!!!
  27. AC Revelations DLC trophies
  28. ac3 ps3 multiplayer online gameplay
  29. Help :?
  30. The Abstergo Story Completionist Project
  31. Limited mode after 1.0.6 patch
  32. AA glitch
  33. Assassin's Creed 3: Friend Request
  34. Ac 3 multiplayer error
  35. Abstergo Rank...
  36. Failure to kill enemies when they are behind you
  37. Hooray I got ripped off
  38. Abstergo score being lost randomly
  39. "You have been disconnected" for the bazillionth time...
  40. Assassins's creed 3 multiplayer glitch
  41. Trouble With Brotherhood Multiplayer!! =(
  42. Playing with friends: IMPOSSIBLE TO CONNECT (PC)
  43. Problems with multiplayer
  44. Assassinīs Creed 3 Multiepler NAT Strikt
  45. Voting needs to be fixed.
  46. Revelations Invisible Hack
  47. grouping up problems
  48. Getting Multiplayer Loyalty Rewards?
  49. Clan Page Elite Templar Agents [AED]
  50. glitch
  51. assassians creed 3 mp log in
  52. A potential fix for group and joining issues
  53. My friend is new and has everything I unlocked. How?
  54. I feel bad for people just getting into Assassin's Creed MP
  55. Assassin's Network Broken
  56. Assassinate help please.
  57. Team modes - no party playlist AC4
  58. Is there a problem with the ladder system?
  59. no abstergo credits since a while now !!!
  60. Ladder not updating and can't join sessions with friends
  61. Group Invite
  62. I don't have the clan tag in the MP
  63. The AFK issue with older AC games have been more Prevalent
  64. [PC]Whole team unable to stun/kill after stun sound
  65. I want to play on the dlc maps but never find anything. Anyone want to play?
  66. I suck badly!
  67. AC3 MP Problem
  68. Aim assist... ?
  69. Morph useless vs prestiges?
  70. ACIII MP Abstergo Credits. where is it?
  71. Fix the ****ing lag switching!
  72. Lost Abstergo Credits
  73. Wierd Crash
  74. Disguise is not working half the time.
  75. Check out this glitch ACR
  76. WTF is going on with knives? (AC3)
  77. So I tried playing ACBMP on pc
  78. AC3 matchmaking is just so unfair!! WHY?
  79. When Is Wii U AC3 Multiplayer Most Active?
  80. Punkbuster affects NAT?
  81. Erudito Credit Pack in Hard Drive
  82. Assasin's Creed REVELATIONS Voice chat not working (freezes)
  83. Revelations ps3 map pack trophies.
  84. Can someone tell me how these things work in assassinate?
  85. Assassins Creed 3 Multiplayer Uplay Passport
  86. Why are wolfpack kills not counted?
  87. Boosting Assassin's Creed Revelations/Brotherhood Achievements XBOX 360
  88. Champion Packs question
  89. Wii U online multiplayer just doesn't work!
  90. How to get AC:B "bonuses" on AC:R and AC3 multiplayer (courtesan character, ...) on P
  91. Ubisoft service unavailable?
  92. What does this mean and what can I do about it?
  93. Do player from Steam can play with player from Uplay?
  94. horribly unstable wolfpack?
  95. Please help!!
  96. DLC Bug/Error
  97. Vanishing "overall" clan score......Why do we LOOSE points??????
  98. Game crashes when I try join a lobby
  99. urgente aiutatemi !!!! sterline sparite
  100. I can't connect to any game session
  101. Monitor Blinking AC3
  102. Fix assassinate lobbies for ac4
  103. Clan losing rank
  104. Clan losing rank
  105. Why are people teleporting to me like there ****ing nightcrawler?
  106. Broken Taunt
  107. Ideal Upload speed?
  108. Host system
  109. Battle Hardened pack DLC - not recognized
  110. Abstergo Credits
  111. Help mee
  112. Player Profile question
  113. confused please help
  114. why don't I have a uplay passport?
  115. Complaint about support and community management.
  116. AC3 Cannot covert escort after game complete- Assassin's wearing redcoats
  117. Ac4 is gonna be awesome
  118. PC ACB no players :(
  119. Ports to open for Assassin's Creed III.. Moderate NAT
  120. BigBetySwollocks
  121. AC3 Immune to stun or kill?????
  122. Abstergo Score only =
  123. Ubisoft Does it again
  124. Do you need a good internet connection?
  125. проблемы при запуске игры
  126. Limited Mode and Uplay
  127. Partial Correlation Model not Working?
  128. Acbh muiltiplayer ps3 does anyone still play!!!
  129. Assassins Creed Brotherhood MP Rank RESET!
  130. Help please uk servers
  131. & ALL SYSTEMS- AC IV BF: Multiplayer - Official Bugs/Issues Thread *Updated 11/20/13
  132. Why, Why, Why, Why, Why!?!?!
  133. Suffering from Depression, but I still wanna play
  134. Cannot login on The Watch
  135. Why No Erudito Credits?!
  136. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3) - Glitch/bug (Assassination Contracts)
  137. game breaking bug
  138. Overlay/eagle vision
  139. ACIV:BF - Details Needed! 360 MP Freezing
  140. Trouble grouping with friends
  141. AC4 Preorder Bonuses not appearing
  142. Xbox 360: Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag - Strict NAT issues.
  143. Xbox 360: Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag - Strict NAT issues.
  144. Servers down?
  145. Sick!!
  146. I have an odd server down solution that you might want to try.
  147. Только что запустил Uplay. У меня было куплено 4 
  148. Game is freezing my ps3
  149. Exclusive Outfit of Altair deleted.
  150. Cannon sound's missing
  151. Abstergo Ladder not updating...
  152. switching the game from 16:9 to 4:3
  153. Lost my outfits!!! (ac4)
  154. Ship ugrades - Danish version
  155. Two glitches in ac4?
  156. Havana - Botched Escape BUG
  157. exclusive content and uplay pass not registering
  158. Sleeping dart cancelled when knocking out guard after it takes affect.
  159. Are the servers still down?!
  160. acinitiates site problems
  161. Companion app logs off and only every now and then connects
  162. Assassination Contract on Corozal (42,268) bugged
  163. Kingston: View Point bug (XBOX 360)
  164. Crippling FPS lag in Multiplayer
  165. Buried Treasure #4 Elite Harpoon plan
  166. Assassins Creed 3 Hide and Seek mission crash
  167. All DLC and Uplay items do not work offline.
  168. Ladder problems
  169. Issues with AC4 nat type and glitching MP
  170. Abstergo score resetting. Please help
  171. Blackflag: Fell into darkness?
  172. AC4 Bug List
  173. server unavailible - limited mode help please
  174. A Man They Call the Sage - AC4 BF
  175. Assassination contracts not loading
  176. Aquila wheel not counting
  177. AC Black Flag Uplay Passport
  178. ubisoft code dlc not sharing between profiles
  179. AC 3 Credits Bug
  180. Leader board score not updating
  181. Can i play multiplayer on PS3 with Redbox rental disc?
  182. AC3 multiplayer questions
  183. Problems with the servers PS3?
  184. server unavail on xbox
  185. 2nd corozal assasin contract glitch
  186. [BUG] Assassins Creed 4 - Black Flag | Havana Progress
  187. How can I unlock the legasy of captain Kenuey?
  188. AC3 connection problems?
  189. Preordering on PS4
  190. Royal convey icon in the map but nothing there, and the icon don't go away
  191. (Possible) Bug after attacking fort..?
  192. Bugs
  193. Need 5 people to help boost to level 50 in ACB
  194. Can't connect to Ubisoft server in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  195. Compass Bug
  196. Disk 2 popups
  197. Multiplayer Challenges reset, and keep resetting.
  198. online achievement didnt unlock
  199. AC 3 Pivot problem
  200. Glitch: Invisible body!
  201. Steam version of AC3 freezes PC at "Inspired by historical events" screen
  202. resources pack bug?
  203. Disconnection / Limited Mode problems for Multiplayer? Try this.
  204. losing abstergo score points for no reason
  205. You have been inactive for too long
  206. Limited Mode...
  207. Possible Abstergo Challenge Glitch
  208. Ship models in Great Inagua can't be unlock~?
  209. Bug fixes without internet?
  210. Social chest icon bug, just like royal convey icon, won't go away
  211. Can't connect ubisoft servers.
  212. Are you freegin serious!!! Fiiiiiix ac4 multiplayer!!!!! Dm xccc
  213. Wolfpack Extra Objectives Stuck
  214. Linking Uplay with wii u?
  215. Progression has not been saved because you were inactive for too long.
  216. "Nothing is True..' mission causes Rage Quitting!
  217. Assassin's Creed IV - Multiplayer Problem
  218. Uplay password doesn't work
  219. PS3 Resource Pack bugged? Refund?
  220. x2 bonus MAJOR issue and leaderboard problems
  221. X2 bonus MAJOR issue and leaderboard problems
  222. Guards duplicating
  223. Being disconnected from game
  224. Crazy amounts of lag..
  225. Matchmaking/Connection Issues
  226. Wii U Multiplayer - Disconnected From Host
  227. To Ubisoft Multiplayer Server Issues.
  228. Booted to limited mode...lost 100 pts
  229. Laggy menus and accolade screen?
  230. Where is my EXPLORER SUIT UBISOFT?
  231. Gained no experience points !
  232. Major ability set bug
  233. Doesn't get any XP at the end of the game sessions
  234. Loyalty unlocks PC to PS3
  235. AC IV Multiplayer Compass is broken
  236. Captain Kenway's Legacy Pack DLC & Abstergo+
  237. Saving icon doesn't disappear
  238. Assassin's Creed 4 Multiplayer - Game Exploit Still in AC4 Multiplayer
  239. Challenge Reset Issue - Update
  240. Random dc issues! Ac4
  241. how I can get ezio,connor and altair outfits?,I have previous games
  242. Can't connect to Ubisoft services / limited mode
  243. stuck in limited mode??
  244. A Single Madman mission
  245. Abstergo Challenge: Harpooning sea animals 5/6
  246. "Your Progression has not been saved because you were inactive for too long"
  247. Challenge reset issue
  248. Post game missions!? Assassinations??
  249. Can't redeem uplay code.
  250. Limited mode since yesterday