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  1. The Summit
  2. Las Vegas by Night
  3. December summit 2nd qualifier time attack
  4. Stupid cheating AI
  5. Motorcycles and lean forward
  6. The Crew's LHD Sagaris is wrong.
  7. Raid Spec Vs. Monster Truck Spec
  8. Car spec leveling guide
  9. Just a couple of highlights from my WR experience...
  10. Fun visual things since Wild Run
  11. Should the wheels do this?
  12. Cant play summit qualifiers.
  13. motorcycle question
  14. a real thank you
  15. Customize the horns
  16. just a free drive motor video :P
  17. Can't use own car Summit MW Time attack
  18. Desperate plea to Change/improve the drifting system
  19. Best dragster for runs with little jumps
  20. Fun/Quality of Life: Summit Event Drag System + Time Trials
  21. East valley qualifier Chicago Drag Trial
  22. The Crew Timelapse: Red Love
  23. More Musics/Soudtrack
  24. Hackers taking first place in every qualifier event (PC)
  25. Koenigsegg Stock is faster than Performance -.-
  26. Story Missions go wasted. More replayability? Simple Option
  27. Bugs, Crashes, Bad Optimization? Try this
  28. Is the summit for skilled players or glitch seekers?
  29. PS4 World Record - Speed Skill 108
  30. Faction mission rewards
  31. Downhill Drifting Montage
  32. Epic Backflip In My Raid 69' Camaro
  33. Crew vs Crew - annoying random players blocking queue- suggested repair.
  34. Holy s...Wheel ??!?!
  35. The Crew Smart Loot RANT by Hexagon
  36. Where is the 3rd step ?
  37. Again I THANK YOU!
  38. The December 21st Smart Loot Update: A Concern
  39. highwaychild BS
  40. Who else lost all their Summit medals?
  41. Constructive Suggestions
  42. Suggestion: Include a global leaderboard that combines all skill/story scores.
  43. Can never seem to get 100% on "Increase vehicle level to xxx" in the daily challenges
  44. The Holiday Drift
  45. Hypercar Dragrace. I am Driving 1299 Stingray, Provides me with 690 Stingray ??
  46. The Crew- Wild Run
  47. how to get into the summit?
  48. Motobikes to much OP :/
  49. G29 Not Working On The Crew Or The Crew Wild Run
  50. Scramble Skill 72: Was this even tested? Simply terrible design.
  51. A few things I'd like to kinda see.
  52. server problem
  53. Drift Gameplay - Behind*the*Drift
  54. Auto choosing car
  55. Weird stuff
  56. Quality Control
  57. why do devs keep tampering with my cars?!
  58. Power To The Players????????
  59. Highwaychild race
  60. Drift Gamerplay Montage
  62. After the recent connection issues PS4/PC
  63. Zeiten unter 1 Sekunde bei DRAG race
  64. Platinum 4 to 2 and Platinum 3 to 1
  65. Marks
  66. cars are trying to tackle me all the time
  67. Bikes, bikes, bikes and bikes...
  68. Upgrade loses points
  69. PS4: Bikes braking power is like they have no brake pads at all
  70. pvp crew vs crew trouble
  71. The crew
  72. Coast to Coast Faction Race - Suggestions t for Improvement
  73. Addition to Looking For Crew
  74. Drag racing in the summit
  75. Serious screen tearing in cockpit view driving Aston Martin Vanquish
  76. The Crew saved me from freaking out
  77. PvP Events as Fraction Missions or Custom Single Player Races
  78. fail bug
  79. Annoying Drag Race BUG?!
  80. Motorcycles
  81. Drag Suggestion
  82. AI
  83. Some UI and Quality of Life Suggestions
  84. Remove crash cam
  85. Couple Drift spec suggestions
  86. Cities Awards Bugged PS4?
  87. More challenges for new specs?
  88. **** the ***** crash system and vehicle physics...
  89. Suggested Improvements to The Crew: Faction Races, Free drive challenges etc
  90. Highway Child is Broken!
  91. Just bought the game
  92. Skill events
  93. strange expirirences with changing of "how to drive"
  94. i love hating this game...
  95. Collisions between players
  96. Monster Trucks
  97. The crew bugs and feedback
  98. Ubi takes officially bottom place at game publisher rankings, LOL.
  99. Sale until the 31st?
  100. Ski Jump
  101. Drag Trial Summit
  102. The Bikes are ruining PVP
  103. Drag Trial Qualifiers
  104. Crew Speed Trap on latest summit forcing me to use a Hummer H1
  105. Good job Ubisoft!
  106. Lovely experience
  107. New player question.
  108. Pathetic Faction War
  109. Highway child records/times
  110. why are bikes allowed in crown games
  111. Can't Get Out of Detroit
  112. Drag Racing In PvP
  113. summit pvpraces network ?
  114. Move racing line?
  115. Muscle Drag Cars
  116. Canīt get 1299 specs on my cars?
  117. PVP AREA CUSTOM RACES ! ( with a option to add day or night races!)
  118. Why is this game such a buggy pile of crap?
  119. [PS4] Any controller good?
  120. Car sounds
  121. The Crew PvP
  122. Help!! Extremely Fast Rival Cars at "Welcome to Detroit Race"
  123. Drift pvp question
  124. Reputation Point System
  125. DLC's from STEAM
  126. HELP!! "Welcome to Detroit" mission, verya fast rival cars.
  127. Sluggish Steering
  128. KTM 450 Street helmet and suit suggestions
  129. Ideas for developers
  130. Searching for Co-op playing, give us $ to use it... should i laugh or should i cry!?
  131. Photo Mode and dodging pedestrians
  132. not getting stunt money
  133. Multiplayer Connectivity Issues
  134. Cheater ruin the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  135. Minimal level for parts
  136. Biggest reason why I can't play this game for more than an hour at a time RANT
  137. I dare ya!!!!
  138. with determination, can people get all the skill in platinum in a month?
  139. Why are the 1299 spec Summit cars so hard to drive?
  140. Way too much gamma when i enter any tuner shop.
  141. Mission Impossible
  142. Unpleasent PvP experience today
  143. Tracks/new countries
  144. summit drifting courses
  145. Best way to drift
  146. Awesome New Summit!
  147. whats the difference in crew ltd vs wild run?
  148. Update ver 1.13 = Error #0_1
  149. What car is this?!?!
  150. has nobody heard of braking before corners?
  151. Why is Monster Trucks allowed on the road ?
  152. a funny player
  153. Photography
  154. bad connections in game again. anyone else?
  155. New start
  156. Fix the steering reaction speed of gamepads PLZ ???
  157. Drag Racing tips
  158. the crew zoom feature in demo mode on xbox one
  159. I just don't get this game at all.
  160. Extended options for the FreeDrive Challenges ! sugestion!
  161. Crew vs Crew Lobby
  162. Drifting
  163. Tire tracks fail
  164. I won a parts pack with two lvl 41 and one LVL99
  165. MB SLR McLaren 722 GT Circuit
  166. Faction Race Frontier Tour - Don't Bother
  167. Drag Racing Speed Skills are Not Fun...not to mention most summit events.
  168. another suggestion :Neon
  169. smart loot grind to long for me
  170. Disable platinum loot or do something
  171. San Diego, CA
  172. Drifting
  173. New Weather Effects: Thunderstorm, Sandstorm or Storm?
  174. A quick bug report
  175. Drift Cars are set up wrong
  176. Any insight on how the map was created? It's fantastic!
  177. Only 9 pages for the car collection my friend has 13 on xbox one help!
  178. why even have competitive events with traffic?
  179. Can someone help me and explain what happened? It is as if I had been robbed. / Algui
  180. 2 Small QoL Requests
  181. A few words about RNG time attacks on Summit
  182. Solo player improvements - Hot Lap
  183. Loop create track
  184. Separate bikes and cars
  185. Management of pvp lobby
  186. question about saved games
  187. Hackers are ruining the game.
  188. devs try to flood the game to drown it into oblivion!
  189. What's the first button you press as soon as you get ingame?
  190. Is this game still in beta?
  191. Getting into a PVP lobby with friends is still almost impossible!
  192. Headlights like candles
  193. Bikes and Monster trucks ruined by stunt mechanics
  194. Favorite Vehicles By Spec?
  195. Request for Interior camera adjustment tools!
  196. Faction wars? Not.
  197. Cockpits again
  198. Having performance issues with a decent computer
  199. Few things I cant find/having issues with, can you help please ? (XB1 player)
  200. Parody Video for new Motorcycle Handling
  201. cars going out of control on xbox 360 gamepad
  202. Handling woes with Ruf 3400k circuit car floating and out of control
  203. Game crashing on startup, can't seem to fix it
  204. Summit Brand Time Attack
  205. Has the handling gotten worse?
  206. motorcycles are racing away uncontrollably after headon collisions
  207. Rain Poll
  208. Lagging
  209. I can NOT get even close to passing "Green" Mission on Cape Cod. Details below.
  210. 1299 lvl
  211. Can we start a petition to get back the original "THE CREW"?
  212. Last patch ruined the bikes. They are worthless garbage now.
  213. why is everything so damn expensive?
  214. FPS Drops
  215. Ownership Performance Awards
  216. Feature in game according to Humble bundle advert -Where?
  217. Can Bike enthusiasts and Car only Drivers Co-Exist in PvP lobby... possible solution
  218. 90% of the cars are USELESS in PVP
  219. Important things that need a change and minor issues report
  220. The Crew Free Roam Gameplay Amelioration Suggestions With Examples (Part1)
  221. rewards?? what rewards??
  222. 100% Completion in a region
  223. it will be nearly impossible for me to get platin at summit ...
  224. extreme spec cars
  225. News Menu
  226. fix the sensativity on the bikes
  227. Online play issue
  228. Daily Bonus for playing
  229. Latest Nvidia WHQL drivers
  230. Unrealistic Driving Mechanics Ruins The Game
  231. Why can't I delete my progress and start over? (PS4)
  232. PS4 CONTROLLER Steering Setting
  233. Customer service or lack of
  234. game crash (pc) (uplay)
  235. Graphics and crashes
  236. do we get this lexus after maintenance ...
  237. Cars are so f'ed up
  238. lost car preformance
  239. Is this game about to die ?
  240. Car won't go faster than 215 MPH (PS4)
  241. The Crew auf Windows 10 (The Crew funktioniert nicht mehr)
  242. Cheating within The Crew
  243. Best roadtrip for you and your crews?
  244. My car is slower than others?
  245. Game is zoomed in
  246. Story Mode Help
  247. Can be fun but suffers from a decent amount of issues
  248. Automatic, Unstoppable Arrow Key
  249. My experience with this game
  250. Upgraded to Wild Run - Not new Cities and no improvement on Graphics (PS4)