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  1. ZombiU
  2. Song in ZombiU E3 trailer
  3. ZombieU on Vita
  4. Idea for online play
  5. Zombi U GamesCom trailer
  6. Ashens Gamescom Video
  7. Coop? Online or splitscreen?
  8. In The Eye of ZombiU - Episode 1 video - and chance to ask the Dev Team questions!
  9. Wii-mote support? I want to point-shoot with wiimote!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Persistent Online Multiplayer
  11. ZombiU to other platforms
  12. Crosshairs
  13. ZombiU - Tower of London Official Walkthrough
  14. Win a Zombie experience [UK ONLY]
  15. Multilingual
  16. Gamepad Features
  17. German version cut?
  18. Parental settings for ZombiU?!
  20. Zombiu Uplay
  21. Ideas for the sequel or a enhanced port for 360/PS3/PC users
  22. Me As A Zombie
  23. Way to hard or is it me
  24. Does ZombiU have a southpaw control stick option?
  25. Glitched?
  26. Sound glitch?
  27. Inverted Look Problem
  28. Zombi U/Ubisoft Montpellier Appreciation Thread
  29. Non-openable door halting progress
  30. What melee weapons do u get in this game?
  31. Elevator to the library (help)
  32. Zombi U Endgame Breaking Bug **SPOILER ALERT**
  33. Supermarket Game Breaking Bug
  34. Escape from the nursery bug
  35. The zombi "one-hit kill" or "Grab"
  36. No more C4. STUCK
  37. Stuck in Queen's Chambers
  38. C4 dissapeard *SPOILERS*
  39. Zombiu Sequels and 3DS
  40. Glitch in Buckingham
  41. How does CCTV Intel work?
  42. BUG BUG BUG !!!! Mission de l'arčne.
  43. Zombiu video :)
  44. i wish you can actually aim down sight with the guns!
  45. ZombiU Launch Trailer [UK]
  46. NEW VIDEO - ZombiU behind the scenes at Ubisoft France
  47. ZOMBIU Game Ruining Glitch! (Possible Spoiler)
  48. Cannot buy ZombiU on E-Shop Luxembourg
  49. should i just start over?
  50. Getting to the basement apartment
  51. Game Breaking Bug: Missing Gas Can
  52. Gamebreaking glitch near end of game!(Spoilers)
  53. Stuck outside Nursery. Can't do anything.
  54. how do i retrieve my "make me a zombie" pictures?
  55. Don't forget Uplay!
  56. Safe room chest glitch?
  57. game ending glitch in ch 15 *minor spoilers*
  58. System Freezing bug
  59. Add classic controller support to multiplayer please
  60. Weapon upgrade bug? (Upgraded weapons reverting to default status)
  61. Bug or graphic effect? The hair of this girl have disappeared.
  62. Thank you for wasting my time UBI!!!
  63. Another Bug Complaint!
  64. Any word from the devs?
  65. Where do you go to customize your cricket bat?
  66. Missing Gas Can
  67. Survive Arena Bug
  68. Defend the Safehouse BUG
  69. Bug in building of nursery school
  70. ZombiU sound problem
  71. Items gone after bug, cannot finish the game
  72. Nursery Bug Victims
  73. Possible game breaking glitch (Chapter 15 *MAJOR SPOILERS*
  74. We paid Ubi. They should pay us for beta testing.
  75. Doc's Eye bug, not C4 related but seems to be a game breaker [spoilers]
  76. Game breaking bug! Can't finish the church/survival arena mission! HELP!
  77. Unable to return to room with retinal scanner (not C4 related)
  78. ZombiU will not load at all- hard crashes console every time
  79. Survivor Score didn't save upon Normal Mode completion
  80. Key Card Bug
  81. Glitch victims.
  82. Dead in the palace ×spoilers×
  83. My loot is gone
  84. Glitch inside nursery basement...HELP!!!
  85. Game breaking glitch near the end? *spoilers*
  86. Keypad codes
  87. [Spoilers] Game-Breaking Glitch when retrieving the Doc's eye?
  88. Help with Dee's Letters (spoilers)!
  89. Is C4 supposed to be infinate?
  90. Ubi-scammer-soft in the trash
  91. Why is there no possibility to get unlimeted ammo?
  92. Still no offical reply...?
  93. new gamebreaking glitch
  94. ZombiU Patch Adds More Ammo, Lives, and Makes Zombies Easier to Kill
  95. Where is the rest of the c4?
  96. My ZombiU review
  97. Another ZombiU Game Breaking Glitch
  98. Happy Christmas survivors, what are you all hoping for from Santa?
  99. Serious Bug: Y Axis Inversion doesn't work when using the Wii U GamePad
  100. How can i submit the item duplication glitch to be patched?
  101. Game breaking bug - ladder disappears!!
  102. GLITCH at the PALACE KITCHEN!!!
  103. Online/Offline Multi-Player Game Idea
  104. Need survivors!! Please add ...........
  105. good idea poor execution
  106. breaking glitch bug in the final chapter :(
  107. Does Ubisoft even care about their customers???
  108. Another endgame bug victim. *spoilers*
  109. A game element that needs to get changed
  110. please heeeeeelp zombify photos
  111. Game Breaking Glitch! HELP!
  112. connection issues?
  113. Can't Connect to Uplay?
  114. Zombi U bug/glitch
  115. Real multiplayer...
  116. Need help
  117. Glitch!
  118. Current state of ZombiU is unacceptable
  119. Survival MODE! HARDCORE!
  120. Panacea: Can't get back to Buckingham! Am I doing something wrong, OR game glitch?!
  121. please fix this game
  122. NEW Dedicated Zombiu Forum!
  123. U Play Achievement Question
  124. level give contagion studium to the doc problems
  125. level glitch returning game.
  126. Shocking lack of response for Zombiu
  127. Been hit by the same game breaking glitch TWICE NOW! And I wont be playing it again!
  128. Zombiu glitch want a patch for this please ubisoft
  129. Another game breaking glitch, or am I just stuck?!?!
  130. Zombie Me
  131. no voices in cut scenes
  132. Nursery Glitch
  133. My weapon upgrades keep getting reset.
  134. ZombiU Backpack
  135. A glitch that wasn't
  136. Died close to the end of the game - no clue where to go from there
  137. some bugs/glitchs in game.
  138. zombiu getting fuel
  139. Wii Nunchuck and Wii remote
  140. Antibiotics stuck. Game broken.
  141. Game Breaking Bug At The End of Studium Contagione Mission
  142. A survivor's account
  143. As a potential buyer should I be deterred by the bugs?
  144. Can't launch ZombiU
  145. Zombi U Demo comes with a patch for the game's glitches?
  146. Are other people's things showing up in my game? Is the game online?
  147. This forum is a disgrace...
  148. Tower of London Helicopter glitch
  149. where do I find a new melee weapon???
  150. Antenna Icon issues
  151. Why no Tech support board for ZombiU? Every other game here has one.
  152. Input lag, please fix it
  153. ZombiU Photo Maker
  154. Want to hear a funny joke?
  155. Glitch/Error, Help!: Can't Recover Backpack
  156. S.g.a. Beats Zombie U survival mode
  157. Over a month of waiting... Support my ***!?!?!?! MEGA ******ED COMPANY!!!
  158. Got the eye, died (from bug) and cant find Zombie self now
  159. Crossbow second location
  160. ANOTHER game breaking glitch. *spoilers*
  161. Zombie U downloadable content.
  162. Patch for ZombiU?
  163. If we are not going to get a patch... (message to Dev's)
  164. Official word from ubisoft - no patch for zombiu - ever!
  165. Time to bring the fight to Ubisoft: For all those suffering gamebreaking bugs
  166. Help after Arena
  167. Retrieve the Panacea Game Breaking Bug?!?!?! Please Help!
  168. Game broke in 1st week release
  169. My experiences and solution for some ZombiU Hard Freezes
  170. Map Glitch
  171. Contact Nintendo about the BROKEN game Zombi U
  172. Glitch at the end of game?
  173. ZombiU not loading at all
  174. Major bug? says game "can't be read"
  175. Finally Ubisoft announces a Zombi U Patch!
  176. A big thanks to the developers and Ubi-mush!
  177. UBI Soft leave Zombie U the way it is; just fix the glitches
  178. Yet another Game Breaking Bug? In Palace Kitchens.
  179. Do Flares work in deep pools of water?
  180. Another gamebreaker of a glitch..
  181. I call ZombiU my $410 video game. No regrets.
  182. prepper pad decipher glitch
  183. Fix the god **** game noobs
  184. Leaderboard bug - where's my highscore?
  185. Stuck in Palace underground
  186. Lost my key card forever?
  187. Docs for the doc glitch.
  188. Where on earth is the patch/patch notes?
  189. Buckingham Palace Glitch
  190. Great Game and hope for a sequel
  191. Unreadable numbers
  192. Thanks!
  193. this long for a patch? i want my money back!
  194. Anyone know of a comprehensive bug list for ZombiU?
  195. Patch is out!
  196. ZombieU Patch FAIL
  197. Can we please have the patch notes?
  198. Patche notes posted anywhere?
  199. The patch is out right now!
  200. will you wipe the scoreboards now that the item dup glitch doesn't work anymore?
  201. Door still won't open in Nursery
  202. 27/03/13 - Patch Notes - Warning may contain gameplay SPOILERS
  203. Does Patch Fix Game Crashes?
  204. Dear Ubisoft, Please Refund My Zombi U Money
  205. Have you gotten what you've been expecting?
  206. C4 gone, still cant finish since release date
  207. Help! Ground doesn't load and I fall through the world!
  208. ZombiU friends thread! Get more survivor zombies!
  209. "Best survivors of the day" wall tag not updating?
  210. Green Park
  211. Meet your Heroes - chance to win a ticket to Gamescom 2013
  212. Please Support Classic Controller and better Wii Mote
  213. ZombiU Nursery basement game Wii U system freeze...
  214. C4 still gone, still cannot finish the game
  215. Accidentally Disabled Online Play
  216. PLease Help
  217. Reset your own gamescore?
  218. ZombiU leaderboard reset after patch?
  219. How many C4s are in the game?
  220. I want a ZOMBI U Sequel!
  221. Ubisoft Nominated for 13 awards at The Golden Joystick awards 2013
  222. Online Multiplayer?
  223. ZombiU Multiplayer (assault) unbalanced?
  224. "I Survived!" Uplay achievement not unlocking?
  225. Anybody know someplace to buy the ZombiU artbook?
  226. My thoughts on ZombiU. (Ubisoft read this for feedback!)...
  227. More storage and random infected players showing up?
  228. Horrific input lag. Devs, how is this ok?
  229. Updates
  230. I need help/ understanding of how friends work in Zombie U
  231. Game freezes at the start screen!
  232. Help!
  233. Freezing is still an issue in version 1.2.0
  234. Bug: Repeating survivor zombies in certain locations
  235. We Want MORE DLC NOW ! And a SEQUEL !
  236. Promoting ZombiU on Social Media
  237. TAGGING SPREE? Anyone up for it?
  238. ZombieU Guide
  239. Comparing Normal mode and Surival Mode
  240. Armored Zombies
  241. Major deaths (may contain SPOILERS)
  242. Survivor Mode Thought Unbeatable by Devs!
  243. Google+ Community
  244. ZombieU Accomplishments (May contain SPOILERS)
  245. Crawling Zombies LOVE You!
  246. Beginner Tips From the Pros
  247. Experiences in ZombieU (May contain SPOILERS)
  248. Hard to reach places (contains SPOILERS)
  249. Infected Survivor Glitches
  250. Zombie Spitters