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  1. Clan Matches???
  2. Official Tournament - Win a Xbox 360!
  3. System Link Question
  4. will UBI be creating an official union on gamespot?
  5. Help? i have ps2 ver and i need to know ports to open on router
  6. Help? Router/Port need help
  7. Single Player!
  8. which class should i be in?
  9. Anyone Know how to get the headset working?
  10. new medic bag?
  11. Squad AI - unresponsive
  12. repair a used up med kit?
  13. Looking for a clan.
  14. impressions from a different point of view
  17. why no official servers?
  18. What The Hell? 4Minute Respawn?
  19. Big Problem With CM and Medic Pack
  20. HUGE problem with account Roll backs! Please fix now
  21. Is it just me?
  22. Help
  23. Commando options
  24. My Review of LD
  25. Bug with Medkit and Electronic keycard
  26. HELP!!!!
  27. Customer Opinion on Rainbow Six: Lockdown for Xbox
  28. More weapons? (PS2)
  29. Solutions for CO-OP
  30. XBOX LIVE - Stats Not Recording?
  31. Lockdown-the fastest game shelved
  32. IGN's Review Subtitle -- READ INSIDE
  33. Should the name be "Lock Up" instead ???
  34. how do i get a awp?
  35. I can HEAR/TALK to dead people in R6: LD
  36. Goliath.Ubi.Dev can this be fixed
  37. DEV's - Bug Reporting Forum
  38. Holy Christ... cheating/hacking *already*?!
  39. Chimera garage door thing
  40. Somehow,I told you so just doesn't quite say it
  41. Control Issue Explained
  42. Favorite Map? [XBOX]
  43. question about hitting level 5.
  44. Medic Question
  45. Europe Servers
  46. Online Stats
  47. Rules for Posting Bug/Glitch Reports
  48. question
  49. Idea for future game testing! Dev please read!
  50. Southpaw, legacy, southpaw legacy control bug.
  51. xbox live
  52. Problems with Playstation 2 version.
  53. Question
  54. Ballistic Helmets
  55. List of bugs, fixes, and work
  56. Not sure if this is a bug or how the game goes.
  57. PEC level questions..
  58. Which Console
  59. Weapon Change?
  60. Trip Wires?
  61. IGN's Review
  62. What's the deal with server speeds and the number of stars?
  63. Bugs update please make sure you read before posting
  64. Does Ubisoft test these MP games over Xbox Live?
  65. y no sniper rifle for begginer sniper ??????
  66. EU Server Disconnections
  67. Medals
  68. Clan questions
  69. Editing Squad Info?
  70. Who here doesn't play PEC mode?
  71. HeadGear
  72. Invisibility Glitch?
  73. what are long-term advantages/disadvantages to PEC's
  74. Experience glitch?
  75. SLOW single shot on weapons???
  76. Rainbow Six: LOCKDOWN Soundtrack
  77. Our old game is gone
  78. Change your class
  79. Lockdown Clan matches
  80. PEC V 2.0 Suggestions and Ideas
  81. For the love of god. Please say UBI is working on the Maintenance bug?
  82. game freezing
  83. the split screen crowd
  84. SMGs and Assault Rifles.
  85. Constant freezing when i try to get into outfitting
  86. Possible Bug with PEC
  87. Online Play......... What do you think??
  88. How will people who don't have xbox Live get the fixes? And more ranting...
  89. What REALLY happened to this game....
  90. p90
  91. Rainbow Six Classic
  92. Speed of Multiplayer Characters?
  93. WOW. Can i get some help
  94. Please Post Patche Updates
  95. I have a big problem with i sign online to play
  96. Can somebody help me with portforwarding on a netopia router!
  97. Unlearning skills
  98. HELP~ !
  99. Unable to connect to games on PS2
  100. head gear? can u wear two of them?
  101. Dumb AI
  102. A Regular' Guy's commentary on Games Like Lockdown
  103. 2 New Possible Medals
  104. cry good by old friend
  105. When Sniper Rifle When!!!???
  106. Split screen missions
  107. What ever happened to GAME TESTERS
  108. Voice commands - Why were they changed? New commands that work?
  109. Silent update for mine laying
  110. Never pre-ordering or buying day 0 again
  111. What REALLY happened to this game....
  112. Stats
  113. Goliath.Ubi.Dev question for you
  114. xbox and ps2 faulty.
  115. MEDALS
  116. What I think Happened
  117. Outfitting Glitch
  118. Game session no longer available !?!
  119. Lag Issues
  120. Possible way to reset PEC
  121. more dang spawn killers
  122. The Reason Rainbow Six Fans are Mad at Lockdown
  123. Question about dedicated and non-dedicated servers (XBox)
  125. Graphic : What are you smoking??
  127. framerate issues single player
  128. Question for Devs
  129. Problem.......
  130. P.E.C. problems
  132. wunt to start clan
  133. RESET 4 STATS
  134. Help with the first level...
  135. need clan
  136. I only play 'Terrorist Hunt' should I buy both Assault Packs?
  137. Weapons missing in P.E.C. mode???
  139. Um, WTF? HELP!!
  140. sound glitch
  141. uh...oh, too much involvement from marketing
  142. A great game but it's not Rainbow
  143. Looks like PS2 players get the last laugh...
  144. Cant play online AT ALL!!!!
  146. Weapons and skills
  147. 10000 credit headgear???? PPL alrady have this many credits???
  148. Skill point oddity
  149. SP AI
  150. Possible New glitch: Medals
  151. Walkthroughs
  152. any update on when microsoft it implementing the patch?
  153. question about resiting the pec
  154. Dev Question About my spec-op
  155. Almost left speechless... almost.
  156. For the Record. The game is really good. Just a few patches needed.
  157. Bit of skill points and cash in game for those of us strugling?
  158. 4 player slit screen?
  159. lol... just got booted from a server for playing too well.
  160. Suggestion
  161. You call this marketing????
  162. Poll.... Like or Dislike....
  163. Southpaws, anyone know any good controllers that can swap the thumbstick controls?
  164. screenshots showcasing Lockdown's SUPERB A.I.
  165. problems with online play xbox (couldnt find xbox section)
  166. Rainbow Six: Lockdown Sucks!
  167. Gamecrazy say's "No refund on "opened" LOCKDOWN!!"
  168. W/E
  169. I'm sorry.
  170. How to get a Publisher and Devs to Listen To You 101
  171. LOL even the strategy guide sucks! RANT HERE.....
  172. Glitch
  173. Map Bug Possible - Subway
  174. Private Feedback & Bugs Thread?
  175. problems logging on (ps2)
  176. PEC Observations
  177. Patch!!!!!
  178. very minor thing i was curious about
  179. Can you "join friend" like in GR?
  180. sniper?
  181. Lockdown Lockup instead
  182. stars before name?? connection??
  183. Patch? What about non XBLIVE subscribers?
  184. Don't blame Ubi-Soft QA!
  185. FN P90: Uber-Weapon?
  186. Where can I place field kits(Medstation/tent) on maps?
  187. Ok so xbox has been fixed but what about PS2???
  188. Opinion on the game.
  189. Sometimes weapon will not fire
  190. Medals list?
  192. How does a patch work? What can be changed?
  193. Difficulty level in co-op mission mode.
  194. Dev's Reset stats
  195. new weapons to be d/l content?
  196. For those who are disappointed...
  197. Question for Dev's
  198. Spec Ops skill tree and gun selection......
  199. Possible Bug or forgotten code?
  202. I'm lvl 20 Medic/Where are the yellow X's?
  203. As a long time Rainbow vet, played the game for the first time last night.
  205. assesment of Lockdown
  206. Why servers lock up (usually.)
  207. I LIKE THE GAME BUT.....
  208. Can't Play on Live, It crashes
  210. time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  211. 7 MEDALS and how to get them im u know anymore post
  212. I don't know.
  213. question= help on freezing please
  214. LOCKDOWN - fallout
  215. why and what have ubisoft done to rainbow
  216. Why do so many people hate this game? I LOVE IT! my opion
  217. Looking for recruits
  218. PATCH?!
  219. Looking for recruits
  220. Game Bugs/Lack of Maps Solution
  221. nerve gas
  222. Single Player Q
  223. patch
  224. OICW in SP?
  225. Please just fix the LAG for now!
  226. how to get the most points on PEC MP?
  227. PRETTY FUNNY!!!!!!
  228. Cannot connect to friends games
  229. Terrorist hunt difficulty & voice chat
  230. PS2 Clan
  231. Questions!
  232. A couple of queries...
  233. Medals
  234. anybody know how to fix the freezeing when you sign on
  235. When exactly do spec ops characters get a sniper rifle in PEC?
  236. ubi i need help
  237. a few favours to ask the ubisoft team
  238. Keep up the good work UBI. Playstation 2.
  239. How the Hell!
  240. co-op players should abandon this game
  241. Who did not buy this game?
  242. Team Recurting
  243. i was a level 21 and now it says im a 4
  244. ps2?
  245. Cant get to Mission 2 in off-line split screen
  246. What Ubi should have done to Make a Great game.
  247. Ciao a tuttii! C'รยจ qualke italiano che gira su sto sito???
  248. what causes run and gun and how do you limit it?
  249. Is there a problem with co-op mode NOT XBL
  250. spawn kill