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  1. Background
  2. AC:R NAT Issues.
  3. Acr
  4. No way to access tutorials? Skip cut-scenes?
  5. Tower Defense Anytime?
  6. Error 2.. Video for reference! Please Help!
  7. I'm getting error while installing assassins creed revelations patch 1.02
  8. I have no sound in multiplayer
  9. Motion Blur Mod
  10. The master assassin error, can't get the 7th level 14 assassin become master assassin
  11. What happened to my Armor????
  12. Hot to change my nickname in game?
  13. Weekly forum update for feb 1
  14. Wallpaper I made for Assassin's Creed
  15. Assassin's creed Revelations Singleplayer Fullscreen question
  16. Can I lend my copy to my friend?
  17. AC R MP server down right now?
  18. Rip-OFF!
  19. how do i make ACR play in windowed mode?
  20. help on playing.
  21. How to activate additional missions in Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood?
  22. Double XP Week(end?)
  23. Why people allowed to play multiplayer with older versions?
  24. Extra points for crafting abilities?
  25. Saint Michael in deathmatch mode - isn't it a bit pointless?
  26. Assassins creed next game!WHAT Going to be the name!anyone?
  27. Problem with AC2 playing!
  28. Problem with game activation
  29. Ubisoft game launcher has stopped working!!!!!!
  30. Ottoman Doctor Giveaway
  31. Problem with install
  32. Stuck swinging and being unable to close the gap by letting go.. :(
  33. ACR Multiplayer Question.
  34. Am I the only one who thinks this way?
  35. Defending dens
  36. Can't log in (AC:R and AC:B)
  37. A "thank you" message that comes never lately!!
  38. Turkish Assassin armor?!
  39. Online services transition. ACR is unaffected. But it is.
  40. dlc questions
  41. Congratulations to Developers
  42. Seriously?
  43. Unskippable credits in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. How is this possibly acceptable?
  44. About the horrible mouse acceleration (mouse lag) in the Assassin's Creed games...
  45. Help
  46. AC:R Re Installing Help Needed!
  47. recently problems
  48. Boxed to Digital
  49. Assassin's Creed II Deluxe Edition Upgrade
  50. Error Code 2
  51. Weekly forum update for feb 9
  52. A ploblem with healing ****on
  53. Desmond's journey.Part 1. The net emblems. Cubes.
  54. Den defence and Upgrade system for recruited assassins????
  55. Those who love the Main Assassin's Creed Revelation's Theme Song
  56. customizing controls
  57. Egyptian Blue Dye Glitch
  58. game one assassinate Sibrand
  59. AC2 : Santa Maria Dei Frari DLC for PC Standard Edition?
  60. Error when updating Assassin's Creed 2 patch
  61. Many bugs on ACR 1.02 Steam version
  62. Assassin's Creed Revelation bug
  63. Does anyone play Rev for the PC??????
  64. Error when launching AC:B (ubiorbitapi_r2_loader.dll missing?)
  65. ACB just patched to 1.03 - now won't start
  66. Trouble installing ACR and the Ubisoft Game Loader.
  67. Keep getting disconnected
  68. ACR messed up my pc?
  69. Virtual Combat - No more?
  70. the problem with NAT
  71. Weekly Forum Post for February 15th
  72. Random city events?
  73. Assassin's Creed Revelations Season Pass?
  74. AC 2 DE Digitial Download Error?
  75. Pc tournaments ??
  76. Exclusive content ERROR: This code has already been used
  77. help with ac1 sound
  78. A question about downloading The Da Vinci Disappearence for PC
  79. ACR Theme Epic Rock Cover Feat. Jess Sick
  80. AC:R Patch 1.02__Now I can't play with friends!!
  81. Assassins creed revelations lagging on full resolution
  82. Question about Assassin's Creed "Ultimate Collection"
  83. How to get 100% sync in the first Altain mission?
  84. Keybinds remapping
  85. Will the Lost Archives DLC be available on PC by 2/28?
  86. Servers down
  87. Uplay launcher loads up and says I am logged in, but not when I enter game.
  88. Error in AC2
  89. extra content
  90. AC:R Crashing (Spoiler Alert)
  91. Assassins Creed 2 CD-Key not working
  92. AC II Revelations-Stuck
  93. No voice
  94. Weekly Forum Update!!!!! 2/22
  95. Hostile Suleiman?
  96. AC: Brotherhood - Achievements Undone?
  97. Assassin's creed brotherhood multiplayer crashing [MAC]
  98. Question about Assassin's Creed I PC versions
  99. PC assassinate
  100. Assassin's Creed Sale
  101. Assassin's Creed Revelations(My Views)
  102. AC:B unlockable content
  103. Assassin`s Creed II: Can't log in
  104. Assassin's Creed Revelations doesn't start
  105. Log in failed! Assassin's Creed Revelations
  106. AC III- a small liittle request
  107. Revelations wont let me log in.
  108. PC Version Getting The Boot?
  109. 2 Different Computers?
  110. proplem with assassin's creed II with loging in and get play please hep me
  111. Sepahi armor?
  112. Assassin's Creed Revelations Multiplayer Control Scheme
  113. Assassins Creed Revelations/2 Terrible Lag (Please Help!)
  114. Assassin Recruits?
  115. key has been used
  116. PATCH 1.03 for PC released
  117. Assassins Creed Relevations BUG
  118. Hard to find ACR for PC in stores
  119. dlc link?
  120. First Time here :)
  121. PC Version Of The Lost Archive?
  122. Steam lost archive dlc?
  123. The Lost Archive ****on doesn't appear
  124. Bad optimatision for PC?
  125. The Life of an Assassin
  126. The Life of an Assassin
  127. Gamelauncher not launching the game...
  128. DLC not showing up in game
  129. Im still on the free trial?
  130. The Lost Archive DLC BIG BUG I need help :(
  131. ACR tweaks needed!
  132. Weekly Forum Update! 2/29
  133. need The Lost Archive download file only
  134. So, where are "300 kind of bomb" now they promise to us?
  135. The mouse control is good in Revelations, now Ubisoft would you fix the other games?
  136. My friend can't join my group online, his NAT is orange. Help?
  137. Porting old 1.0.1 save file from another account to 1.0.3 STEAM version.
  138. Lost Archives DLC Key, where is it?
  139. The Lost Archive - No music during the game?
  140. Update 1.03 works !!!
  141. Official Statement concerning Assassin's Creed III
  142. Desmond's Journey unlocked from beginning? (AC:R)
  143. Getting a really weird animation glitch.
  144. Fix for RU PC version of Assassin’s Creed Revelations Patch 3- Russian Territories
  145. AC2 How to skip boring DLC on PC?
  146. Lost Archive setup error?
  147. Help! AC:R Patch 1.03 bug
  148. Syncing Saved Games is taking forever on ACR Game Launcher!
  149. cant dye clothes with the master assassin armor
  150. [Steam]ACR - Ubisoft Game Launcher Error - "Fail to start the Ubisoft Game Launcher"
  151. PC--->PS3 Help?
  152. Help me!!
  153. serial number for assassin's creed brotherhood
  154. lost archive framents
  155. pc servers broken?
  156. Watch the new ACIII Trailer - now with gameplay previews!
  157. Did the PC version of Brotherhood have the Truth glitch?
  158. Error
  159. Mind explaining this UBISOFT?
  160. I would like to express my concern about Assassin's Creed III PC release date
  161. AC2 controller help
  162. Is the steelbook case for ACIII available for the PC version?
  163. The Lost Archieve hasn't been downloaded yet
  164. AC3, just imo
  165. multiplayer!!!
  166. Another serious Patch Problem
  167. I found my ledge.....i found my ledge
  168. Why would you expect them to fix ACR??
  169. AC3... who's on what side? And Historical concerns.
  170. Assassin's creed 3!!!! great trailer........but no hidden blade?
  171. AC III PC version Better Quality?
  172. Bomb Challenge Glitch Since Last Patch.
  173. Major Events in 1777 [AC3]
  174. Where is everybody?
  175. Will AC3 be the last game?
  176. Weekly Forum Update 7th March
  177. Ottoman Edition in the rest of Europe?
  178. Damaged Save game files
  179. ACR ingame music problem.
  180. Assassins Creed Brotherhood PC walkthrough
  181. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Why is it not working on my computer!!
  182. Assassin's Creed Revelations - PC - Florentine Noble Attire
  183. Black screen bug, again..
  184. Artifact Assault: what was that?
  185. Patch 1.03 Error Help
  186. Cannot equip capes in AC2
  187. online charater knight
  188. assassins creed brotherhood DLC
  189. What about use Valve's Steam Plataform?
  190. Having trouble uninstalling the game to make patch 1.03 work.
  191. Assassin's Creed III Useful Links and Information
  192. Will say it again about multiplayer, this time for AC III
  193. Assassin's Creed Revelations Error Code 1
  194. Assassin's Creed III - will it live up to II?
  195. problem with the updating 1.03
  196. [ACII] Status issue
  197. No Games Found ( This Days )
  198. Requesting permission for YouTube-Uploads
  199. PC MP broken fix please
  200. AC III pre-order
  201. Will we be able to dual wield dagger/swords/axes in ACIII?
  202. another dlc?
  203. Patch 1.04 for pc
  204. Servers always going down
  205. Multiplayer Achievements
  206. Weekly Forum Update! 3/15
  207. DX 10/11 in ac2+
  208. Assassins Creed Brotherhood Using Motioninjoy
  209. The patch is useless
  210. AC - Kinetic Animation
  211. Unable to log-in in launcher
  212. spielen nicht möglich??????
  213. assasins creed revelation keyboard controls
  214. I can't log in
  215. Sound+Screen turns blue issue.
  216. Ubi Launcher Issues
  217. Checking highest single kill score
  218. assassins creed revelation lags on version 1.02
  219. Problem with Flying Machine 2.0 on PC
  220. Multiplayer DLC Extra Content Maps
  221. Assassin's Creed-Poor Perfromance
  222. Problem
  223. Game Lag
  224. New Armors Ideas For ASR SP/ MP ???
  225. Aciii dlc...
  226. No intros?
  227. Is there any way to view ACB achievements?
  228. A big problem with Uplay
  229. Worried about DRM?
  230. Matchmaking is broken. Again.
  231. Forum Rules
  232. Stuck on mediterranean defense (Assassins/apprentices slots are all empty!!)
  233. Is the Rhodes unlock designed to make us hate multiplayer?
  234. Assasins Creed for Mac?
  235. Will Steam retail version work with non-Steam DLC?
  236. No Achievements
  237. ACIII Editions announced! EMEA & NA *Updated 8/29
  238. I cant see the multiplayer's map unlocked
  239. Confirmed Cheater
  240. Assassin's Creed Revelations Animus edition places to buy
  241. How can I unlock the character "courtesan"?
  242. No keyboard&mouse support for PC? WTF Ubi?
  243. ACB Medici and Venetian cape disappeared...
  244. Where to get Russian collector editions of ACII, Brotherhood and Revelations for PS3
  245. Pleas tell me waht i do
  246. AC2 DRM - Retail vs Steam
  247. Is the Beaked Hoodie any good?
  248. Ubisoft, Please FIX YOUR CODING!
  249. AC1 PC Support
  250. More Confirmed Cheaters