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  1. When is the 1.3 patch due to?
  2. not buy the next DLC
  3. Patch and still getting disconnections. (Refund)
  4. Windows XP Patch, TO MANAGERS
  5. I talked to UBISOFT ..... Wooo someone listend..
  6. Looking for players: guerilla mode
  7. Ubi please do in the next patch...
  8. Disconnections
  9. Why cant i get a refund?
  10. Problem with Multiplayer
  11. I'm sick of this multiplayer crap!!
  12. PC patch coming "early next week"
  13. Multiplayer and latency issues
  14. CD key is invalid,please HELP!
  15. No Wonder Ubi hasnt responded.
  16. Guerrilla Mode - Rooftop Map - UNPLABLE (?)
  17. Xbox got the update and we didnt.
  18. 48 Headgear Skins - False Advertising
  19. Walmart is selling this defective game on-line.
  20. [UPDATED] Title Update 1.3 is available / information about TU 1.4
  21. TU Update 9/12 or 10/12?
  22. BEUC & IC and the right of a consumer
  23. lets start a petition ?
  24. Title Update 1.3 - Input compatibility fixed
  25. I keep getting disconnected from ALL servers i join,some YETI error with mini junk???
  26. Game already hacked?
  27. Finished the game on PC, but Tour of Duty only shows Nimble Guardian.
  28. Patch 1.3 useless?
  29. GRFS PC patch 1.3 and 1.4
  30. paid is paid for thats it. But learn from it.
  31. Multiplayer XP rewarding.
  32. WHY ARE WE LOCKED into a third person perspective?
  33. Something changed last night
  34. How I feel
  35. screen tearing help please?
  36. Activation issues
  37. annoyed.......
  38. Problems with Co-op over Lan
  39. Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Future Soldier- Raport
  40. Multiplayer HACKERS!!
  41. what will happend with patch 1.4
  42. So basically I won't be able to play the game until the 16th
  43. I'm Playing and I'm having lots of fun..
  44. Lag, lag , lag and can i get a refund?
  45. For those in the EU wanting a refund for a non functional game.
  46. Campaign Co-Op
  47. Inverting Y-axis on PC version of Future Soldier?
  48. Suggestion for Patch: Display Names
  49. You've brought us to a new level of poor design and QA process
  50. My experience with UbiShop's DigitalDownloadDeluxeEdition
  51. Are you serious Ubisoft?
  52. I am not able to install this game!!
  53. Game Launcher is full of Problems
  54. Looking for Co op And Gurellia if i spell correctly Player
  55. NEED HELP! (screen problems)
  56. Yeti Fatal Error and Instant Crash
  57. Campaign issues
  58. Yeti error. I want my money back!
  59. Problems running Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  60. LAG ......on geforce gt220 !
  61. [INFO] I am running this game too, finally
  62. Unable to start game. Please check that your game is installed correctly.
  63. Straight up question: Will we get dedicated server and server browser?
  64. So we wont be able to play online for at least 10+ more days...
  65. age requiring?
  66. Problem to install the game-
  67. Attention XP users - XP patch ETA cancelled
  68. Plz hide mouse cursor at cutscene movie.
  69. Some Requests
  70. Balance Riflemen!
  71. Friends wanted
  72. Multiplayer 'Connection to the server lost'
  73. Thanks UBI
  74. Search French players for co-op or Guerilla(Cherche joueurs franšais)
  75. Shattered Mountains - Weapons locked
  76. Your policies are in need of change...
  77. Discussing the 1.3 patch
  78. What's with all the negative threads ?
  79. Saves and Missions
  80. Never Again...
  81. Fix your game
  82. Problem witn Uplay
  83. not start the game
  84. Help with Future Soldier.exe.
  85. Low experience ?
  86. game without patches does look and player better...
  87. My Hud Disappeared
  88. Dear UBI_Antoine!
  89. Looking for Co-Op Partners
  90. MY Hud dosent Work "My Fu%$ing Game Dosen't Work, 11 days and counting" What A Turd!
  91. Everytime I get an Error, Im going to Post...
  92. Scout cloak
  93. I just played the most misserable 15 mintues of multiplayer in my time.
  94. Just bought the game yesterday, finally installed today, can't play!
  95. Caught someone cheating.
  96. I cant even start the game
  97. Kinda a small multiplayer fix for discons...
  98. Bought the game 2 days ago
  99. GamePad Config/Iron Sights-3P Zoom
  100. Increase Joystick sensitivity on Gamepad
  101. Where is my **** invert y axis for 360 controller!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  102. Ubisoft read me
  103. reset point
  104. Cant Deploy in multiplayer
  105. Useless...
  106. Okay......1.4 patch need 2 more weeks????
  107. Wtf??? No footstep??
  108. Unlock the Skorpion SMG
  109. Runtime error??
  110. FFA & TDM for Multiplayer?
  111. Patch 1.3 & 1.4 neuer Release
  112. Engineer passive ability is pointless
  113. All my saves are gone....
  114. Good Players !!!
  115. what we need ubi in 1.4
  116. question about Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  117. I have a very laggy campaign mode... what should i do to fix this???
  118. I'm so **** tired of waiting i payed much money for this louzy *** **** game!!!!!!!!
  119. Tigar Dust Hellicopter part (campain)
  120. Ladies and Gentleman
  121. Cd key not valid?
  122. jeti generate minidump
  123. HELP???!!! Bloody Keyboard/mouse
  124. problems with attachments and unlocks
  125. Silly Annoying Audio Problems (I don't want to go deaf)
  126. Questions about Online
  127. just bstartet a new game ( conflict ) cya
  128. Another hacker.
  129. For those concerned about GFX.......
  130. Steam:CD key is invalid
  131. hi-res icon file for PC
  132. Cant find Match in Multiplayer
  133. Red radius when using sentry, mines, jammer
  134. I don't understand how ubi keeps sucking
  135. GRFS Multiplayer - Please make team selection sticky, thanks!
  136. UBISOFT- Glaring problem with this game
  137. Ghost recon future soldier pc version key binding problem
  138. Guerrilla Mode is a SHAM!!
  139. Game playing key binding problem in ghost recon furute soldier pc version
  140. Someone to Co-Op Singleplayer and Guerilla mode ENG,CZ,SK
  141. Saved games
  142. Co-op Campaign uncompletable
  143. Come on communicate!
  144. error en Monta˝a Fragmentada
  145. Online stinks but not just because of connection issues.
  146. auto aim
  147. Where's the patch?
  148. Cant Add Friends
  149. Possible fix for keyboard and mouse problem
  150. ghost recon future sooldier problem w menu
  151. Wallhack detected.
  152. GRFS not working for me
  153. enter serial key????
  154. Ubi? Do you need some input?
  155. sensitivity on xbox pad and config
  156. Wtf!?
  157. Bad batch of serial numbers
  158. The Lobby
  159. i cant play the game!
  160. Native 3D
  161. omg ubi soft
  162. Game problems
  163. Incendiary Grenades: Buff them (due to inferiority)
  164. S.o.s
  165. Yeti Fatal Error at startup FIXED
  166. UBIFarrt the epitome of incompetence Stole peoples money
  167. Some Screenshots...
  168. My letter to Ubisoft support...
  169. Letter box screen.
  170. Competitive Leagues Like COD,CSS,CS???
  171. unacceptable - you know I'm restarting this one...
  172. @Ubisoft: Badest Support EVER!!!
  173. Petition: Free DLC for patient PC users
  174. disappointed in Ubisoft
  175. mouse problem
  176. Why I will never make a good Ghost....
  177. Double xp
  178. Please sort your game out
  179. If I only knew how bad this was going to be
  180. Multiplayer , Just worthless!
  181. Ghost Recon Future Soldier ||< Co-Op ,Gorilla Mode>|| ...--- Players---...
  182. ubisoft LISTEN 2 US
  183. screen res workaround doesnt work! thanks for wasting my night ubi
  184. Ports opened and ready!
  185. Steuerungsproblem
  186. Stinking Patch delay.
  187. Attention Windows XP gamers!
  188. Newest drivers everything set straight
  189. Need help, no dialogue sound
  190. Patch 1.3 coming.......JULY 12TH!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  191. ghost recon future soldier on Facebook
  192. Runtime Error!
  193. A Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Solider Theme for PC, regard by Ubisoft.
  194. Looking for an invite for Co-op.
  195. Bugs, crashes, disappointment, review
  196. UBISOFT- Ways to make the game tactical
  197. Tutorial off
  198. Do you need to buy BIND KEY? Is it possible to find a free SITE?
  199. GR:FS: v. FarCry3
  200. "you can set your party to open"
  201. Still not working - EFOTY (Epic Fail Of The Year) ?
  202. Proud disowner of this game (uk)
  203. Campaign gunsmith
  204. GRFS [PC] Subforum for organizing games?
  205. Is this the end of the PC games??
  206. [Video] Faron42 Hacker - As if the bugs were not bad enough.
  207. [Ubishop] Activation Key not received
  208. Fatal Error after fresh install
  209. ghost recon future soldier
  210. Maphack
  211. Looking for some Uplay Friends
  212. GR:FS Tactics: Just a thought.
  213. Why is this game even released yet?
  214. Should UBISOFT give Arctic Strike Map Pack DLC free to PC verison?
  215. Future Soldier.exe has stopped working
  216. The server disconnects me >.<
  217. Should Ubisoft compensate for PC users?
  218. Should UBIsoft give the rest of the game for free?(aka DLC)
  219. Third person ????
  220. Third Person???
  221. I'll never get my refund so thanks ubisoft
  222. Beat the campaign, but the game thinks I didn't
  223. Future Soldier in game SS's for those who havnt seen yet
  224. How can I remove/revert the patches?
  225. Request for the release of a High-res texture pack
  226. Need uPLAY friends
  227. Beat the game, lost my unlocks???
  228. $50, game unplayable
  229. hackerfest
  230. FPS, Graphics solution for us guys (play nicely & comfortable)
  231. How to redeem items from Digital Deluxe Edition
  232. I thought after a hard days work...
  233. Forget fee DLC we should get a free game
  234. Sticky this-COOP Friends offline in ingame browser but online in the Uplay client
  235. I cant run the game!!
  236. Any one online for co op right now
  237. NEED A 10x XP WEEK...NOW
  238. I understand now
  239. Key binding, is it just Me?
  240. Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  241. [SPOILER POSSIBLE] Shattered Mountain - Elite, advice
  242. De-register game from my account?
  243. No One Will buy Ubisoft game anymore
  244. Why can't Tom Clancy ever get the multiplayer to work right?
  245. device is removed device hung due to badly formed commands
  246. Input Signal Out of Range
  247. I got the answer about Facebook unlock(GRC) problem from Ubisoft support.
  248. Mulitplayer-Issue - Question
  249. Why does consoles have a patch and not PC?
  250. Steam update...