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  4. First impressions -- most excellent!
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  7. First impressions
  8. [SUGGESTION]: Diminishing Returns on STAMINA DRAIN
  9. Seems like "infini-attack" moves get some meaning in PTS2.. lol
  10. Tournament mode 1v1s
  11. PTS2 First Impressions
  12. I can't find a game! (plus a suggestion)
  13. [CLASS ISSUES] Conqueror, Centurion, Peacekeeper
  14. [PTS2] ONE problem with Centurion in PTS2
  15. The new changes in the pts today
  16. My impressions after taking some time to play.
  17. No duels?
  18. PK Zone Buffer Extremely Restrictive
  19. PTS Defensive meta. My personal thoughts
  20. Read please!
  21. feedback from a rep 58
  22. I beg of you...
  23. Parry animation triggerable from afar
  24. Anybode here?
  25. First feedback.
  26. Ubisoft , fix duel not all of us like this dominion
  27. Freeze glitch at the end of a dominion.
  28. The PTR through the eyes of a Warden Player
  29. Can't find any games
  30. Impossible to block Lawbringer sprint heavy attack
  31. have you data for put this change in origial game?
  32. Pts a couple things I've noticed
  33. Ubi, I want to test the Tournament and the patch!!
  34. Real Suggestion
  35. PTS Parry Feedback For Devs
  36. How dare you call this the "Defensive Meta Patch".
  37. It's better, but far from fixed
  38. What needs to be done
  39. The test server is completely useless
  40. [CLASS ISSUES] Lawbringer
  41. [SUGGESTION] OOS "Parry"
  42. [SUGGESTION] Increased block damage
  43. New meta SUCKS.
  44. Why Did The Devs Remove The Ability To Punish A Failed Parry With A Gb?
  45. Got killed by a Zerker as a Shugoki due to Chip Damage :confused:
  46. My Opinion on Defensive Meta and Proposed Public Test Gameplay Changes
  47. Queue times on the Public Test Server
  48. Suggestion about parry nerf on for honor
  49. new meta FEEDBACK
  50. My opinion on the new meta
  51. My opinion on PTS2
  52. My quick review of the PTS2 and Meta Changes
  53. suggestion to parry: little change(important) to light, and a big change to heavy
  54. my feedback on PTS2
  55. Turtle Meta core fix suggestion
  56. The PTR isnt daring enough to make it interesting, enforces defensive meta and more.
  57. Feedback on Defensive Meta changes + "Momentum Mechanic" suggestion
  58. PTS2 feedback (not quite fixed the turtle meta yet)
  59. Suggestion: Make Attacks of Parries...Parry-able & Reduce Hp Pips
  60. Some Changes I've Seen Suggested, and a Review of them.
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  62. PTS2 feedback & suggestions
  63. Execution possibility
  64. Suggested Conqueror Buffs and Other Questions for the Developers.
  65. PTSR 2 Response
  66. Maybe, Just Remove Parrying
  67. Suggested Conqueror Buffs and Other Questions for the Developers.
  68. eleminate turtle but not remove parry avlue, here the best idea
  69. [FEEDBACK] PTS2 Final Report
  70. suggestion:change parry light and GB gift in the next pt
  71. Pc - Glad's "do you even get punish bru?"