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  3. Hall of Heroes: Shugoki Basics
  4. Heavy Samurai is too good
  5. Orochi Deflect
  6. Was Orochi Nerfed Too Hard?
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  8. For honor. I want to be a samurai
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  12. orochi customization
  13. Nobushi Jumpover
  14. Orochi imune to knockdown?
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  16. Kensei weakest? very low population
  17. Orochi is broken...
  18. Nobushi Combos
  19. Orochi means Big Snake and Nobushi means Wild Warrior
  20. My 2 cent on Orochi and other characters...
  21. Kensei got buffed
  22. Sword Saint
  23. Orochi is ridiculous
  24. Can't dodge anymore
  25. For Honour discord server
  26. Kensei doesn't need a damage buff, what he needs is more combos.
  27. Nobushi/Peacekeeper Bleed Dam. needs to be
  28. Why is Orochi so bad?
  29. orochi tip pls help me :)?
  30. Orochi Slip through feat
  31. Nobushi skins so bad
  32. For Honor® - All Champions/Classes/Heroes (Guide Introduction)
  33. Longbow wombo combo
  34. Nobushi is way to OP
  35. Kensei Instant Chain Finisher?
  36. How to close distance Nobushi if you play Orochi ?
  37. 4th Execution?
  38. Special knockdown resistance Orochi?
  39. Fellow Samurai: Organizing our war efforts by creating clans based on real life clans
  40. The Samurai Discord
  41. The Shugoki
  42. Orochi is Broken
  43. For Honor® - How To Not Suck (Beginner's Guide)
  44. Territory
  45. counter guard breaking shugoki
  46. [BUG] Orochi sword upside down when out of combat
  47. How does "slip through" passive ability works?
  48. Shugoko...
  49. Does Kensei get guaranteed Guard Break after Parrying?
  50. Nobushi after parry
  51. Stop saying samurai are op
  52. As Shugoki, how do you counter Conqueror's shield bash?
  53. Martial Matchups: Nobushi vs Orochi
  54. Time for our faction work as one: Organized Clans in the work! Check it out and join!
  55. Shugoki Demon Ball (home run swing)
  56. Orochi at higher level play
  57. Orochi at higher level play
  58. !Need help with Orochi!
  59. Peacekeeper or Kensei
  60. Shugoki one shot
  61. For Honor Legends Advanced Nobushi Guide
  62. Orochi weird move I am trying to figure out
  63. Combat Moveset And Blocking
  64. Any advice on how to use Shugoki?
  65. Literally every samurai
  66. Any tips against Shugoki ( I am kensei or orochi)
  67. Purple star orochi weapons?
  68. Stop light attack spams!
  69. Requesting Aid for War assets
  70. Requesting Aid for War assets
  71. For Honor® - Orochi (In-Depth Champion Guide)
  72. Playing Orochi vs Warden
  73. What nobushi says when she attacking?
  74. Shugoki Back Break Needs to Change
  75. Any tips Nobushi VS Assassins
  76. How to beat assassins as Nobushi
  77. Nobushi Bleed Mechanics?
  78. Nobushi can't beat decent Knights.
  79. Orochi is OP.
  80. Who wants to beat the knights?!
  81. Agc is currently recruiting members!!
  82. Shugoki - what he does, and some ways to go around the fat man
  83. Health and Damage values for all Samurai classes
  84. Advantages of Deflect over Parry?
  85. Agc is currently recruiting members!!
  86. Nobushi...unsafe attacks
  87. Need advice on Nobushi vs PK
  88. Why cant I use execution?
  89. Kensei pants color change
  90. Kensei Equip Tips.
  91. Shugoki- head butt timing
  92. Kudos to the good kensei players
  93. Why is Kensei the only class ..
  94. Orochi is too easy and over powered.
  95. Faction War!
  96. Let's figure out the attacks for Heavy Deflect. (Orochi)
  97. Faction War Discussion
  98. Kensei vs Conquerer
  99. Im at a loss, what am i doing wrong?
  100. Kensei Need More Agility....
  101. How does Nobushi open people up?
  102. 2 quick questions
  103. Orochi is disgusting (UBISOFT SORT IT OUT)
  104. Please teach me how to stand up to Orochi bullies.
  105. Nobushi mains, What works against you?
  106. How to fight against peacekeepers with Shrek (shugoki)
  107. Nobushi Hidden Stance overly sensitive?
  108. Nobushi: Are you a Noobushi?
  109. Orochi CANCER!
  110. My youtube channel dedicated to For Honor - Hard Games
  111. Reducing throw distance on Nobushi a plus
  112. Orochi - kilka pytań
  113. Why does Orochi have Highing Heavy Attack then Kensie
  114. We have the knights on the ropes
  115. Nobushi vs Kensei
  116. How to play Kensei against turtle?
  117. For the emperor. ..
  118. Nobushi vs Orochi
  119. Orochi: deflect, riptide strike and storm rush usefulness
  120. Nerf the Samurai
  121. Kensei Gold Butterfly
  122. Samurai, how do you deal with Peacekeepers?
  123. Most Orochi players are misusing Storm Rush
  124. Insane fails programming the Shugoki
  125. Can't figure out to do deflect unblockable from above
  126. is this intentional
  127. After hitting reputation 1 it show new sword and hilt
  128. Last few hours of this round Let turn this a round
  129. Samurai arrows way overpowered
  130. Nobushi Matchup Advice from an Okay Player
  131. Kensei got a little nerf?
  132. Shugoki Advice please.
  133. Orochi VS Valk
  134. Shouldn't the round have ended at 6AM EST?
  135. Nobushi BUGS still not acknowledged?
  136. Nobushi Stat Dicussion 108 Gear
  137. Need help! How does shugoki against super slippery assassin classes?
  138. Orochi zephyer slash?
  139. Orochi silent nerf
  140. How to make Kensei look badass ?
  141. Countering the Orochi
  142. Join the war
  143. Gold Butterfly update
  144. questions by noob
  145. Need help for the matchup Nobushi-Warlord
  146. For Honor® - Kensei (In-Depth Champion Guide)
  147. Hitstun and (Possible?) Block Delay Question
  148. Orochi and nubushi too underrated?
  149. Thoughts and Discussion on Shoguki
  150. A discussion of why Kensei is not viable in 1v1 duels and my suggestion for change
  151. Ubisoft statement about Kensei?
  152. Looking forward to the NINJA !!!
  153. What's the attraction. ...
  154. Kensei need a Sensei
  155. Shugoki pro tips
  156. Orochi Deflection - Zone Attacks
  157. The problem with Kensei
  158. GB kensai during side dash attack, and after
  159. Calling all Samurai faction
  160. Why is the Nobushi considered trash at higher skill levels? (and how to overcome)
  161. A tips/tricks vid for Kensei with some tech and knowledge you may not know
  162. Orochi Kick in campaign
  163. I won't switch factions but constantly losing is boring
  164. My fellow Nobushi sisters: PK?
  165. Who Do You Main?
  166. Orochi - Unavoidable heavy attack after GB - Bug?
  167. Nobushi Critique/ I Really Love Her, But
  168. Whirlwind effect for everyone
  169. War Coordination
  170. how to break a turtle with a kensei?
  171. Kinsei Side Heavy Unblockable Finisher?
  172. Anyone else curious about those strongholds?
  173. Nerd shoguki
  174. Shugoki oversight?
  175. Anyone know how to do this?
  176. Samurai have less player and the it never win faction war
  177. Why can't orochi feint out of "Riptide Strike"
  178. Teach me Kensei..
  179. I found the ultra rare MALE nobushi!
  180. Starting Guide for Nobushi
  181. Shoguki should not be able to feint Guard Break
  182. Kensei: why when i take a deflect i must take the damage of the opponent
  183. 7 hours straight of 1 vs 1 as Kensei, never met another Kensei against me
  184. Optimal Combos with Orochi
  185. Revenge mode attack vs revenge mode gain by injury
  186. Orochi's Riptide Strike
  187. Kensei can get guardbroken during dodge attack.
  188. Is Valkyrie faster than PK and Orochi?
  189. Storm Rush was nerfed?
  190. How to weeb
  191. Is Orochi Over Powered?
  192. What the...
  193. Hey guys, I made an Orochi video guide.
  194. Orochi Guide for starters. Other stuff also mentioned in video.
  195. Nobushi Hidden Stance
  196. Need Advice on Kensei Gear Stats
  197. hey I want these! take them out :D
  198. We shouldn't lose this round...
  199. 14 hour's of battle remain
  200. How to play Kensei? Tips please?
  201. Looking for EDM or Industrial Music with Japanese Instrumentals.