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  1. 120 fps limit - disable?
  2. Controller changes not saved
  3. Problem with game saving
  4. Framerate goes from 120 to 20fps after a while
  5. Can't zoom in! (PC)
  6. Lack of controllers on pc needs to be addressed
  7. All input unresponsive (PC)
  8. PC Lobbys
  9. Two Tanners? Two Joneses? Here's how:
  10. Logitech Formula Force EX don't detect correctly
  11. Disabling the vehicles on the tow trucks in Act 4(Wii version) Can you help me?
  12. Settings not saving
  13. Some ideas for the next Patch
  14. Scaling off
  15. Everytime same cars in Multiplayer Freeroam
  16. Logitech Force GT wheel
  17. Splitscreen on the PC
  18. Question about the update...
  19. Getting XP points to buy upgrades for DSF Wii
  20. My san-fran video to the best music and graphics
  21. game freezes every time i go (pc)
  24. Voice chat disable (pc)
  26. Game Crashes
  28. Logitech Precision Gamepad not working
  29. Blocked locations :(
  30. Leaderboards
  31. Ingame chat for multiplayer, do you want it?
  32. Erste eindrücke
  33. Split Screen and DLC
  34. Driver Badly Optimized?
  35. 1.02 patch makes game not launch
  36. Mac OS X -When?
  37. Is this worth buying.... On PC
  38. when does game play start
  39. Reflections, why did guys put 4 vehicles in the that we can't drive?
  40. no rain and night?
  41. Mission help (possible spoilers?)
  42. ????????? ???? ??? ?????????? ????.
  43. 2/3 seconds freezes after patch 1.02
  44. PC Patch - Does not work!!
  45. Tag, You're it #$%&!
  46. Freezes in Driver San Francisco multiplayer
  47. Get to Chop shop and placed in a Neon?
  48. Does anyone here have the Wii version of DSF? If so, please respond!
  49. Save game problem plz help
  50. Mistake or design...? (Possible spoiler)
  51. Mods for Driver San Francisco
  52. must set resolution every time I start play
  53. Music in Multiplayer?
  54. [solved] How to enable 60hz frequency in fullscreen?
  55. How to refresh leaderboards
  56. Graphics error please help
  57. Statement from the Developers/Ubisoft/Someone
  58. Texture error, low resolution even on high setting
  59. How to get the HUD to show KM/H?
  60. Disable HUD in cockpit view ?
  61. about DRV SF Better graphics with ENB Series Mod
  62. Can you still do stuff after you complete the Storyline?
  63. bilboards
  64. MOMO Racing force wheel problem
  65. Wow ! Great experiance.
  66. what would happen if you lose a joined match?
  67. Editing ControlSet3.txt has no effect?
  68. Game didn't give trophy...
  69. Unlocker Available.
  70. multiplayer (can not find players)
  71. sidewinder force feedback
  72. Multiplayer Free roam?
  73. longer story line
  74. Any DLC for the PC coming ?
  75. V-SYNC always ON problem
  76. custom challenge mode
  77. how do I download Driver:SF director clips?
  78. Ubisoft Game Launcher - Services Unavaliable?
  79. PC Online Games
  80. fix my F game for God <>L:P{:
  81. Help! I am stuck...
  82. pc problem
  83. Ubisoft, are you guys going to release the Collector's Edition DLC online?
  84. Game Freezes in multiplayer lobby
  85. Game won't start
  86. Way to go down the alley in first level (in multiplayer)
  87. 1.02 patch on steam
  88. Game Freezes in Driver San Francisco multiplayer lobby
  89. Black Screen PC
  90. I can't even play this
  91. uplay not working
  92. Tag glitching
  93. Driver - San Francisco - Wheel settings
  95. Jericho's fate (SPOILER WARNING!!!)
  96. Servers down??
  97. Game is painfully slow!
  98. Night & Rain
  99. Old Cars are gone?
  100. Who has performance isseus? (POLL)
  101. New Takedown
  102. Found how to mute which may help you :)
  103. Remapping Gamepad Controls
  104. PC multiplayers needed.
  105. Can't connect
  106. How can i use sixaxis controller on pc?
  107. ubisoft temp band excessive requests
  108. CD Key screen (wtf is it??!?!)
  109. New Driver San Francisco MOD
  110. How many WPs do you guys have?
  111. Lots of cheaters on challenge leaderboards! (PC)
  112. Cant connect to the Internet ???
  113. Lagging needs to be patched
  114. Antialiasing
  115. Any of you guys have good reasons why some car companys didnt come in driver
  116. Patch??
  117. Saboteurs in Reflections team
  118. Most life-giving feature losed in game
  119. The game frequently hangs for 1-2 seconds
  120. Can we edit the resolution in a .ini file?
  121. which gamepad DSF supporte?
  122. freeze whe tryin to change car online
  123. Not supported?
  124. Can we split the forum?
  125. Single-cores
  126. Black Screen
  127. Cheattter in leaderboards list
  128. Game won't load!
  129. There is a cockpit view for ASYM?
  130. Tanner Trolls Ordell
  131. Automatic mic on?
  132. Online Racing School: Live Record Video.
  133. Game exits when i try to enter settings in single player!
  134. PC game controller Gravis Eliminator Aftershock HELP!
  135. Developer - please read
  136. There is something missing
  137. LYNX back on every billboard again
  138. Where is the Royal Purple Cadillac Ubisoft?
  139. Do you think driver should of been released less early?
  140. How to go into trailblazer car at the end of the match
  141. my ideas to ubisoft from a great fan wildcroats 5 place takedown leaderboar
  142. another idea
  143. Graphics issue. With explanatory video.
  144. Why aren't my clips appearing in Driver's Club?
  145. DRV SF pc version.....online..help!!!!!!!thanks
  146. multiplayer mode
  147. Can you find other players online?????
  148. Product key
  149. How Does Everyone Here Feel About Online Passes (i.e. UPlay)?
  150. Block off areas in Qualifying rounds
  151. Do super cars ruin the match
  152. Driver PC: Patch 1.03
  153. I can't login to Facebook from game (ubi.com account)
  154. Patch: "Previous version of Driver San Francisco was not found"
  155. Online Driving
  156. No patches for Steam version!
  157. Thrustmaster Ferrari GT experience. Pedals won't work
  158. Installation wont work
  159. black borders on top and bottom of monitor.
  162. Please add crown vic or police SUV
  163. No splayers online!
  164. Where stay saved games?
  165. great trick of Tanner using one hand in driving (cockpit view)
  166. I want my money back!!!
  167. thrustmaster t-mini wireless
  168. Trashed Aston Martin movie clip
  169. Steering for us Handicapped
  170. Another new billboard
  171. Bay Area Police Department is Recruting
  172. My computer FREEZE, when entering multiplayer
  173. serial key
  174. Why i can't play 1920x1080 now in 1.03
  175. Multiplayer stress
  176. driver.exe has stopped working...
  177. Total lack of support
  178. A bug's that I found.
  179. Help with a Mission
  180. Screen Resolution Problems (PC, PS3, Xbox) Post Here
  181. Game crashes when entering friends list (PC)
  182. Present Yourself Here!
  183. Lights Lights Lights!!! where are they?
  184. Dare Challenge Not Responding
  185. Ubisoftlauncher installer not working!
  186. Driver Crashes, then save game is lost!!
  187. weird glitch in MP which happened to me a couple of times
  188. Nvidia 3D not working with new1.3 patch
  189. Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Cockpit Wheel Support.
  190. Film Director is too short in Driver: San Francisco
  191. My cheatters list
  192. DLC Car wish list thread. (Post it all here)
  193. My Driver San Fransisco is lagging!!
  194. Real Police Work / ASYM Desanne
  195. PS3 - 83% completed.. where's my saved game gone?!
  196. You favorite 3 cars?
  197. Boldius 278 semi-truck...?
  198. Driver key not working
  199. World Leaderboards
  200. Something I've noticed
  201. Console Multiplayer?
  202. I am still having FPS problems
  203. Driver SF Wii "Pinch my ride" mission - no radar
  204. Is the PC version of Driver: San Francisco any good?
  205. Is it Worth Paying $10 to Play DSF Online?
  206. GTA 5 IS HERE
  207. Why i can't save game ?
  208. PC GamePad Steering
  209. what is strength
  210. Extract pck files
  211. when i press play,says need 2cores.
  212. I couldn't setting 1920 x 1080
  214. Game crashing in the mission
  215. no traffic cheat
  216. Eyes on the City mission on PC - can't scan?
  217. dlc cars
  218. ubisoft service unavailable
  219. resolution problem
  220. Dashboard doesn't work
  221. Why am I so slow in Multiplayer?
  222. When will DLC would come out?
  223. Kia Ray
  224. Installer won't start java
  225. Bozzy Plays! Driver San Francisco
  226. locate the marked vehicle with radar
  227. Warum kann ich nur, mit der Karte spielen?
  228. any one who likes this idea post the more people post the better chance for updates
  229. bak again
  230. fps/lag problem still occurs even after 1.03 update!
  231. a few cars in a free ride, all the same
  232. I will be damned
  233. Brakes Keep Locking Up!
  234. Split Screen Headache
  235. some one help me please
  236. game freezes
  238. is the game still alive ?
  239. Button configuration
  240. plzz help
  241. Split-Screen cars!
  242. game ideas tk ubisoft
  243. So whats the current state of this game?
  244. When 4 Mac version of Driver: SF
  245. plzz help mee
  246. PC compatability
  247. Driver San Francisco PS3 Clan
  248. assistance required Please
  249. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2381087925/m/7471064559