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  2. Looking for regular role-playing group! (PS4VR)
  3. Delay until 2017. Any chance of some updated screenshots etc?
  4. Star Trek: Bridge Crew With Cloud9
  5. Star Trek: Bridge Crew wymaga do działania okularów VR.
  6. Any chatter about a technical test or beta?
  7. ST:BC Adds Enterprise Bridge, Set To Launch May 30
  8. VR SLI Support?
  9. Release Date Moved Again?
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  11. Streaming Pre-Release / Release on twitch.
  12. WARNING: Pre-order theft
  13. What time can I download on PSN?
  14. Another company claims to have the game rights to Star Trek and are taking pre-orders
  15. Pvp?
  16. Really hoping for a Beta
  17. Teaming Up On The Aegis And Enterprise
  18. Will ST:BC May 30 release include D-Box Motion Code?
  19. Mod Support?
  20. Internet Connection?
  21. Original Enterprise single player
  22. Star Trek: Bridge Crew Launch Party - San Francisco
  23. Will there be game lobbies to join?
  24. Possible Expansions?
  25. I made a website where you can find players around the world.
  26. Will ST VR have subtitles/captions? Please consider this.
  27. Bridge Crew No Longer Available on PSN???
  28. Can I play this solo?
  29. Delayed AGAIN????
  30. Qu: Dev's, can I create a character avatar for repeated use?
  31. PS4 Social Screen Local Co-Op
  32. Request to Dev's: Warp field effect needs changing on Enterprise
  33. More missions that aren't 'action' or 'shooting' based - PLEASE
  34. Votes for DLC ships / bridges
  35. Cross platform communication?
  36. Does anyone else worry about lack of a Communications role?
  37. Forward and Aft shielding and phaser power
  38. For Star Trek, Vive or Oculus Rift?
  39. Beating the kobayashi maru
  40. finger pointing available across all platforms?
  41. AWESOME new feature for Star Trek: Bridge Crew!!!
  42. Race?
  43. Commercial license for ST:BC?
  44. Why are they only adding physics extra's to only to Intel i7 owners!!!