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  1. Localization
  2. About ukrainian localization in South Park: The Stick Of Thruth
  3. Coon and Mysterion Pinny Arcade Pins
  4. Ability to watch shows on the tv
  5. Please add the old man
  6. Ability to play as an asian character
  7. Scott Baio gave Cartman pink eye
  8. PS3 Availability
  9. South Park Stick of Truth pre order
  10. Visuals?
  11. Characters You'd Like to See?
  12. Wheel of Chaos
  13. Any Chance of a Switch release?
  14. Next south park game
  15. Can we still use the old battle system?
  16. Dyes?
  17. Dear Ubisoft - I urge you to add steam achievements to this and all games.
  18. Dear Ubisoft - I Urge you to give me $3.50 because reasons.
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