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  1. Looking for competitive players to join a growing team!
  2. Need one for todays esl Cup ASAP
  3. Finnish players wanted for competitive gaming.
  4. PS4 Console Competitions
  5. Look to put a ps4 competitive team together
  6. [PC]Looking for Go4R6 Teammates
  7. put your mouse where your mouth is
  8. Sector 12 Gaming Community --- Looking for mature players.
  9. Looking to form Squad for AUSTRALIAN Community Cup
  10. Looking for team mates!
  11. All Time Gaming
  12. ""Spider tactics"" , most tactical kill in Rainbow six siege ??!!!!!!
  13. Searching.
  14. Looking to start a team or join one.
  15. European League DGL
  16. [EU]CyberNex, Looking for players!
  17. Team AFO is recruiting
  18. TDG Recruitment
  19. Searching for a Competitive team
  20. World Gaming Syndicate Rainbow Six 2v2 Tournament
  21. New Team is Looking For members
  22. Need help with the proper concent of Ubisoft to create a tournment
  23. Competitive Players in need for ESL Team
  24. The Breakfast Clan is recruiting Xbox One
  25. NF-Gaming is now looking and recruiting members!! JOIN UP TODAY!
  26. Recruiting a New Good Thermite Player.
  27. World Gaming Syndicate Rainbow Six 2v2 Tournament
  28. Adding leaderboards to the rainbow six website
  29. [PS4] Vanilla & S1 Diamond Ranked player looking for a team. Leagues/Scrims/Ranked
  30. Need 1 player to join us on league! (TheBsQuad)
  31. [XB1} Looking for Australian Ranked/Competitive Team
  32. Helix Gamers League Presents a Rainbow Six Siege League
  33. Todo merecemos una 2da oportunidad
  34. R6gaming.net
  35. Looking for some squadmates for ranked. (PC)
  36. Pro League for PS4
  37. Xbox One
  38. Clan [MRN] Marine is Recruiting Active Members
  39. Diamond player in need of a PC ESL team
  40. Looking for a competitive(and ambitious?) team(European or Finnish) to play with
  41. [TAW] Looking for people to play with?
  42. Looking for good players to que ranked with!!
  43. Looking for a esl or pro league team for xbox
  44. Clan Exalted [PC] Looking for Members.
  45. Recruiting Competitive & Mature players PC (EU)
  46. Looking for members (Black Rose Gaming)
  47. Looking to be recruited
  48. Need a squad to run with
  49. Looking for a Squad/Clan!
  50. Esl community xMegaGamers LF Diamond coach Xbox one
  51. Looking For A Good Team!!!!
  52. [XBONE - NA/EU] Realm eSports League R6 Tournament [Prize Pool!]
  53. Let's Solve This!
  54. Looking for People to play with
  55. [R6] GameBattles | Olympus eSports vs Bank Card
  56. good stream ive been watching check it out
  57. TheTeam is organizing a 1v1 tournament and a 2v2 league! Winner takes all!
  58. looking for a great team to play xbox one,
  59. Ps4 Pro league please!!!!!
  60. - The Team - ESL - Tournaments - More -
  61. Teamspeak 3 Server for everyone | Find players
  62. Looking for a clan/squad to join the competitive gaming community
  63. Discord Channel for Siege: Public Server
  64. Suche jemanden zum zocken [GER]
  65. | Team Europe [EU] |
  66. rine is Recruiting Active Members
  67. ElementalGG esports Go4 team!
  68. Looking for players on ps4
  69. Russian Operative[LOOKING FOR SQUAD]
  70. SEAS Looking for a team, Okayish player
  71. looking for some guyd
  72. Girl looking for a "ACTIVE" team to battle with!
  73. Casual/Ranked player here.
  74. Rbnclan is here(from belguim)
  75. PS4 Competitive Players Wanted.
  76. server hopping
  77. Date of Season 5 Final
  78. Need GO4R6 Teamates (Xbox One)
  79. **RECRUITING ALL RANKS** Competitive Play - Tournaments, Ranked, Etc
  80. Console Gaming League
  81. Recruiting new members for the Agro Clan!
  82. LF> Ranked/Comp Team XBOX ONE
  83. Discord Channel For Rainbow Six
  84. Looking For A Team To Join Or Make PS4
  85. Competition Team PS4 Looking for More Peeps. Professional Team, Very Organized..
  86. PC R6 Tournament *Moved*
  87. (DEV) Looking For Good Players ESL/GO4/EU
  88. Anyone remember Clan Ladder?
  89. [DXG] Delta Exile Gaming, Recruiting New Members! [Multiplayer Gaming Community]
  90. Go4r6 team
  91. Xbox one NA ESl team looking for a starting fifth ASAP
  92. [NA/EU]~[LoH] Legion of Honor ~ XB1 & PS4
  93. Maintence
  94. 3 Norwegians looking for people to play with (PC)
  95. Cherche coéquipier srx mini plat pour rancked
  96. Looking for Squad
  97. [Recruitment] RainST ESL Team (Everyone Welcome)
  98. Recruiting Dutch players on ps4