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  1. 0xc000007b windows 10
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  3. Altar of Suxli quest bugged
  4. Blue Screen of Death
  5. Unusual double speed in game.
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  7. Game is way too bright
  8. the game keeps freezing forcing me to close the window
  9. Will FC Primeval Work on my PC?
  10. Game screen wont show, freezes desktop
  11. "Into Udam Land" bonefire already lit - mission stuck
  12. Multiscreen pb
  13. Wont revive
  14. Keep loading and do not enter the game
  15. new installation
  16. Region Code Restriction ??
  17. Far Cry Primal
  18. Can't access in-game menus
  19. Is it possible to only have some of the Cosmetic extras activated?
  20. Bugged Sabertooth Tigers, changes skin when tamed.
  21. Logitech SetPoint mouse button keyboard reassignments don't work in-game
  22. Can't Install - Disc 1 not seen
  23. "far cry primal a cessé de fonctionner" chargement du jeu
  24. mission fail
  25. Xbox One Controller Issues
  26. Far Cry Primal, aplicación no se pudo iniciar correctamente (0xc000007b)
  27. [Far Cry Primal]FATAL ERROR - "Unknow file with ReadFile()"