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  1. Idea for an enemy NPC
  2. The Division first person view
  3. crouch/timer
  4. Procedural Destruction??? Where?
  5. First one on here!!!! Hell yea
  6. PS4 Pre-Download
  7. Alpha Testers in Beta
  8. Cannot download beta
  9. About language pack
  10. 3 other codes for friends?
  11. Alpha testers report in
  12. The Division Closed Beta
  13. Question to Devs: How do you trace bugs?
  14. Countdown
  15. New Features?
  16. Beta question regarding map
  17. Question about Account Information screen and Beta
  18. New NVidia driver out for The Divion beta and Rise of the Tombraider
  19. Streaming/Video recording permissions during beta - Any NDA?
  20. Squad Size?
  21. End Game?
  22. License not registering?
  23. So far same as alpha.
  24. Licensing Issue
  25. Beta Code Xbox One
  26. Still No E-Mail that allows me to Pre-Download the Beta...
  27. Like the beta so far
  28. Fast Travel detracts from RPG Immersion
  29. Filter Level
  30. Not able to switch to pistol xbox one beta
  31. Generated Missions?
  32. Beta is the exact same as Alpha?
  33. Filter Level
  34. Mouse and keyboard support on ps4?
  35. DZ Mismatch??
  36. How is Dark Zone PvP going to be balanced for end-game?
  37. PvP issue
  38. Avoiding PVP
  39. Death Penalty
  40. Beta First Impressions Xbox One
  41. ADS/joining party button issue!
  42. Daily objectives
  43. Will our characters and/or loot transfer??
  44. A Most Excellent Time
  45. Rouge Manhunt Timer Balancing?
  46. The Dark Zone
  47. 1st person
  48. Clan bases
  49. Will you be a rogue player?
  50. Proximity chat volume..
  51. Closed Beta Feedback
  52. pause button
  53. HUD Customization
  54. Timed missions
  55. <XBOX ONE> How do you holster your weapon(s)?
  56. Next gen?
  57. Mike and DELTA back for round 2
  58. Screen resize option
  59. Aim Assist?
  60. Kill shots
  61. Odd behaviour with the security shield
  62. Texture sharpness?
  63. Xbox One feedback
  64. Ammo drop icon colors.
  65. Blurry screen inside of DZ.
  66. Please put an age content filter
  67. In Game Voice Chat
  68. Chronic Lag And Framerate Issues!
  69. Still have not received beta code to download
  70. Melting snow is partially here
  71. What is your definition of Open World UBI?
  72. Stupid questions - round 1
  73. How to proceed with Agent Intel?
  74. Dark Zone loot question
  75. Small issue with DZ...
  76. So either...
  77. BETA question
  78. DZ mismatch
  79. how to cancel pre order
  80. Destructible environments?
  81. Dark zone is awful
  82. Enemies
  83. Skittish NPC AI
  84. Virus research mission. Lockpick location needed
  85. Twitch Streaming
  86. clothing
  87. The City Feels Empty
  88. Colorblind Option
  89. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier did the cover system and gunplay MUCH better...
  90. Map marker/waypoint feedback
  91. Going ROGUE For Defending Your Self
  92. Playing with friends...?
  93. Better Rogue Status
  94. People just seem to be camping in the darkzone.
  95. Players are ruining the Dark Zone.
  96. PC/PS4 Beta - what time will it go live?
  97. Agent Intel - Field Data. Cannot find last one in Garment District
  98. Beta Review Thread
  99. People shooting at me in the Dark Zone and not being Rogue...
  100. Wtf
  101. MAP size: single player and squad player feedback
  102. Marksman Scopes are REALLY bad!
  103. Rogue System Still Broken
  104. Trading
  105. So sick and tired of being raided by groups in DZ.
  106. Thoughts on the Beta - Aiming and Cover
  107. Looting
  108. Echo sound in game is annoying, please fix before launch
  109. Dark zone issues
  110. Loving all the feedback
  111. Amount of Content (Curious)
  112. So, I've read most of the threads thus far...
  113. Will there be anything added to the beta over the days to come
  114. Penalty for going Rogue is too harsh
  115. Early Maintenance?
  116. Alpha to Beta
  117. Beta content.
  118. Alpha & Beta player thoughts.
  119. Possibility of Toggling the Weapon Swap
  120. players that are downed...
  121. Why are these missing?
  122. I miss the old map =(
  123. Going rogue by shooting people you think are rogue- Distinct differentiation needed.
  124. The Small Things
  125. DZ drop rates vs regular
  126. Worst pvp arena ever?
  127. Getting to Level 8 ruins the Dark Zone
  128. DZ credits seem too hard to get... how to get 3k?
  129. Rogue Status Needs Attention
  130. PROXY CHAT: Xbox Live Problems
  131. Server Restart - where is the information on this?
  132. Pistols removed from Alpha?
  133. Mission tracking
  134. Streaming from the X1
  135. Feedback: The most important things that to be addressed
  136. Shotgun Damage Falloff
  137. What is that song?????
  138. Thoughts on the beta and what it means for the full game
  139. Add more enemies😡
  140. Beta thoughts
  141. Skill power stat?
  142. DZ missmatch
  143. Can I invite a friend to the Beta?
  144. Sorry but I find the side missions-encounters so boring...
  145. Any info on current situation? Is the beta full, and closed?
  146. Red screen
  147. Beta is a big frustration after alpha...
  148. Dark Zone Accidents
  149. Missing Random mob encounters.
  150. Rouge
  151. Suggestion for.... Respawning in other server due to (only ubisoft knows).
  152. Cover System
  153. PC Beta Says That it is Still Pre-Loading
  154. Why is it so hard to move about with the shield
  155. NPC vendors/Trade or Drop item suggestions
  156. realistic suggestions to the devs
  157. Sound its to Loud
  158. is there a eta on steam ?
  159. Beta not showing up in uplay
  160. first look
  161. The Division not working in Uplay
  162. MIKE 20240078 Error Code for slammed log in servers?
  163. The Division services not available at this time
  164. Quick impressions after 1 hour on PS4
  165. PC - Service unavalible - MIKE / DELTA errors all the time
  166. Thoughts on the Beta
  167. play with lower level friends
  168. Thoughts on the Beta
  169. Possible fix for white screen issue upon launching the game
  170. The real meaning of the title "The Division"
  171. No email or uplay beta access
  172. Switch Weapon View / Angle right to left
  173. Defending yourself while Rouge
  174. [PC] Missing aim toggle
  175. Beta Has Potential But Severely Broken
  176. Medical wing clinic
  177. Stealth Gameplay?
  178. Dark zone improvement suggestion
  179. Dark Zone Working As Intended!
  180. Mask/Filter
  181. Suggestions
  182. Crouching and Cover Mechanics
  183. Not Receiving Download Link for Beta
  184. Friends not appearing on map please help
  185. Feedback (since the feedback section is locked)
  186. There is info on new PVE on the Daily intel (Cleaners)?
  187. movement system
  188. Feedback: about geer and compare
  189. Dodge and aim mechanic.
  190. Nothing to do!! Same as Alpha.
  191. If some one has Mike or other error .. i have solution
  192. Feedback!!!!!!!!
  193. Dark Zone Stash
  194. Have not received my beta code after activation
  195. Solution to the Dark Zone woes
  196. beta reward?
  197. [Possible Fix] MIKE and DELTA error codes
  198. Where the lock picks at?
  199. Melee, seriously.
  200. Mouse sensitivity too fast, no toggle ads, etc.
  201. Sound is a bit off
  202. Is it just me or is the volume pretty quiet for 100% on PC?
  203. Where is my email so I can play!?
  204. How do you remove the hat for your agent?
  205. Way to easy to go rogue
  206. aiming/shooting L1+R1 option?
  207. What's the game like to play with mismatched levels in group?
  208. Feedback
  209. Toggle Aim
  210. Virus Scaner missio
  211. Beta feedback - Dark Zone
  212. Gun balancing
  213. Delta 20000933 Error
  214. Suggestion: Emote Wheel for PC
  215. Day 1 Feedback
  216. PC Gamer Still Waiting on that ""launch""
  217. How To Remap LAlt ?
  218. Crouching and Prone
  219. communicating in division (PC)
  220. First Impression... (on PC)
  221. Lights flickering
  222. Ps4 beta
  223. Feedback: Vendors
  224. Tutorial is not correct for weapon swapping
  225. [PC]ERROR MIKE/DELTA: Steam Key+UPlay key yet nothing listed under Account Management
  226. First impressions and a question
  227. Sound Probleme
  228. Just need some more optimization
  229. My feedback
  230. ECHO Activation.
  231. Anybody trying to play Solo (especially in the Dark Zones) Here's some help :)
  232. Feedback
  233. What's gonna happen if you have not been a single second in the game during the beta?
  234. Feedback for Replayability
  235. My Impression of the Division Beta
  236. Dark Zone Distresses
  237. PC Review - My thoughts so far
  238. Mouse and keyboard support on ps4?
  239. PLayers freeze
  240. [XBOX] Feedback - Privacy
  241. Non Beta Zone escape route
  242. World is to dead
  243. Lag
  244. Filter Level?
  245. Amazing Game
  246. Graphics / Physics on PC ?
  247. Why No Jump?
  248. Master Volume setting. Lack there of.
  249. Lack of attention to detail
  250. PvP mechanics