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  2. R6 siege feedback :)
  3. Long post about feedback
  4. Game Suggestion Mode: "Swat 4" Mode, COOP and MP PvP.
  5. Suggestions for next RAINBOW SIX
  6. Feedback on Closed Beta
  7. BETA Feedback
  8. Beta Feedback
  9. Last thoughts and suggestions
  10. Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth: Full Beta Review!
  11. Kern's Beta Feedback
  12. Game menu screen needs better music
  13. Cultural Inaccuracies and Americanisms on International Maps
  14. Things that I think could really be a game changer for rainbow 6 siege
  15. Feedback | Bugreport of Ingame issues
  16. VSS Vintarez
  17. Customization?
  18. R1 & l1
  19. Test version
  20. Bomber
  21. Recommended graphic settings
  22. I'm Canceling My Pre-Order!
  23. Operator Customization Suggestion
  24. My feedback was deleted?? O.o;
  25. Rainbow Six Siege - Closed Beta Feedback Changes "PULSE - Heartbeatsensor"
  26. Cameras of the defenders
  27. Feedback/Suggestions
  28. Allow attackers to spawn in multiple locations
  29. Will the player and their friends able to have any practice before facing the enemy ?
  30. Joining games in progress
  31. Time played
  32. Where is all the people from Ubisoft that are suppose to be helping people on forums?
  33. South / Southern Africa Server Coverage
  34. First 4 queue attempts fail
  35. Siege 24/11/15 game problems
  36. Seriously disappointed in downgrade
  37. Prone is useless now
  38. Blood looks like paint
  39. TTK discussion w/poll
  40. Couple of things
  41. Host Quitting = Match ends?
  42. Knife one shoting a riot shield..
  43. Bug: Couldn't Change Cam After Death (PS4/video)
  44. Terrorist Hunt - Terrorists Spawning Outside Frustration (video)
  45. Glaz
  46. PvE Bomb - Unlimited Terrorists
  47. Horrible Matchmaking System
  48. Deranked after game crash
  49. SERVERS - Joining to games
  50. What the F*** have you done....
  51. Matchmaking - STILL BROKEN
  52. [Improvement] Ping Frequency
  53. [PC Keybinding] Separate Keys for Toggle and Hold functions
  54. OMG what have you do?
  55. Game doesn't feel 100% there yet
  56. omg what have you done:( kicked me 3 times of the game and then i got a 15 min ban om
  57. Ranked cooldown because of server crash.
  58. [Keybinds] Hard Coded Keybinds
  59. Feedback
  60. Feedback
  61. Lone Wolf
  62. Ubisoft gotta step up their game
  63. 900p/60fps instead of 1080/30fps for Consoles for TH
  64. Dreadful game! The last beta was better.
  65. Graphics
  66. Servers
  67. Got put in a game in preparation phase but spectating...
  68. Server :( :( :( :( :( :( :( : (
  69. .50cal Mounted VS.... and MOAR!
  70. Matchmaking need improvement
  71. Matchmaking makes me not buy this game.
  72. Feedback - Open Beta - Early Start Day
  73. OP Shield madness needs to be gone! Forever.
  74. WTF is that new gamemode for PvE?
  75. Just a few issues with Terrorist Hunt
  76. Game Crash on startup
  77. Multiplayer not working
  78. HUD in ranked match
  79. some serious concerns
  80. Text Chat
  81. Matchmaking
  82. Проблема с устройствами
  83. Open Beta Feedback after playing few matches
  84. +20 mins for searching opponent
  85. Rainbow six siege - ISSUES AND FEEDBACK.
  86. My feed back from the first 24 hours..
  87. Old Menu Music Back?
  88. Player Feedback - Open Beta - GERMAN
  89. List of issues needing to be addressed to sustain the longgivity of this game.
  90. No update and cannot connect to Ubi Server
  91. 3 common bugs I have experienced
  92. Issues within 24 hrs
  93. Few bugs ive noticed playing on terrorist hunt
  94. What happened to the gunplay controls?
  95. Closed Beta the second - low server frames, low tickrate, high ping
  96. [24h] My experience so far
  97. The death of this game
  98. Die Hard Maps Single Player
  99. AI xray vision
  100. Feedback: Select Language / region
  101. Renown not gained
  102. Toggle to aim down sights ISSUE PLEASE FIX
  103. Need starting freeze time 2~3 sec
  104. Defuser Countdown not displaying
  105. [Skin Feedback] SWE Reganomics
  106. Thanks for wasting my time
  107. Quick fixes to give players consistency in aiming on all platforms.
  108. Terrorist hunt single player mode
  109. Did you will buy this **** after seeing the reveal trailer ?
  110. Give us a "Mute all none Push to Talk"!
  111. Any Hslp?
  112. 26/11 Servers Feedback.
  113. Stuck in spawn
  114. Bug report: Drone destruction and UI
  115. Matching up by language doesnt work.
  116. We Need "Temp Ban" for Spawn Killing and excessive TK
  117. Beta Feedback
  118. Open Beta Feedback (PS4)
  119. Connectivity Issues after 12EST Open Beta Announcement
  120. Regrettably I'll be waiting to see how it evolves
  121. Stun Grenades Useless
  122. Ranking - Losing Rank bug
  123. chat box ABSOLUTE JOKE!!!!
  124. Turn your mic on!
  125. Mouse zoom sensitive
  126. VOIP host gets killed, leaves, match ended! Poor design.
  127. 5 days before launch and you can't even have a beta working properly.
  128. Alternate control buttons do not work with switching cameras
  129. Bug: Voice Chat forced to transmit
  130. Talk to other team in lobby
  131. PS4 controls have gone down the drain
  132. Point Button in drone request.
  133. Drone sticks to cars
  134. Weapon skins
  135. moon
  136. No campaign sucks
  137. Unbalanced: Defenders can go outside to early
  138. Stuck in loading screen fix?
  139. Feedback for Rainbow Six
  140. Spawnkilling is real (Gamebreaker)
  141. few important points & tips needed to be adressed ASAP - Developers
  142. Matchmaking is atrocious.
  143. Unknown Graphics issue
  144. Body through the Wall
  145. Having problems joining friends games on XBOX
  146. Team killing on ranked
  147. Rappelling could use some work.
  148. I Have some issues
  149. ummm is ping a thing?
  150. your graphics card does not support DirectX features / Crashes
  151. Double consecutive "Press Any Key" Screens [Seriously?]
  152. BETA Tester: Bug Report by Wuzi
  153. Can you guys tone down that Supernova a little ?
  154. Losing rank from joining match in progress
  155. glaz and his scoop
  156. Tactical Controls
  157. Increase duration of Round Time
  158. 5.1 audio config
  159. lean-toggle while reloading
  160. Design of the game doesn't encourage actual co-op and communications
  161. Aiming and shooting when vaulting.
  162. Gamebreaker
  163. Terrorists not exploding
  164. connection issues
  165. Homepage VS ingame...
  166. "You have been spotted"
  167. General Feedback + Review of Beta
  168. Controller sensitivity : aiming
  169. Terrible!! Can't Play do to POOR Thought proccess in the Loadout Screen!!!
  170. Perhaps Some pointers in the right direction
  171. 4 players team
  172. a problem that needs to be solved!!
  173. My thoughts so far.
  174. Ranked and Recruit
  175. FeedBack
  176. Server Stability
  177. Cancelling my pre-order.
  178. Assassinated by teammate
  179. My feedback for this game so far. Don't release it.
  180. The List (In-depth feedback) [Played on PC]
  181. **** you, Ubisoft.
  182. My 2 Cents (PC)
  183. Thoughts after playing the open beta extensively.
  184. Tickrate / Netcode
  185. Entering an on going match.
  186. People Killing Friendlies on Purpose
  187. Somes (essential ?) idea for improve the game
  188. Zero renown. Really?
  189. Dead Players Should Not Be Able To Communicate With Teamates Who Are Alive!
  190. Ranked Late-Joins
  191. Kapkan's booby trap needs to be buffed
  192. Drone bug, falls through the ground at spawn
  193. mouse limited to 1/4 of the game screen
  194. This game is a huge joke.
  195. Negative servers division, communication system and operators design chaos.
  196. Open Beta Feedback.
  197. This Game Isn't Ready to Release
  198. Middle aged gamer feedback...
  199. Spawn locations
  200. Ubisoft, I plead to you: Increase the Tick Rate
  201. I still play Rainbow 6 Vegas & Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Had both from their day of release.
  202. Mic and chat issues
  203. Open Beta Feedback - Bugs And gameplay
  204. Tachanka's MG placement restrictions are too strict.
  205. Round times should be longer. Just when it gets super-tense, the timer runs out.
  206. The Beta feels Production Level
  207. Showing killer in ranked
  208. Lack of supression effect on targets... and other thoughts.
  209. Server down ?
  210. A plethora of feedback...
  211. Noise graphics filter
  212. I'm level 32 and Gold III. Here's my opinion
  213. Score 'ticking sound' loops when quitting match results screen (PC)
  214. Need a 'reset' on defuser box (when player dies/box falls through/clips)
  215. Test microphone option
  216. Player getting stuck in training house top floor
  217. teamkillers in casual
  218. Respawns in Terrorist Hunt
  219. need split screen in full game
  220. Keyboard adjustment glitch (PC and at least in TH)
  221. :D What would improve the game
  222. Great job
  223. My thoughts on the game
  224. Team kills
  225. My feedback after 100 hours.
  226. So you're not really going to release the game like this right?
  227. shields... zzzzzzzzz....
  228. An Honest Review
  229. Separated rank modes for solo queuers & full team queuers?
  230. Display players name better when in Cam Mode
  231. In 24 hours the game went from a must buy to a do not waste your time.
  232. Sound goes 8bit
  233. Let us play as defenders in Terrorist hunt
  234. Blinding Scope
  235. Cheaters already appeared in the game. Will the anti cheat system ?
  236. There needs to be an in-game report system
  237. Tachankas mounted gun needs buff
  238. Tactic Whiteboard
  239. Few Ideas and Issues
  240. Cannot Play Game Due to Uplay
  241. Present beta 'Bomb defuse' has not helped promote game.
  242. AUDIO BUG: Game reverts to voice activated chat and ignores push to talk setting
  243. Tachanka's MG should kill faster
  244. A tip for people who claim this or that is owerpowered
  245. Sound bug
  246. Anti Cheat Tool and Reporting
  247. Errors during rankeds making derank
  248. Shields are not OP. It's YOUR fault
  249. Bugreport
  250. Ranked match balanced