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  5. Vanguard Gaming is recruiting
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  9. looking for easy going people to game with
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  18. Relaxed, mature, tactical players with mics
  19. Such Rainbox Six Siege Spieler aus ÖSTERREICH
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  22. Post your xbox gamertags
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  33. Covert Elite (Xbox One)
  34. LFM we have a group looking for 1 more.
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  36. Just to have fun
  37. Potentially Build a team?
  38. Looking for a New Zealand/Australia/Oceania Team
  39. ICE Gaming is Recruiting!!!!
  40. Looking to start a core group on realistic terrorist hunt.
  41. Need 2 for ranked matches (xbox one)
  42. EU Force Recruiting .
  43. Team to join / or player to create a team
  44. Need a squad
  45. TXAC LFG to roll with.
  46. Looking for adult, english speaking, european players
  47. casual players
  48. Looking for a group
  49. need last player to fill out squad XB1
  50. Looking For Friends
  51. deutschsprachiges Team gesucht!
  52. LF Friends
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  54. Creating a squad for ranked matches
  55. Looking for group
  56. Need Players With Mic.(Xbox One)
  57. Looking for casual players
  58. Gold Edition, Xbox One
  59. Looking for group/Like Minded People
  60. North American Players that always use a mic
  61. just looking for a group
  62. [English NA] Orange recruiting
  63. LF> Ranked/Competitive Fire Team
  64. Mettle Gaming Wants You!
  65. Need One More !
  66. Rainbow six Xbox one
  67. looking for a team of players
  68. [XB1] Looking for Squad for Terrorist Hunt
  69. Looking for Serious Players who don't take themselves too seriously!
  70. Dissension Gaming is now recruiting!!!
  71. Looking 4 buddies.
  72. Looking for mature players 18+
  73. Looking for a competitive rb6 team
  74. Finnish Suomi Perkele
  75. Need a clan? [CAG] Established and Dominant clan looking for new members
  76. have a MIC or dont reply
  77. CAG is recruiting Rainbow players
  78. [XBO] Tactical team looking for additional members. {Eastern time} US/Canada
  79. Looking for 2 more UK
  80. Xbox One player looking for UK/EU R6S clan or commmunity
  81. Looking for European COMPETITIVE players
  82. clan matches WANTED !!! THE EXPENDABLES
  83. Looking for a team to scrim with and pub
  84. Up and coming Rainbow Six Siege Community on Facebook
  85. LF - English players (Good) Ranked.
  86. The Voodoo Squad (Vudu Crew)
  87. Looking for TOP-tier players, no sign-ups required!!
  88. Looking for TOP-tier players
  89. Looking to play ranked
  90. Looking To Join A Squad
  91. Recision Esports: Scrims & Recruitment
  92. Looking for group
  93. Vanguard Gaming - Over 150 active members and looking for more!
  94. Skilled player looking for skilled clan (XB1)
  95. Chat Audio
  96. Looking for a group of guys to play with
  97. I am that old school rainbow six player
  98. Looking for Ranked Players
  100. Searching for a Group/Clan
  101. Need a team xbox1
  102. Looking for people the regularly play.
  103. Looking for some good tactical players for ranked.
  104. Looking For Players From South Asia/ South East Asia who use mic.
  105. Recision Esports Recruitment
  106. XB1: Trialing 1 more HIGHLY SKILLED + ACTIVE EU player
  107. UK Player looking for mature group/clan
  108. Xiled Gaming is now recruiting for Rainbow Six Siege!
  109. Active Player Seeking a Real core 5 group.
  110. Looking for Rainbow six clan or people to play with
  111. LF> Competitive Team
  112. Xgn wolfpack squad now forming!
  113. Looking for Friends
  114. Looking for people to run games with!
  115. DGC is recruiting for Six Siege
  116. Need people to play with
  117. ICE Blitzkrieg Rainbow Six Brigade - Recruiting!
  118. Looking for a Group and Looking for Member project
  119. Looking for a skilled group.
  120. Mature gamers please, no kids for some fun Casual or Ranked, just for fun.
  121. Mature gamer looking for mature group for 6 Siege
  122. Dirty 30´s lookin for clan members.
  123. Xbox one players
  124. DGC is recruiting for Siege
  125. cerco giocatori su one
  126. 2 players looking to create team of 5
  127. Us army milsim group
  128. 5 man death squad looking for team players, squad tactical, no lonewolves
  129. R6 Siege Xbox One Code
  130. UK Player looking for mature clan 18+
  131. Looking for team
  132. Looking for 4 Players for team(xbox one)
  133. Looking for players
  134. LF> Tactical Team for Ranked/Competitive
  135. Lone wolf looking to join a wolf pack
  136. Aussie looking to join a team
  137. Looking for Casual and Ranked (in the future) players
  138. Team3 Recruiting
  139. Xbox one tournament Free entry
  140. Looking for mics NO SQEAKERS
  141. Looking for some Siege friends
  142. Xbox One Gente de México!
  143. Team Diligent EU
  144. Looking for a team
  145. looking for team
  146. Looking for a uk team
  147. Recruiting Highly Skilled EU players
  148. need squadmate
  149. Looking for good UK/EU players online regularly
  150. run that phoenix
  151. Wanting regular squad
  152. Team Empathy looking for members
  153. Creating or join clan
  154. Black Wolf World Gaming Recruiting
  155. Looking for competitive squad xb1
  156. Recruting for competitive gamplay Everyone Welcomed
  157. RB6 seige looking for a full team with mics
  158. Looking for mature people to play with
  159. Mature, new player looking for a group to play with
  160. Looking for Terrorist Hunt players
  161. New Mature Player with Mic
  162. Team Underdog
  163. Fairly New..Want cool peeps
  164. LF> Team for eSports
  165. Join now!!!
  166. Need North American Players West Coast.
  167. Mature Competitive Gamer Looking for Group
  168. Looking for competitive team
  169. Looking for 3 players
  170. UK team wanted!
  171. Adult/mature gamer always down to join a squad.
  172. Clan recuritment!!!!! Xbox 1 looking for 3 more people to join!!!!!
  173. Looking to start US Team
  174. Looking for people
  175. Looking for a Squad for Ranked and Competitive
  176. Looking for competitive players
  177. Competitive Players Needed
  178. Looking for ranked players to play with
  179. No Regretz™ Recruiting [NA]
  180. GRM gaming community recruiting for rainbow
  181. River Clan - (Youtube Channel - Game Cam) - Making a team/Offer for other groups
  182. Looking for friends to play rank with
  183. Looking for friends
  184. calling all dads
  185. GRM Gaming
  186. Looking for group? Click here
  187. Looking for a squad
  188. Belgische/Vlaamse clan/spelers gezocht.
  189. Looking for R6 Siege Clan??
  190. Looking for a Group of Players!
  191. Looking for Team - Competitive - No kids
  192. Looking for Team - Got mic
  193. looking for ppl
  194. ECAD Organization / Clan Recruiting
  195. Looking for people to play with
  196. Looking for Clan to Join or People to Start one
  197. New and ready to face the best!
  198. Gb?
  199. Vanguard Gaming - Recruiting people with 1.5 K/D and above.
  200. Xiled Gaming Community looking for Rainbowsix players
  201. xb1 new rb6 clan
  202. Looking for serious tactical gamers for new group
  203. Xg syn recruiting
  204. LoH - Legion of Honor 17+ Clan with Military Foundation
  205. Searching team with competitive orientation
  206. Extremely Experienced Gamer looking for good active Clan
  207. [XB1] Looking for squad / players to play ranked with.
  208. Legion Of Honor is recruiting for Siege!
  209. Dynasty is looking for recruits
  210. XB1 mature player looking for players
  211. cherche team française
  212. LoH - Legion of Honor 17+ Clan with Military Foundation Xbox1
  213. RB6 Siege Ranked Team
  214. Why am I'm paying
  215. Cyclone gaming is recruiting
  216. 303rd Chaos Battalion - XB1 - "Chaos Reigns Supreme"
  217. If you're looking for skilled players look no further
  218. Got a competitive team for NA - Looking for UK/EU players 1.5 K/D and above
  219. RXG First Strike Recruiting!
  220. Look for a Clan or Ranked Players
  221. Gubbini F/A [NA]
  222. Looking for Clan or other Players for Ranked Play
  223. TACT Gaming - Now Recruiting
  224. Competitive Players Needed for Gb and Ranked!
  225. Join the Dynasty!
  226. Recruiting comp minded players
  227. Mature Terroist Hunt friends needed
  228. Looking to play ranked
  229. Looking For Clan or Team
  230. Xbox one gamer looking for clan
  231. Looking for Clan (To Play & Stream with)
  232. Any UK based RB6 players, I'm looking to party up..
  233. Adult looking for group/clan
  234. Looking for mature casual players who use mics
  235. looking for Ranked team.
  236. Looking for (2 to 4) players for RANKED
  237. Team Diligent
  238. Looking for team orientated players for ranked and GBs
  239. Looking For Clan or People To Play With
  240. EU Competitive Players
  241. CAG Clan now RECRUITING Xbox1
  242. UK player looking for a group for ranked/casual
  243. Just updated and now it won't matchmake
  244. Competitive Player Looking For Group
  245. Looking for squad
  246. Sentries gaming looking for teams for Competitive league
  247. Reborn X Gaming Recruiting!
  248. Cyclone gaming is recruiting (17+age)
  249. Looking for Ranked Members!
  250. Looking for adults with mics that hate loosing