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  1. Looking for Xbox One players to join a collection of clans.
  2. Making A Group for Xbox One Players Only
  3. Wanting to start a guild for XBOX ONE
  4. Calling all fellow xbox one gamers
  5. Clan o "Divisiˇn Team" en Espa˝ol y en XBO (Spanish)
  6. Creating an xbox 1 division
  7. Plans to create an xbox 1 clan
  8. Freedom Revived is recruiting (xbox1)
  9. Lets start the ultimate X1 clan!!
  10. ZephyrRising now recruiting for XB1
  11. The Empire is looking for new members(Xbox One)
  12. \\\\\\\\\incoming_call\\\\\\\\\
  13. Looking for two other players
  14. Looking for Mature Clan
  15. Looking for Mature Clan
  16. Looking for clan members [SHD]
  17. Xbox One Beta Players: Add me.
  18. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan - XBox One
  19. (Recruiting) minute clinic XBONE Clan
  20. Looking for some people for Beta
  21. Looking for Mature UK based Clan?
  22. Digital Download Question
  23. I just received my Alpha key!
  24. [ALPHA] Looking for Group | GT: Clip V
  25. Urgent Help - Division Alpha Xbox One
  26. Looking For a Couple People To Group Up With Me In The ALPHA
  27. Mature Xbox One clan
  28. Looking for 2 or 3 people for alpha
  29. division squad
  30. Team Rainbow -- Recruiting!
  31. LF matura Australian Agents for Alpha, MSG me on xbox live- DarkAngelSnipes
  32. If you need a squad hit me up NOW playing alpha as soon as it drops tonight.
  33. Looking for one that will be playing at release tonight
  34. Xbox looking for others
  35. Looking for a partner for alpha
  36. My Friends Didn't Pre-order...Looking For Agents!
  37. Update....
  38. Belgium or Dutch people; form up!
  39. Looking for a group for alpha
  40. Alpha Teammates? North American CST
  41. Looking for teammates
  42. Division EST Players
  43. XBOX ONE clan! Contact us!
  44. Much Alpha Action
  45. Division Alpha Forum: no permissions?
  46. LFG Xbox One
  47. LFM people
  48. Looking For Teammates Right Now
  49. Alpha X1 LFG
  50. The DarkZone Friend or Enemy
  51. UK Players for next 2 days?
  52. Looking for serious group of players
  53. LFG I want darkZone buddys
  54. Looking for players for a Rogue Squad
  55. Looking for Aussies
  56. LFG Xbox One to play/test the Alpha
  57. Looking for Brazilian Teammates
  58. Looking for 2 more members!
  59. LF DZ members
  60. LF2M for DZ!
  61. Is there a rouge clan?
  62. Haven't been able to download Alpha
  63. Looking for DZ Group - Right Now!
  64. Making a new clan/group for Alpha and beyond...
  65. Alpha Feedback Group
  66. Error
  67. Mike error
  68. Extend The Alpha!
  69. Extend beta
  70. Join a Clan
  71. Looking for people to play with on Xbox One
  72. Companion app
  73. Warrior Nation - Fun - Mature - Community Focused
  74. Companions are more than Welcome.
  75. Xgn wolfpack squad looking for division players!
  76. Dutch division players.
  77. The Chicago Way: Any Chicago / US CST players out there LFG?
  78. RECRUITING : Black Wolf World Gaming Community
  79. Casual/hardcore player
  80. Over30clan.net
  81. LF West Coast Division Players/Guilds.
  82. Mandalorian - Bounty Hunters For Hire
  83. Beta question
  84. Team SiN.uk
  85. East Coast Hardcore Gamer looking for clan
  86. [BETA] Deutschsprachige Team- und Taktikplayer
  87. Xbox One players and new friends: New Group: Protectors
  88. Laughing Coffin now recruiting! PK Clan XBOX ONE
  89. Royal.Exiled.Devils PK CLAN NOW RECRUITING! XBOX ONE
  90. Sentry of Afterlife - Xbox One - Recruiting
  91. Humanity Restoration Project(HRP) Recruiting
  92. Looking for fellow agents
  93. Xbox One Facebook Community
  94. casual clan
  95. Tin Foil Hat Clan
  96. Vigilanties Wanted!
  97. Looking to find some players to roll with in The Division? Post here!!
  98. Streaming on the 28th
  99. CZ/SK komunita
  100. Rabid Fox Clan
  101. 3-4 ANGEL Joint Task Force and Reconannaissance Group
  102. looking for a group
  103. 411 Gaming Recruiting for Xbox One (21+)
  104. APEX clan
  105. CST player who also works Graveyard shift
  106. UK Mature gamer looking for clan/people to group with
  107. Urban Irregulars, Strategic Homeland Division
  108. Looking for Group and Streaming all day 8]
  109. The Vault Group
  110. Need
  111. Looking for a UK Based Clan/Group
  112. XBox One The Division Community facebook group!
  113. Xbox One Facebook community
  114. Xbox 1 - Tactical Gaming
  115. Deo Optimo Maximo [DOM] community recruiting Agents ! XBOX ONE AND PS4 !
  116. Alpha/beta question
  117. Looking for a friends
  118. Xbox one Facebook group fan page.
  119. I am looking for a group to play with tomorrow on the beta!
  120. Spare code ?
  121. Australian looking for a beta group to run with.
  122. Xb1 Hardcore gamers
  123. 31 Year Old Mature Player - Looking For Team
  124. Looking for People to Play with as Soon as Beta Servers Go Live
  125. Looking for hardcore and casual gamers (ALL GAMERS WELCOME) beta + full release
  126. Xb1 division FB page
  127. I am going to play in 15 minutes when the beta starts! Any players that want to join?
  128. Problem downloading the beta to Xbox one
  129. Getting Ps4 button actions come up on Xbox one
  130. Field data
  131. looking for a fun group of people to play with
  132. Rogue Cell (Recruiting!)
  133. Xbox one beta, console looking for disc
  134. Spear beta code
  135. So, the beta isn't working when i purchesed the gold edition, thanks ubi.
  136. Error
  137. graphics downgrade from alpha version :( plus encountered my very first bug ever ...
  138. what happend to my alpha data?
  139. Enemies not taking damage
  140. Beta is fun, encountered a bug from the start however...
  141. Can't get in servers error message every time!!
  142. So anyone who wants to form a team for the dark zone?
  143. Reload bug
  144. Unable to select things in map veiw
  145. Looking for a chill group
  146. Looking for a group right now.
  147. Game changes language/Most Items from looting not allowing for pickup or display
  148. Looking for some cooperation.
  149. Looking for Squad to Run With.
  150. Looking for Agents
  151. Looking for Agents
  152. WHATS UP!? Just got a code lookin' for peeps to play with. (21+ & MIC)
  153. Deutsch/English XBOX One
  154. Looking for agents
  155. issue with joining frirnds in another instance
  156. Xbox One Facebook community (The division)
  157. Problems With Sprint
  158. The Division Community for Xbox One Players Only
  159. Want clan or coop in Dark Zone
  160. Please add cool looking masks armour in final game
  161. looking for pvp and pve group DZ
  162. Any update on Friday server maintenance?
  163. LFG 4 DZ - Older EST player
  164. lf a group that can tear through dark zones and chill
  165. Mike error
  166. Looking for group
  167. Looking for a team for DZ
  168. LFG DZ or CO OP not fussed :)
  169. DZ Mature/Fun/Chill
  170. Looking for Dark Zone Group
  171. Looking for Squad to Run With in Dark Zone.
  172. DZ Rogue Villians
  173. Bugs I've found.
  174. Good Stuff. Small gripes. One big concern.
  175. Mike and delta error codes
  176. Clans
  177. Incorrect Moon
  178. Most fun Solo DZ - Duzenbury, bringing the law
  179. Delta Error
  180. looking for group in the dark zone
  181. Dark zone
  182. Bug Report
  183. Australian agents
  184. Looking for group to play DZ for x1
  185. Giving to civilians
  186. I need my beta code please help
  187. the division invincibility and invisibility bug
  188. Looking for group for Dark Zone
  189. A few issues, no complaints really.
  190. Can't switch to sidearm
  191. The Division: Dark Zone
  192. DZ Group Hunt
  193. Intel Collection bug
  194. Maintenance
  195. contaminated Stuff
  196. Xbox one issues I've experienced
  197. Xbox one servers last night
  198. Looking For Scwad :P
  199. Key not sent
  200. Looking for a Rogue Squad for the DZ... Let's tear sh** up
  201. Huge Gaming Community [ICE GAMING] is looking for some awesome new people
  202. Making Unstoppable rogue squad ADD Hytrol
  203. Duplication
  204. Looking for Friends
  205. Dark zone
  206. Alpha rewards
  207. Looking for Players to TEAM UP
  208. Team sizes and groups
  209. Xbox One Facebook community (The division)
  210. looking for people to play with on xbox one
  211. Lfg xbone ROGUE
  212. The division fan Facebook page.
  213. SHD Field Agents
  214. Division PVE/PVP Group/freinds needed
  215. Equipo de protectores latinos
  216. Dark Zone Insurgency
  217. Careful what you wish for......
  218. New x1 clan "101st"
  219. Observations from a U.A.T
  220. Looking for people to play with XB1 On launch and grind pve and pvp fun
  221. Clan/group to join
  222. The Division Latinoamerica Xbox One
  223. Good and Bad
  224. LF Mature 18+ Anti-Rogue Clan [US]
  225. the division
  226. Looking for the division squad (eng)
  227. 21+ Community recruiting for The Division and other games
  228. Agents of Saint Michael
  229. Looking for mature squad to take on DZ
  230. Xbox One - The Division - Open beta - Add me Vaenz I
  231. New Xbox One Clan, "GHOSTS"
  232. DOA Disciples Of The Apocalypse Now Recruiting!!
  233. Recruiting clan members. Clan name: Xylonic Syndicate. Msg XS Lunacy on Xbox.
  234. My apologies from DZI..
  235. Looking for players
  236. Clan Brazil caša rogues
  237. Become a GHOST
  238. Looking for Mature "The Division" team
  239. Veteran365 Recruiting (Veteran Gaming Community)
  240. Aftermath Gaming 21+ Clan now recruiting
  241. UK/EU Rapid Reaction force needs you !
  242. Looking for gaming friends
  243. Xbox One Beta support - Facebook group
  244. Will be on 24/7 for open beta! Add me/ post your tag!!
  245. Grim Reaper Gamers - over 25 casual gaming clan | Forums
  246. Goin to be on Beta when it goes live 4am EST. Who's with me?
  247. Looking for 2 more on Xbox one(youtubing clan)
  248. Australian Xbox One Division Player..
  249. Division Beta Xb1
  250. Looking for night.players who.over 18