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  1. The Division IRC/PC Community
  2. Adult PC Group for The Division
  3. Startup Clan (Faction 5) - News Hub - Fansite
  4. Evolution is now recruiting. For PC
  5. Ex Inferno - PC Recruitment
  6. NA | PC | Pandorum Gaming | Gaming Community |
  7. Team SF is looking for Agents (PC Only)
  8. [DAWN] Quantum Dawn Gaming is actively recruit for PC fireteams.
  9. Oceanic/Australian Group Recruiting (Pc Only)
  10. *=SAS=* Stars and Stripes ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)
  11. Log Horizon is recruiting
  12. Any role players hoping to take immersion a little further?
  13. 썬시티바카라 コ hww969。COMツ 하나카지노추천
  14. Angeli-Tenebrae recherche joueur francophone
  15. Pure Defiance Clan
  16. EU Based Synstick.com are recruiting
  17. NZ English Players :D
  18. Looking for serious gamers to start a small tactical unit
  19. Angels Of Death Recruitment Thread
  20. Urban Irregulars Has Expanded To PC!
  21. Closed beta the division
  22. [PC] Operation Genesis Now Recruiting. 21+
  23. Communautée Fr the division
  24. [PC] Discord Gaming Community - Find players to play with | Create your own clan
  25. [PC] TSF - The Select Few (Fire Team) Recruiting
  26. Dark Clan Mexico Reclutando!! PVP, Balacera, Cartel, OP, GG WP. OIE ZI, SE COMO JOSE
  27. EU, 30+ or at least generally sane and composed.
  28. [NA] Pandorum Gaming | Multi-Gaming | TS3 | 17+
  29. Looking for one person/group to play the Beta with, EU, UTC +2:00 +giving away key PC
  30. Task Force Unity - A small, new, tactical, multi-gaming community.
  31. I Need A Code
  32. Looking for a casual group
  33. Looking for a tactical group interested in streaming
  34. DW-Clan is recruiting german and norwegian players
  35. TMF- Twisted Minds Foundation Recruiting
  36. CO-OP Squad And Clan
  37. Level balancing in the darkzone and game overall
  38. Storm Ravens - Seeking loyal Agents
  39. Streaming on the 28th
  40. Looking for specific group to play the division beta.
  41. [pc][us/eu]
  42. East coast usa team
  43. [SSG] is recruiting a few more agents! [EU|UK]
  44. Masters of War [ PC]
  45. Clan español The Division "Unidad de Contención" [PC]
  46. Seeking fellow Australian Agents/Groups
  47. [PC] <TAG> A TrapArmy Gaming Community is looking for you !
  48. Looking for Canadian Players to join up with
  49. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan - PC
  50. [EU] LF roleplayers to form a relaxed, mature squad and experience the game together
  51. UK - Mature Gamer - Looking For Squad Mates for Beta
  52. Mature 20+ EU/PC
  53. LF Friends for division mar 8 PC
  54. [PC] The Bearded Gamers are recruiting 18+
  55. UK based gamer looking to team up
  56. [.CS.] Cunning Stunts - Tactical shooter gaming community
  57. Looking for Serious Players (21+) for Unique Team Play
  58. Beta PC download
  59. Clan LOST is recuiting
  60. Looking for Team mates Canada
  61. US Tz| Gamer Looking for group for weekend Beta
  62. The Ascended (TAS) Now Recruiting!
  63. [EU][PC] LF Age 19+ players for two small roleplaying squads
  64. Tactical Gaming is now recruiting!
  65. Looking for EU players
  66. Looking for a small group
  67. || Dark Zone Requisition Alliance ||
  68. Iron-Blooded Gaming [NA/EU]
  69. Recruiting small group NA/SA.
  70. Unforgiven Recruiting for NA/PC 18+ mature
  71. Player search ( EU/NL)
  72. Croatia
  73. Nix Gravis Recruiting UK/EU/US (PC only)
  74. Any PINOY Player Around Here ? Willing to Team up with us ? [Excelleon Gaming PH]
  75. LFG for the beta, 20 year old girl from norway.
  76. 81st Ranger Company looking for members for The Division
  77. Looking for a small group to play with (UK)
  78. LF someone interested in grouping up with me+friend? #norway
  79. Looking for a small PVE - coop group
  80. Konvict Gaming
  81. Server Time?
  82. US, English, PVE, 7AM ET, Casual, Mature
  83. VPN Early Access?
  84. UK Gamer Looking For Group
  85. Looking for few more for tight nit group
  86. Looking for a group to play with during beta (18+)
  87. English Looking for players for beta will play all weekend.
  88. Looking for Players to join me!
  89. Any Asian (southeast?) wana team up for casual play?
  90. EU-Looking for players
  91. Looking for player
  92. Looking for players for the beta this weekend!
  93. LFG - TeamSpeak for beta weekend
  94. Beta test - intoxzone
  95. Looking for a group to play with
  96. [EU/ENG/Relaxed/Mature] Finding new friends for the beta
  97. Good Morning Beta Players!
  98. TMF is recruiting
  99. [PL] Looking for Polish players to join the beta struggle. / Szukamy Polskich graczy!
  100. Azure Twilight - PC Multigaming community - TS3/Website
  101. Bodacious Beta Budget Bros plays The Division
  102. Где моя игра ?!
  103. Getting mike 20240078 error
  104. looking for arab speaking group [+18 /pc]
  105. LFG- looking for an english speaking group
  106. Looking for English speaking players for PC beta.
  107. Eastern Time Zone, 18+, Looking for Group PvE/PvP
  108. Suche Deutsche Spieler für eine nette Gruppe :)
  109. Looking for people for DZ!
  110. Masters of War
  111. GAmrzone Team Up
  112. Szukam Polakow.
  113. Stuck at please press "A" to continue?
  114. Can't change resolution
  115. Suche Mitspieler für PvE und PvP (18+)
  116. multiple USB controller Issues!
  117. Jugable con ganas de más pero con unos gráficos que no están a la altura en PC.
  118. Public discord server to use!
  119. Gente para ir a la dark zone!
  120. Any Danish players
  121. why is the beta gonna take 17 hours to download?
  122. Looking for group on The Division
  123. Looking for people to help hunt Rouge Agents!
  124. Aussie/NZ Steam friends list group
  125. Constnt Disconnections
  126. EU- LF players
  127. TLR Recruitment Thread
  128. Somebody to play the Beta with
  129. LFM for DZ fun
  130. BR - Procuro jogadores casuais - BR
  131. Late Night beta grind
  132. [German] suche deutschsprachige Mitspieler für die Final.
  133. Looking for people to play with especially in the Dark Zone and missions.
  134. [PC][German]Looking for players/group
  135. 15+ [DK/ENG] [EU] Looking for players/group
  136. More language
  137. [FR-PC] Recherche des personnes pour formation d'un groupe
  138. need bug fixing
  139. DE Suche nach Mitspielern!
  140. LF RP no rush minded ppl to group up with (EU)
  141. DE Spieler/Clan mit Ts3
  142. 2 Deutsche Spieler suchen Mitspieler für die Darkzone
  143. |FAP| Freaking Awesome People gaming
  144. GER Player sucht Leute für Darkzone
  145. suche leute oder clan für Darkzone
  146. Dev. Love = User Loyalty
  147. [ENG] Looking for player(s) to join group
  148. 2 Deutsche Spieler suche Mitspieler für die DZ
  149. Need teammates Beta
  150. ENG - LF players to roll around in DZ
  151. LFG Lvl 6 missions then Dark zone
  152. EU- Looking for players
  153. UBI Extend the beta date please.
  154. Szukam Polaków na darkzony
  155. [PC] =VX9= Gaming Community Recruiting Division Fireteams
  156. looking for one particular player to play with again. Mr.Bad bones
  157. [eng] LF Beta Teammates
  158. UK player LFG
  159. LF RP no rush minded ppl to group up with (EU)
  160. EU- Looking for players
  161. I need somebody to play with
  162. Exinferno Recruiting! Large Multi Gaming community.
  163. Friendlist
  164. تشکیل گروه ایرانی(Iranian Group)
  165. Eu player lf Group/members
  166. Epux eSports recruits new people
  167. [Swe/Eng]Looking for a few people!
  168. The [Anarchist] | PC | MATURE CLAN 25+ | US
  169. Go Rogue, STAY ROGUE!
  170. Is this build ok?
  171. I need a teammate for steam
  172. recruiting for release.
  173. Why does PC need a LFG form?
  174. The 19th Battalion - An Oceanic Division Clan - [AUS/NZ] 18+/TS3/Raids
  175. The Division Italia R&F cerca membri
  176. (TKC) The Killing Committee - Now recruiting for The Division
  177. Looking for PR players/ Buscando jugadores de PR
  178. Group for The Division
  179. Buscando clan español
  180. Looking for new friends + clan (PC-EU)
  181. SHD Field Agents
  182. SHD Field Agents (PC)
  183. Tired of Clan Shopping? Join [Grievance] !
  184. Quality of life suggestions and true-rogue distinctions
  185. The division conpanion
  186. Nvidia Shield
  187. [PC][EU/NA]Paterno Gaming | PvP focused | Fun | Relax | Competetive
  188. [PC][EU]/like PVE/for fun/after work and the weekend/
  189. [PC] The Killing Committe is recruiting for The Division.
  190. Hardcore/Competitive Player LFG
  191. [NA][PC] Strats is recruiting new agents for The Division!
  192. Looking for SA players to team with
  193. [IECP] Looking for people to team up [EU]
  194. LFG EU mature clan
  195. Paramedic Needs Patients ( USA / CST )
  196. [AU/NZ] Harlequin Open Recruitment for The Division
  197. Shadow Division {WORLDWIDE}
  198. US west coast player lfg
  199. Help a newbie
  200. .Join the Urban Patrol.
  201. The Marauder's Building Division Squads
  202. #TeamREV Casual Competitive Community LF Division Leaders/Players
  203. Lf people to group up with
  204. Any Guilds have an APB Reloaded division?
  205. [TR] Virtual Multigaming
  206. [AToM] Now Recruiting for The Division
  207. Belgium special forces - Meer mensen nodig BE/NL Iedereen welkom
  208. Death And Glory [DEATH] [EU - 25+ - Mature, Rowdy]
  209. Veteran365 Recruiting (Veteran Gaming Community)
  210. Sinister.gg
  211. Zero-fear gaming is recruiting
  212. Clan Marine is Recruiting Sleeper Agents
  213. Wasted Dayz Gaming is recruiting
  214. The Ascended (TAS) Now Recruiting!
  215. The Ascended (TAS) Now Recruiting!
  216. [PC] Want to be part of an active community and work as a team to get great loot?
  217. Diverse Gaming Looking for members
  218. [PC] [EU] Honour Multi-Gaming Community
  219. Looking for a team that speaks english.
  220. Looking for a clan to help out and grow in this game
  221. [GER][PC] Find German people to play together from 7.3
  222. Looking for clan and people to play with
  223. [FR][Quebecois] Recherche joueurs
  224. Team up for DarkZone
  225. [FR][Multigaming] Deep Quasar Community DQC
  226. Need Mates on Uplay :) in AU and NZ
  227. Эва, славяне!
  228. D.Z.R.A. Recruiting for Open Beta
  229. Looking for AU players
  230. Add me to play the Beta!
  231. eli ya kaka
  232. new mates
  233. Shock and Awe Recuriting
  234. I need a teammate for beta and full release
  235. Spanish Game Community [SPAIN][ESPAÑA]
  236. South Africans?
  237. Turkish Players CLW5 Tags
  238. Looking for teammates for beta and full release
  239. looking for someone to play with(EU)
  240. Homefront is recruting PC/EU/+18
  241. Casual playing in swedish
  242. CZ/SK players
  243. Looking for people to play the game with must speak english
  244. Eu player lf Group/members
  245. Suche Gruppe für heute Abend
  246. Teammate for beta and full release
  247. [FR]Transcendance Team recrute !
  248. Looking for AUS/NZ Clan
  249. Beta weekend
  250. [PL] Ekipa do The Division